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  1. Hate to break it to you but ain't talking about love was stolen too
  2. Remember when Henrik had the C he had the A on his Jersey I still think its bo still I really dont see them running 4 A's
  3. What is with our goaltending tonight it's the worse I've seen in a very long time
  4. I know i am a little late to the party but here is the video And of course would love feed back
  5. If he does retire I definitely think this is the final nail in coffin that sink the jets
  6. I love he said he puts in his best efforts in every game. Like in what world because from what I've seen for the past 3 years is a guy that has put in zero effort and only showed to collect his money he really needs to go #LUTCIA
  7. Very interesting if true  wouldn't count on it tho



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    2. Tystick



      WPG needs to sign both Laine and Connor.

      Both will be seeking $$$.

      $15mil cap space.

    3. Herberts Vasiljevs

      Herberts Vasiljevs

      I've been saying it for a long time... Laine's as good as gone.

    4. bree2


      yes he is on the jets roster, 


  9. Wonder who is going to be on our team
  10. i would take a chance on him especially since the team banned fortnite (he needs to blame the season he just had on something)