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  1. I would hate to lose Jake for why not go a lil Jake , Demko and Sutter to the wings.....say mantha and a 1 st. Then sign marky and I know we need D men but wings can't spare any. I'm sorry but teams don't trade top D men very often so getting a first should do that. Personnally I wish the Canucks would do a deal with buffalo for 8th overall and Montour.
  2. But you forgot to mention what trading Brock would add to the Canucks..... so your right Canucks would lose Brock , madden , second and a fourth but would add TT ( hopefully on a decent deal) a D partner for Hughes ( a tanev with a mean streak) And I haven't even mentioning about the picks Jim could get back...... to me if trading Brock lands us a josh Manson type d man I'm pumped cause that would give us a legit top pairing , something we have never truly had in Van. Not to mention if Jim did get a first then he could draft TT replacement and their Elc will come in handy and that's if VP doesn't come over here and shine and if Jake doesnt take anymore steps forward so.... So that's two players that style would benefit petey more then Brock would imho
  3. Franchise? We been watching the same player right? Also wingers like Brock are in every draft......(his not a 40 goal scorer) i like Brock but sometimes nice guys finish last ask the Sedins and if Brock can bring us a top four d man that can skate and has an edge that's a win and not to mention the first that with this draft Jim could steal another top player...... there's a reason why only the truly special wingers are franchise players like OV and such , also every franchese winger I can think of can skate and has hands or an edge and a shot.....what does Brock have? His shot hasn't looked the same since his rookie season and we have seen what happens when he tries to hit and his skating is no where near Marner or OV or even P Kane so i see that Brock has a high hockey IQ but to be a franchise winger you need more in your tool box..... you want a cup well brock is a sell high and build a true contender.
  4. So more rumors.... so let me get this right, Jim said he was going to try and get another first..... buffalo......jack isn't happy and last summer they added D now they could use a player like Brock to make their star happy....also rumor is their 8th overall pick is in play......they also have a pretty deep right side...... now we have a brock rumor.....hmmmmmm
  5. So would I but now those guys are the rare finds. i would happily take anyone of those three. I think that's one thing I think could put us over the edge. Also I think Miller and Petey would make up for a guy like reeves on their line and just think what those two could do with more open ice..... Its also why I could see Jim if he can make room add a guy like simmonds on a cheap one year deal....or even go after Anderson.....
  6. I wish and i hope the Canucks draft him. I don't think his on his way out just yet and I haven't seen a young guy that hang with him or Tom Wilson , the new so called tough guys are smaller......and more of a pest type. Also reeves would be the perfect guy for Petey, go to the dirt areas and retrieve pucks kinda like what burrows did for the Sedins but if anyone touched Petey reeves would eat them.....
  7. Ask Evander Kane how it takes so lil ice time to get in his head...... guys like reeves the ice time doesn't tell the whole story.....
  8. Yea but man I would miss Jake , but for imho a legit first pairing of huggy bear and Manson would be worth it. Also with VP in the system we have another rw in the pipeline and also kole Lind so yea it's going be a winger.....kinda wish we could trade Brock for a good package and then use some of that to land Manson.
  9. Ah I thought that was why the p.k subban deal fell threw cause Jim didn't want to give up Guad but I could be wrong.
  10. That's tough cause I could see the ducks being like the preds and wanting Guad instead of JV ..... i wonder what the deal would look like if we took keslers contract , a lot of people don't think he will play again .....
  11. And thx to ice melting we have a faster way to ship to China and other countires instead of using Panama canal ......
  12. Well jimmy did you know China is building over an 80 billion dollar pipeline and it's for water....... and some believe drinking water will be the next natural resource that will replace oil and also a lot of the technology they use for oil can also be transferred for water purposes in theory.....I don't actually first hand know......
  13. Cause Getz plays with fire just like Miller and kes did. He wants another ring and we could be a cup contender with adding those two do you agree? Also if he wants to much and petey are the two centres and look at the Hawks they signed their third line center most years ha i have no clue man.....I've given up hoping Canucks draft players from b.c ha I wanted Shea Theodore instead of hunter......
  14. Well I said Brock , Guad and stech could making of the deal or fetch the peieces needed to make this trade, sorry I should have been more clear. i see it at as makin the most of petey and quinns cheap years and getting a better player now rather then wait and by that time our young stars will need raises...... okay yea I see the cap problems but if buys outs do happen and if the ducks retained salary on Getz we wouldn't be that bad and for sure if we can move sutter.....I want Getz cause his play making is far better then Guad and sutter and the wingers we have and the ones we have in the pipeline would only benifit and not to mention he might sign an cheaper two year deal....... injuries I do worry too but hey you can hit by a bus crossing the street but his had a few months to rest and we would be getting a rested Getz...... i think with Getz and virtanen on the third line would be great cause we haven't really seen what Jake can do with a play making center on a regular basis and that goes for other guys too. I see Manson as replacing tanev and no Brock? Is that real a problem when his always injuried? and if buy outs do happen then we could keep TT and not to forget ferland is a question mark.......