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  1. haha i've been working on his since i posted these!
  2. i'd have to agree as its one of my all time favorite songs the only knock for it is that 2 other teams already use it as an intro
  3. And thanks to the the mod that deleted @vancouverbucsfan post on off of my profile its really appreciated


  4. 2 signed jerseys Luongo (prized possession) and the brodeur flying v
  5. With the NHL apparently doing a 4th jersey program with inverted colors this is the concept i made (
  6. First NHL player to test positive.
  7. Besides the lockouts is this the first time a Canucks game has been postponed?
  8. Coaching staff can go, "vets" that take dumb penalties (Sutter, Roussel) can go so sick and tired of collapsing Benning must have figured out by now there is something wrong