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  1. this guy never singled out the canucks by any stretch ,in fact he wasn't particular at all who he speared ,slashed, jabbed and how he managed to play as long as he did without losing his teeth is a good question.
  2. happy mothers day .

  3. 30 players a year win it thats it! back in the late 70s I played with an afliate team of the regina pats , in smithers, and there was some honour in that, win or lose, when you get to this level , multi million dollar contracts , you've won already! a Stanley cup is gravy, but its a very hard portion to get.
  4. he's an American and thats not to say an American born player cant show loyalty to a Canadian team , because it's happened , just not with him ,but one has to remember the likes of stan smyl , trevor linden, alex burrows , the list is long ,regarding loyalty and the canucks ……………….
  5. having played with selfish players who's mindset is 'I can do this ' follow me i'll do it all by myself. interesting that he would bail on the team ,with that mind set. a true leader would stick it out and show loyalty , and contribute or at the very least ,continue having this follow my lead attitude .winners never quit ,quitters never win.
  6. you found his father , he was kinda spinless never put up much of an argument in his own defence ,always kept in the dark ,easily replaced .like father like son.
  7. i'm sure bell or Rodgers (MLSE) would Gladly step up and get them a new #
  8. vurps (half vomit, half burp) ; vurp.