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  1. He's a canucks $&!# poster, he's making fun of the comments made by zedina and konecny respectably
  2. Guess that "elbow" did more damage to his ego then it did physically
  3. I don't think I've been this fuming mad at ref since 2011 an these refs tonight are an absolute disgrace to hockey I wouldn't trust them to call a novice game
  4. Honestly I don't think either goal was bad on halak I think we are just so used to Demkos great goaltending so when ever we get just above average people think its terrible
  5. Miller has been fine this game? Same with last game he had an meh game in EDM but that's about it, sure the puck has bobbled about that's more on puck luck than anything
  6. Lol a -1 still, Somethings never change
  7. I've liked how the team has played for I'd say 90% of both games, I felt the EDM game they played well and finally got puck luck in the 3rd this game had a slow start but felt like we would have won in regulation had the refs not blown one of the OEL or Icing calls, OEL is looking pretty close to his old self which is huge Demko is looking strong Both Pettey and Hughes are off too a good start despite missing training camp, Garland is as good as advertised, same with Dickinson, Miller despite having an okay game in EDM, I felt had a really good one tonight, Pods is Getting the Horvat treatment but has looked good for the most part in both games scoring tonight for him will only grow confidence in himself, Poolman has been also a pleasant surprise, and in all honesty I think this team will only get better as the chemistry and confidence grow, I don't think we could have a better start to the season if we can go into Buffalo and Detroit and get 3/4 points the road trip will be a win
  8. Green has always been terrible with his shootout choices was surprised we didnt see chaison take a shot, should have had bo shoot 3rd and we would have won
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