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  1. I don’t know where you are hearing the cap isn’t increasing because that’s news to the NHL GM’s and the league. The coronavirus is not going to affect next years salary cap, you must one of the guys buying all the toilet paper at Costco if you think that. It’s only one team that is being told to not have 3 home games.
  2. Sutter isn’t going anywhere with a full no movement clause and Baertschi can stay in the minors another year instead of giving away draft picks or prospects. Getting rid of Ericksson’s $6 million cap hit and the increase in the salary cap next year would be enough, as it stands now the Canucks have $19-$20 million free for next year and if they trade Ericksson then it’s like $25 million which would be more then enough to cover this years bonus overage next season and cover Markstrom, Tanev, Virtanen, Toffoli and Stetcher’s new contracts.
  3. I really do not see Florida trading for Ericksson or even picking him up off waivers or giving the Canucks a bag of pucks for him, maybe Detroit would be interested for getting Demko but Ottawa is still by far the best fit.
  4. This makes no sense for Anaheim as all Ericksson is to Anaheim is a progress stopper to their young players by being in the lineup and Anaheim really doesn’t have the cap space with still paying Corey Perry’s buyout. The only team that really makes sense is Ottawa as they will need to take on a lot of cap room to get to the bottom with a bunch of their high cap numbers all leaving this summer and also need a veteran to help babysit their rebuild. Gene the machine is also cheap, like moths flying out of his wallet cheap and having to only pay Ericksson $5 million over 2 years and then include Demko as a sweetener to replace Craig Anderson and Ottawa has an abundance of draft picks in the next 2 or 3 drafts.
  5. Petterson is still trusted to take face offs in his own zone in key moments, while Gaudette seems to not instill any confidence of any kind in Travis Green with defensive zone face offs. I’m sure he will improve but of all the current centres currently in the starting line up I can see him being moved to wing. Canucks definitely need another good face off man like Horvat to take over for either Sutter or Beagle in the future on the 4th line.
  6. If the centre depth is so good and Gaudette is such a good 3C why does Travis Green not trust him with defensive zone face offs very much and use Sutter for that role?
  7. That is horrible asset management to trade Boeser because you might lose MacEwen, if the Canucks only lose MacEwen I’m pretty sure the Canucks would be doing cartwheels because he can be replaced by someone in Utica very quickly and it’s not like he is going to be like when the Canucks lost Scott Walker to the Nashville expansion draft. I’m pretty sure Seattle would take Demko or Markstrom if either were exposed over Zack MacEwen who at best is a 3rd line player. Also I doubt the Canucks can afford to resign Toffoli unless he leaves a few million on the table with Markstrom and Tanev needing to be resigned and more important to the team and he can be replaced by Boeser. Canucks would be stupid to trade Boeser unless they can get Bowen Byran or Hampus Lindholm But I doubt either will happen.
  8. I can see him playing with Gaudette or Horvat in a few years and becoming a Tom Wilson or a Brad Marchand type player later in his career that other teams hate to play against with his chippiness and getting in the other team’s head but can also score. He will be a fan favorite.
  9. So the Canucks trade away their defense depth and grit for a top 9 forward? how does this make sense for either team?
  10. What top 4 defenseman can the Canucks get that plays like Tanev at under $6 million? Tanev and Hughes play very well together and why would you mess with the chemistry? Tryamkin is not guaranteed to be on the Canucks next year as he did not have a good year in the KHL.
  11. You are saying Bob McKenzie and Brian Burke don’t know what they are talking about then? They are the top insiders and hockey minds. I feel like when I talk to you it’s like talking to a crazy person on a street corner holding a sign saying the end is near. You went on a rant about not paying everyone with long term deals and now you want to sign Toffoli who will want a 5 year deal at least because this is his chance to make big money and he’s going to want too much $ and term unless the Canucks trade LE and another ugly contract that will require another prospect shipped out and where is Toffoli going to play with Podkolzn coming after next season and Hoglander? Toffoli is a top 6 guy, you can’t put him on the 3rd line that would be like a Aston Martin in demolition derby. Seriously buddy who really make no sense with your jibber jabber
  12. Buddy you are the only one thinking of magic, what you get into Harry Potter or something the way you keep bringing it up. I am going by the TSN and Sportsnet experts who are saying the Canucks can get Markstrom and Tanev signed if they don’t go above $5.5 for Markstrom and don’t go above 5 for Tanev and that leaves $8 million for Guadette and Virtanen and the rest of the roster to fill out and that’s not including Ferland on LTIR or trading LE $6 million. But if Markstrom and Tanev want more to test out the marketplace then it won’t happen. It’s very simple
  13. I never said you low ball Hughes, I said you give him a bridge deal so it helps the cap for 2 years to sign another player and you extend him with a year left to another 8 year $90-$95 million. Pettersson can be offer sheeted and Hughes can’t that’s what it comes down to. It’s all about being creative and finding loopholes and not paying someone $11 or $12 million but say $8 or $9 million for 2 years and he will not be an RFA when is contract is up so he can’t go anywhere and I’m pretty sure he would take a few million less for 2 years knowing he is going to get a massive deal the following season to help the team out. Rookies know their 2nd contract is not going to be full value that’s a given unless you are McDavid or Mathews or Crosby or Ovechkin.
  14. If your whole plan revolves around LE retiring then your plan will not get off the ground because how many people you know will say no to $5 million guaranteed ? You are talking like a true homer and not a practical hockey fan why would we move Ferland when he will be on LTIR and not count against the cap? all the Canucks need to do is trade LE with either Demko or DiPietro and maybe a Jett Woo to open up that cap space. Worse contracts have been traded in the past just look at all the horrible contracts the leafs got out from under.
  15. You are making it sound like Hughes is going to go somewhere else after his deal is up, he has not played enough games to get to RFA status so no team can offer sheet him so you can do a 1 year or 2 year bridge deal before giving him an 8 year deal. Look at the capfriendly.com screen capture. No mythical math, just using real numbers and numbers that players have signed in the past for with comparables. The Canucks future cap situation is fine even with giving Petterson and Hughes Mathews and Tavares type deals at the same time because the Canucks have young wingers that will be on the team when these deals kick in. You are worrying about nothing.