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  1. With the NHL apparently doing a 4th jersey program with inverted colors this is the concept i made (
  2. First NHL player to test positive.
  3. Besides the lockouts is this the first time a Canucks game has been postponed?
  4. Coaching staff can go, "vets" that take dumb penalties (Sutter, Roussel) can go so sick and tired of collapsing Benning must have figured out by now there is something wrong
  5. exactly, you to give to get in the league they werent going to take a schaller and sutter and 2nd. Jimbo did well here traded 2 unknowns for a guy thats a proven winner madden just didnt fit the picture with ep bo and guads as the centers
  6. If we are losing we got all the Important peices from the 11 team there let's see what they can do
  7. it's funny how this fan base changes so fast one minute we are planning the parade the next we are the worst team in the league and should trade everyone. That being said that was really a piss poor performance tonight big game and the young team just didn't bring it tonight hopefully the learn from this and move on we are still at the top of the pacific but the other teams are catching up hopefully the can rebound against Nashville to start Sedin week
  8. Literally. You have way better options in Tuna and Gaudette to fill in and they put in Sutter if this doesn't show Newell needs to be fired I don't know what does