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  1. Ummmm name one elite goal scorer that isn't a line driver? And I meant Jake can be put with Sutter and is still a threat unlike like brock. Also might add those two goals he got against the Oilers could be considered lucky at least the one where Hughes found him behind the defence while sitting on his rear and if that would have went the other way then brock cheated and got burned and doesn't have the speed to catch up to the play..... brock has been cherry picking imo
  2. Could say the same about brock...... if brock is a legit line driver then Petey and him should be able to carry Jake , just look at how good Jake looked with Miller and petey... Hate on Jake but brock and Jake both benifit from playing with Miller and petey but at least Jake has shown he can drive a line once in awhile , still waiting to see that from brock........ brock and Jake are the same element on that line......
  3. Both of those depends if Petey breaks two sticks again..... So what's the over under on how many sticks Petey's breaks?
  4. Not to mention Jake has changed his game/ mind set . I would love to see Jake go to a team that coaches body first instead of puck first . When's the last time Jake threw a big hit? Jake should play the game like Tom Wilson , the way he hits but if you watch Wilson , he plays the body usually not the puck.....and no one said Wilson was smart but taking a player out of the play is his Defence and that's what Jake should have been taught but........Jake is one of the best hitters I've seen in a long time but it's an asset being wasted and Jake hits are usually clean unlike Wilson's Jake i
  5. Yea I think that's the one. But there's been a few conspiracies going around.... I for one , believe the cure will come out once we have put the population back in balance......
  6. China has always been tight lip though..... also wouldn't you if there was a book written 40 years ago predicting all this?....if you believe the theory that's the government is behind it.
  7. And not like they will have the man power they did.....but how can you put all the blame of a virus on one country? if you go off the fact people say it started from bats but people in China been eating them for ages..... so how do you put the blame on one country or another?
  8. But the flight attendant said put your mask on first before helping others.......
  9. haven't even crossed the boarder yet and your crying wolf lol......
  10. Jokes on you alberta has a problem with everyone ha does that make you feel any better? I was trying to make you guys feel special....... ( FYI I got nothing against anyone from or that live in b.c , heck I'm from b.c ha
  11. Yea they work better for slapping b.cers.......
  12. A buddy sent me this and the guy actually made some sense......forgive me buddy forgot to tell me his an anime troll.......lol
  13. Thing is Jim isn't gillis...... Jim can afford to make trades like that cause he can restock the pipeline..... also look down the road..... VP won't be here for one more season and hoglander might be ready next season or he ends up in the ahl , the list goes on and that's not touching on the guys we will draft in the next couple drafts..... I think this draft Jim will do something big.....kinda like the oilers when they traded hall..... I think Jim will go after a mean stay at home d man for Hughes cause tanev is to soft.....also adding some real toughness wouldn't be a bad
  14. Also to be fair Rathbone , he did play his draft year in high school hockey for family reasons iirc. So I would say your bang on the money Jimmy. Thx for the info, it's cool to see him doing just as well as bostons number 1 or 2 D man ha
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