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  1. Especially after that 5 minute major in game 7, I understand they may not score on it but $&!# atleast shoot the &^@#ing puck
  2. Christ he is the only one shooting if we don't pass it him we are just going to waste the power play passing
  3. Was that not the same play that just happened to horvat literally 10 seconds before
  4. This team is less never wracking so far I've found they all look calmer, very good period for us, power play also looked way better
  5. 100% the truth 

  6. as someone who uses capfriendly quite often the simple explation is that Rathbone is making more money then oj and the way they sort there rosters is money wise in the offseason
  7. Seems like a really nice guy and i am glad that he landed on his feet somewhere else, That being said I wasn't a fan of him so I am happy he is out east