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  1. If Mantha gets traded it better be to us! Lol I love Jake but Mantha is the player I wish Jake would become.
  2. Is it wrong that I would paid to see that ha even throw Fin out there too ha
  3. Well wings his ours and we arnt giving him back ha sucks to be you ha
  4. Tell us how you really feel alf....ha Oh hey isn't your wife a leafs fan?...........or am I thinking of someone else
  5. I miss the start but caught the third and ot....watched highlights and Jake didn't look to bad, had a great chance in the slot in the first.....then Green benched him for no reason.....why is Goldy or Loui or leivo get chance after chance but Jake gets benched??.... people want Jake to play big and nasty but his not a pack leader.....the team needs a reeves or Josh Anderson, we all have seen jakes game has improved with ferland in the line up or last season with rooster. Just imagine if we had reeves or Anderson an actual heavyweight........ Green is starting to piss me off even more.... He could be using bo and Jake the same way AV used kesler. Green isn't the coach I see the Canucks sticking with.... i wish crow would come back cause he would just whisper in Jakes or ferlands ear to make the other teams top players pay.....maybe with crow Jake would go back to playing the body more then the puck.
  6. The devils have a choice though....keep smith in the nhl or send him back to the whl....that sounds like a choice to it the best choice no but the team can atleast see where smith is at and have two choices to make and with VP we get no choice... like I said I think the KHL contract might have factored in a lil bit. I think if he played in the chl or ncaa he would have been a top five pick easy.
  7. Your missing the part where you can't even come to training camp when you under contract. before you say ncaa players don't come either .....they don't have to get use to a smaller rink..... also if an ncaa player wants to op out he can go to the chl, the player is in control not the team......I can't think of a prospect that has played in three leagues in their draft year can you? So now you see why people say the KHL is gamble, also why I think he fell cause he bounced around more then tanevs teeth..... also look at what he has done on NA ice so far and that screams talent.
  8. So we should send a thank you card to the KHL for bouncing him over what? 3 leagues.... just so we could draft him. Also I think the KHL played a lil part cause teams want a least a lil bit of control of their prospects , we don't have any control of how VP develops.
  9. Hmmm I guess rfa's didn't get the message.....or really the way things are looking a lot of players didn't get the message ha
  10. I think the problem is you comparing apples and oranges.... for example would you compare MT and Johnny hockey? Or if your old enough to remember would you compare Bert and Nazzy?? two skilled guys in their own right but you can't really compare the two cause they play different styles... VP will probably be the best pwf out of his draft, when your looking at the draft , you can't look at it like say five years ago, where VP might and I say might have fallen, in today's games guys like VP,MT and Brady are the rare gems now.... so what I'm trying to say is you can't / shouldn't compare skill guys to guys like VP. Guys like VP arnt in ever draft but softer skill players you have to take that into consideration too.....
  11. That's when a nhl team should be able to buy out the contract out. it would have done wonders for Virtanen cause he was to good for the whl but wasn't ready for the nhl. It would make the chl better cause owners would spend more money.
  12. I don't think the devils will want one of our goalies ha but just picture , if we get another Devils top ten pick for one of our goalies ha marky can't be any worse then Schneider ha
  13. Honestly only way I would bring hall in is when his a free agent and he signs for a fair price....he could be our Hossa..... and I could see that happening.... everyone thinks hall will want a big raise but their forgetting, hall has played his whole career on $&!#ty teams.....He wants to win and his hungry for the playoffs.... I could see him signing with a contender for less just for a chance to win....
  14. Two people in a secure room and your thinking about beating someone? My mind goes else where ha it's called the city of brotherly love