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  1. Skate Jersey Petition For Qualifying Round/Playoffs crap! I clicked on this.
  2. Our secret weapon, in the event, would be LE ( in his final game as a Canuck) passing it back to an empty net to ice the loss in game 5. If we got AL, Loui’s place as a Canuck legend would be assured ... haha!
  3. Ah, got it ! The $hitty US Covid response thread ... jeez, I thought I clicked on the prospects thread haha!
  4. we will all do what needs to be done. # &^@# Covid that’s all
  5. Under that kindly, furry exterior there lurks the heart of a truly ....
  6. Yah, ... you’d think they were Republican Senators or some ‘at ... hahah!
  7. Just say ‘no’ - moderation my friend ... moderation ...
  8. + 1. For use of ‘thuggery’ and ‘magic’ in the same sentence.
  9. My buddy had an old green Toyota (like a 1981) that we parked ‘somewhere’ around the coliseum ( he bought it in Richmond for $50 that day) on game night and left it in a parking lot at a mall afterwards - I think he brought plates from his PG vehicle and we took them with us ...
  10. Me and a work colleague were given tickets ( by a company supplier that had season tickets) to the game - came down from Prince George on a company training course and found our way out to the old ‘Pacific Mausoleum’. Had no idea the show we were in for - PB 10 - recall the first end to end rush like it was yesterday. yep I’m a ‘boomer, ok’? Lol.
  11. Damme, but a bit of punctuation here would not be amiss, no?