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  1. Not understanding the hate around this at most this is overpayment by 400k which isn't even league min, the protection from Seattle I mean who are we really going to protect over him? Yes I get he is having a down year but the whole team is I am willing to bet he bounces back
  2. With the flyers counting there downwards spiral with a loss tonight against buffalo it's looking more and more promising the flyers fire AV. Would you be in favor of brining him back? personally I would 

    1. Petey_BOI


      you ok bringing in av's system which is similar to greens?

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Av loved playing useless trash like Ebbett instead of giving the kids a shot.  Not a great fit here.

  3. This is why I love big mac he was in a clear disadvantage and he still wins the fight
  4. Who needs centers anyway 

    1. TNucks1


      could our luck be any $&!#tier lol, worst timing ever.

  5. Here is the issue Okay sure i'll give the benfit of the doubt to the ref on the Motte call (tho i think weber tipped it) Where is the Double Minor on myers getting high sticked? are we allowing phantom calls aka The one rooster got on the 1-0 Goal. i am okay when you miss a few calls i understand being a ref is hard but when its as blanent as &^@#ing guy bleading from a high stick they need to get called out in all honesty i feel we won that game 3-0 and Demko should be getting credit with a shotout
  6. Me too, i am happy we won but i think alot of us can agree that this game shouldn't have gone to overtime. I would sleep better knowing A. The ref got a warning from the leauge or B. them explaining why they made the call your spot on with saying there should be more accountability
  7. Unfortunately that's the truth would love a system where fans could ask questions about a certain play
  8. And that is a prime example of why refs need to be able have media availability this game was practically given to montreal, both goals are from gross incompetence from refing
  9. I think it's a mixture of all 3 he's looked good definitely will be a decent middle 6 winger for us
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