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  1. as florida being my 2nd i love ekblad but i think a trade would be us giving up more assets then he is worth, i'd 100% go for cernak very underrated and would be able to get him at a cheaper cost
  2. idk what to tell you, i have a mutual friend that's VERY close with dumba, i am going go with his words over the media, thats fine if you dont believe me
  3. idk man i got inside source telling me otherwise, his teammates cant stand him the dudes a douche off the ice (i've met him) wouldnt gel with the team imho
  4. especially for a guy like dumba, it screws in the team chemistry up not only that you are trading a potential 30 goal score (40 if he gets his confidence up), a great locker room guy, your star players best friend and lose a huge peace of your top 6 for what a RHD that is an offensive dman that got 25 points this year and this is a minus 7 Key thing being there is an offensive defensemen, is 25 points really worth 6 mill a year? the dude is a complete dumpster fire in his own end and is a locker room cancer, so please tell me how this would benefit us?
  5. not mad just sad the boys gave it all they had

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Very proud of how they did this season and excited for the future.

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      It's been a emotionally rough year in the world as a whole but the Canucks gave us something to feel good about.