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  1. Good boy you shat on the floor. Do you want a doggy treat?
  2. That is an oxymoron right there JT is any thing from a real leader
  3. Language warning:
  4. 1.Vegas. They still have the core pieces they have had the past 2 years and really haven't lost anyone to special this off season Miller Being their Biggest loss 2. Vancouver. Ik i am going bold here it could be may be me being biased but i think we are a way better team then we where last season and with most of the pacific team getting weaker i think we can sneak into #2 3.San Jose. With them losing Pavelski and a couple other good players they are definitely a weaker team then last year and idk if Jones can have a bounce back year 4. Calgary. Goaltending Was their biggest issue last year and i feel like they got worse instead of improving
  5. *Breaking News Wille Desjardins Steps down as Tigers Coach and GM To Join Colorado*
  6. Anytime, i happen to agree with said user so i posted it
  7. If it were up to me i think it would look like Miller - Pettersson - Boeser  Pearson - Horvat - Baertschi Levio - Gaudette/Sutter - Virtanen Roussel - Beagle -Motte Extras: Goldobin Edler -Tanev Hughes - Myers Benn - Stecher Extras: Fantenberg Markstrom Demko