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  1. Go away! Besides Myers has more GOALS than Eichel! Troll along back to hf boards? That sword is hiding a hammer tyvm
  2. A doctor who cleared up that rust @oldnews had
  3. Ghetto Zack Macewan! ( he punches faces and pidgeons) No, just no. Big IF that Seattle would want Myers, the canucks are not in a position to lose him for nothing. So, it will likely be Holtby or picks/prospects, maybe JV straight up exposed.
  4. Shush! You're ruining it for the "Seattle will take Myers crowd"
  5. Apollo really, REALLY, REAAAAALLLY likes that homegrown nose candy i gave him!
  6. What's the odds on Ron Maclean doing another hit piece on burrows now that he is with the Habs? I don't think Ron is that stupid, the Bleu Blanc Rouge would crucify him.
  7. Hoglander Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat JV Podkolzin Miller AG Motte Beagle Sutter Macewan Michaelis Hawryluk
  8. All players healthy, who would you sit for the young guys? Petey Miller Boeser Pearson Horvat Hoglander Roussel Sutter Gaudette Motte Beagle Virtanen Macewan Hawrlyuk Bailey Eriksson Michaelis Rooster maybe?
  9. I suggested a few days ago to tar and feather jake and rename him "Joel Roussel" atleast he'd break a sweat. If not, maybe shave his groin was also a recommendation... Guess they did both!
  10. It's like each line has 1 or 2 set plays that they are obviously not to diverge from. Last game, there was a stretch where Quinn was absolutely dominating in the O zone and looked fantastic. He didn't play much iirc the rest of the game.. Its one thing losing a long time goalie, another d partner in Tanev and also Fantenberg who does not get enough credit( he was impressive) Stecher also was here for a few years, his hustle is missed. With a goalie and d partners experience playing with one another and understanding the habits of st
  11. Not forcing anyone, as of now the forward group looks like Miller. Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat Hoglander Roussel Sutter Gaudette Motte Beagle Macewan Hawryluk Virtanen Add Podkolzin. Pearson, Sutter are UFA st seasons end, #3 center is needed. I'd like Sutter back but at a much lower cap hit. Pearson however can goto UFA, Thx. So next years forward group would look something like Miller Pettersson Boeser Hoglander Horvat Podkolzin Roussel Sutter? JV Motte Beagle Macewan Gaudette,
  12. Forget salary, who would you want for the bottom 6 late in game. Let's say Miller Pettersson Boeser Horvat Jarnkrok Johansson don't get the heavy checking minutes as they are mostly offensive minded. That leaves (sutter is magically gone, pearson too) Motte Beagle Macewan Podkolzin Hoglander Hawryluk as none of those players are top 6. Hoglander = Jarnkrok Hoglander 26gp 4g 6a 10pts as a rookie for 900k Jarnkrok 16gp 5g 2a for 7pts 2million signed for one more season. Johansson = 14gp zero goals, 5 assists non roster as
  13. Brilliant idea! I really like having 2 rookies on the 3rd line with no true centre's to play there, excellent checking line too! Nils and Podkolzin are the 2 toughest. Most feared canucks checkers and PKers, tied for #1 in FO% too!
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