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  1. Interesting but next years #1 is supposed to be much better, the kid they have been talking about for two years now, that Alex kid. That is the pick to package Horvat for, the pick and prospect (s), Horvat even at 24 is starting to age out of the new NHL.By the time this team has enough good players he will be much older. So get more for a proven talent right now, maybe two firsts the 2020 and 2021. There is no deal that cannot be done. The cap should not be an issue for another 6 years, both Boeser and Pettersson are RFA's and while good, the long term big money deals should be around the age of 25/26. Ni ether is McDavid or Mathews. So use the capspace available to buy a pick, the Rangers are a team that sells out and they need winners now not projects. Make an offer for the #2 and take Kakko, Canucks 1rst, Tanev, retain 1/2, Sutter retain 1/2 and Gadovitch/Juolevi to get good faster now and have enough players in the right age levels over paying is a requirement. If all those were traded what would be the difference, most aren't playing a season a year or at all. To have a player for Pettersson to play with free's up Boeser to go back with Horvat then the team only needs one more star forward in the 20 year old age group. Make the phone call, but for the #2 pick and try to keep the team's #1, offer all but Virtanen, Horvat, Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes (this year) and Tryamkin.
  2. Not sure what you mean. The Canucks are the 2nd smallest team in the league by average size. They have 8 players 5'9" something to 5'10" something. The most in the league and another 9 under the league average for a total of 17 players under. Without the 2 goalies counting they are close to the smallest team. That is counting injured players, Sutter, Edler, Tanev, Beagle and adding MacEwen, Rafforty and Schenn. They would even smaller if those guys are not counted. If they continue to try to play the way they are they will need bigger forwards to keep board control and get the puck in the offence zone and bigger defencemen to win board battles in the dzone. Even Krug is winning less than 1/2 the board battles. There are many decently sized players in the draft and hope that Lind and Gadovitch can recover some confidence after that debacle that is Utica, destroyer of confidence and prospects where they grind you down to nothing and then build you back up to be a good soldier. Trade FOR the future, not next year, have a semblance of thought for two or three years from now, one playoff appearance next year is not a win.
  3. Kane, Toews, Keith, Malkin, Crosby they were all under 25 when winning too. Chicago was not so small either. Chicago was bigger than Tampa Boston had 19 players under the league average - lost Philly had 18 under - lost Pittsburgh had 13 over league average, Sanjose 11 over Nashville had 29 players under league average that year they lost. Smaller team - Pittsburgh - had 22 under. Bigger team won. Also having Malkn and Crosby with Kessel is a winning combination and an advantage. The evidence is there for all to see even if it is only one to two players sometimes the position of dominance defence/forward or just having the higher skill level and experience, the bigger team wins most times. So size is easy to use a gauge to build or trade for. A big man can be taught how to skate and hit to make a dent a small man ....there are always exceptions but large is a safer bet. Trade the vets for picks, trade the picks and older prospects for improved picks, trade for large 3rd 4th line players, keep JV his speed is exceptional, he doesn't have to hit every shift, not with his shoulder history. Save the cap space to "buy" picks, taking on bad contracts (bury them if need be) save cap space for the expansion draft. The team should be ready in 2022 for serious playoff action. Two more forwards of Boeser/Horvat quality and two really, really good defencemen
  4. In each series there has been an aspect where size dominated and won. StLouis has dmen. Carolina jettisoned small players for large. Dallas has a few bid D and big forwards. Sanjose has more bigger forwards than Avalanche forwards, the large Colorado forwards to well the small, not so much. The larger team has won the cup over 90% of the time since 1968, probably more than that only the one Detroit team was smaller in the last 25 years. The team needs more skill and cannot afford to waste time and money right now until they get those skill guys, and those come through the draft. I suppose there are psoters that would like to see the Canucks give up 3 or 4 1rst round picks to get Nylander and Marner. While these are the types of skill the team needs, this team is already too small, way to many under the league average. Thats great for the regular season but not what being played right now
  5. Try to get multiple 1rst round picks all in 2 years hopefully top 10. Need bigger defensemen for sure. Need to play puck possession not much dumping as a game plan in playoffs.
  6. Taking too long. Rebuild is not done yet. Need four more top players. And need to be bigger. Smallest teams out first. Stlouis is hige defence. Dallas has big forwards. Carolina loaded up with big players this year.