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  1. Anyone got any ideas on how I can convince my parents to let me transfer Universities?

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    2. BoKnows


      I pay for everything except, tuition, food, and a place to live.


      It would be beneficial for them to keep me in town to keep costs down.  And I'll still be studying commerce.  I'm currently taking Sports Administration at Laurentian but would want to take BBA at Laurier, Guelph, or Queens.

    3. Tystick


      If they're paying for your tuition then I can see why they wouldn't want you leave and switch, because to them, that's money wasted and more money spent.

      How many years do you have left with your current degree? It might make sense to finish this one first and then move to pursue a second degree at one of those universities, but on your dollar.

      Trust me, it's a luxury to have someone paying for your tuition and living expenses.

    4. BoKnows


      I'm only in first year.  It's awesome that my parents are paying for my tuition now, but in upper years I'm expected to help.  I'm sure if I told them that I would help pay tuition and get a part-time job out of town so I can afford my own food, and entertainment, they would be more open to the idea of me switching.