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  1. to play devils advocate here I think his decline has to do with Rick Tocchet, his decline started when Tocchet took over. here are some other notable stars around the league to have their stats drop as Tocchet as head coach. Taylor Hall, Steven Stamkos Vicent Lecavalier, Martian St. Louis, Max Domi and Phill Kessel, I think the change of scenery could benefit OEL, He is getting out of a situation where he publicly known butted heads with the head coach and management, having less pressure on him now without having the captaincy, having sweetish mentors in the twins around the team and having a
  2. Do it Jb getting him would help our D alot, another guy I'd target is Jamie Oleksiak to replace elder Having a top 6 D of Hughes - Larsson Schmidt - Hamonic Oleksiak - Myers Is a upgrade for sure, then trade for a guy like reinhart to sure out our top 6 and this team is looking to challenge not only for a playoff spot but looking to make some noise
  3. All I am going to say is i hope Jb doesn't enter this years competition of which Canadian team can make the dumbest move
  4. I'd love to see him on a line with pod and motte, If he can improve his faceoffs this summer that line would be a very hard 3rd line to play against
  5. Very solid move here Dickinson is a very solid 3rd line C who is a big body who can play a mean game if needed a great pker and very defensively responsible, he was a big part of Dallas cup run in the last calendar year good move for jb
  6. If we are talking about on the Canucks today it's got to be Horton for me as he is the exact type of Dman we need otherwise 100% Ray Bourque
  7. It's been rumored that Benning passed on Tkachuk for this very reason of having an attitude issue so glad we don't have to deal with this
  8. Really think there is some fire to these Reinhart To Van rumors JB said he want's to be aggressive this offseason Reinhart wants to return to the west coast and JB has tried to get him before so obviously likes him as a player Would love to see the RW depth of Boeser Reinhart Podkolzin  


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    2. TNucks1


      im sure Podz will get a look in top six like hoggy, but if we trade for sam having him 3c wouldnt be terrible or in top 6, gives us different options.

    3. #Canucks


      @TNucks1 it would definitely give us options. I would like to see the pick, if traded, fill a bigger void like defense. I feel like 3/4th line guys you can fill with free agency.

    4. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

      I’d be on board with getting Reinhart for 9OA just as long as Buffalo takes on one of our bigger contracts (I.e. Roussel, Beagle, or Eriksson).  Maybe Juolevi can go the other way as well.

  9. Wouldn't touch Dumba with a 1000 footpole guy is terrible defensively
  10. This is based on the assumption that Hoblty and Virtanen are bought out and that Pettersson and Hughes sign bridge deals for 7.5m Each It's no secret that our depth is pretty terrible but with the recent coaching change with Brad Shaw coming in and JB saying he would like to be aggressive this offseason. It had me thinking who was our options and I had the idea of looking at these 3 former Blue Jackets in Brandon Saad, David Savard and Alex Wennberg. There is obviously a familiarity with Brad Shaw and these 3 guys. They would be a very ideal fit as our Biggest needs are a Defensiv
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