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  1. Comparing how white's and black's have to deal with racism is like comparing apples to oranges. But I think it's important call out a POC if they spewed out a bunch of anti white rhetoric. To truly defeat racism you have to keep everyone accountable, and not let something that someone said slide because of their skin colour. Racism effects everyone (obviously some people have it a lot worse than others).
  2. Sorry. I completely read your post wrong . The Nation Magazine also said that it's only for May 31st and in the DC area.
  3. My video was to just show that Antifa does have some violent history. Admittedly, I am surprised that Antifa isn't behind some of violence at the protests. I do believe the FBI as well.
  4. This piece on Antifa is done by an Australian news organization. Nice outsider looking in perspective on Antifa.
  5. Democratic and Republican leaders have to work together.
  6. Anyone got any good post work hobbies?  I'm working from home so I transition from the work computer to my personal computer.

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      @Heretic Dwight Schrute is that you?  Identity theft is not a joke


      @BoKnows what about music?  Learn to cook something nice?


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      @Phil_314 I don't get it.

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      @Phil_314 I should dust off my guitar.

  7. I hope Trump comes up with a better plan to create peace in his country. America needs a leader, not someone who's threatening to mobilize the military on his own citizens!
  8. Sure that's a fair point. You do see it both sides, I know I came off attacking liberals. I think it's just frustrating to see since I do consider myself liberal. I find that some people are quick to dismiss Fox News, whilst they only read CNN (and vice versa, I also realize CNN is more factual than Fox but both are heavily biased). What I'm trying to say is, a lot of people put their "side" up on pedestal, and call out the other sides faults. But when one of their own make the same mistakes that someone from other side made they're quick to sweep it under the rug. I think it's more important of keeping your side more accountable than trying to fix the other side. Practise what your preach. Sorry I went on a little bit of a ramble there. Not everyone is like that either, but a lot of people are. For the US capitalism, I think it needs a lot of fixing. US capitalism should be called "cronyism". Andrew Scheer was also overly conservative.
  9. Just from personal experience. I know people that won't even listen to a conservative's, or capitalists' opinion. Obviously my statement isn't true for moderates, but people who are on the fringes. Same thing for people on the right wing fringes.
  10. I don't understand how many people are quick to dismiss something because it's "right wing" but consume anything "left-wing" journalist tells them. Just because something doesn't fit your narrative doesn't make it any less factual. Personally I think you should challenge your own views, only way to grow.
  11. Life comes at you quick.
  12. GoodLife is starting to reopen soon is some provinces. I doubt my club in Ontario will be open anytime soon. Looks like I'll be stuck with pushups and my 10lb weights for a couple more months.