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  1. If the Canucks are going to trade for anyone on the Kings it will be Taffoli as he is the type of scoring winger needed and could be traded for some of the Canucks glut of prospects in the farm system and Stetcher would have to be included as the Kings don’t have many defensive prospects ready to play.
  2. I hope not or the Canucks are going to have a lot of high scoring shoot outs without having a tough checking defenceman, I definitely see Stetcher being traded because Fantenberg has played surprisingly better then expected except for his penalties in the Penguins game, but I see Benn and Stetcher not coming back next year with Rafferty and then maybe Tryamkin coming back with still Woo, Rathbone and more coming to Utica next year. The Canucks need to replace Leivo and Ferland most likely out for the rest of the season and I see Stetcher being used as a chip to use to help get a rental winger for the second line.
  3. I hope, so the Aves trade away their prospects and have an emptier cupboard. Hall will probably get hurt near the end of the season and won’t be able to play like his healthy self.
  4. I’m surprised the Leafs didn’t kick the tires on Comrie as they badly need a new backup as Freddy can’t play every night.
  5. Hall is a good goal scorer but he doesn’t win where ever he goes, it seems like he doesn’t get angry that he’s always on a losing team and only been in the playoffs one year and was bounced in what 5 games. I just don’t think he’s worth a 1st, a blue chip prospect plus a roster player or whatever NJ is asking. Personally Kreider is much better fit with Canucks and would be cheaper to acquire and has been battle tested in the playoffs for many years and would be dynamite with JT and Petey so Brock can play with Bo and Pearson. But that’s just my opinion that’s going to get blasted. I don’t think Hall is going to put the Avalanche over the top to be the true cup favorite because he’s not a tough playoff type player, he gets injured and wanted to stay in Edmonton with all that losing.
  6. Tkachuk and Brown will be Senators until they each decide to leave, because Ottawa is making them the beginning of their core players. They wouldn’t give up Tkachuk without the Canucks having to give up Tanev just for Ottawa to pick up the phone and not hang up and it would be just too expensive with most likely having to give up Madden or Rathbone and a pick.
  7. He had a down year last season but who the hell didn’t have a bad year in Ottawa but he has been on fire with 13 goals and 19 points this year and would easily get 35-40 points on a line with Horvat and more then likely push the 45 point marker. He is a shorter Alex Burrows clone to play with the Trevor Linden clone. The Canucks don’t need more prospects to go to Utica now or next year, they need a player to put on the jersey the minute his plane lands at YVR and get in the lineup the game after the trade. We have too many forward prospects and if you have too many forward prospects in one system you might screw up someone’s development by using them in the wrong situations and destroying their confidence. The Canucks will go hard after Tryamkin in the summer for next year and this year give a few prospects a look as the 7th defense like Rafferty, Brisebois or maybe even Juolevi if he’s not injured for a long amount of time, it would be good to give these guys some live fire with what the NHL looks like in November and December or at the worst you can pick someone off the waiver wire that can’t go back down the farm club with their games played after an injury comes back like how they got Leivo. Also the difference between Burrows in his prime and Pageau now in size is 3 inches and 13 pounds.
  8. The first 15 minutes of the 1st period it looked like Canucks were working at the Springfield Nuclear plant when Mr. Burns hit the button for a fire alarm drill.
  9. I would take Pageau over Virtanen any day with Virtanen doing his disappearing act in half of the games he plays. He’s just too inconsistent
  10. Ottawa gets Stetcher $2.3 million Virtanen $1.25 million Lockwood Vancouver gets Pageau $3.1 million Ottawa does this because they get a top 4/5 defenseman for their lineup, with Virtanen to play on their 3rd line and Lockwood a good prospect for the future that Ottawa needs more of and who most likely will not sign with Vancouver anyways with their glut of forwards in the Canucks system. Vancouver does this to get that secondary scoring winger to play with Horvat at a good price and can move on from Leivo and Pearson next season with Pageau who can move up and down the lineup and has scoring touch and is an energy player that plays both ends of the rink. let’s hear everyone rip this one apart
  11. Ericksson has 2 years left but if not him it would be Pearson or Lievo then and I don’t think they would want either. But the Hall trade wouldn’t happen because I don’t think the Canucks would trade 2 of their top 5 prospects for a rental plus most likely a draft pick. I was just saying if the Canucks were swinging for the fences.
  12. If the Canucks were interested in a Devils winger that’s not named Hall, it would be Simmonds and you could probably do deal with Stetcher and a forward prospect and Goldobin to even out the cap number. Or if the Canucks wanted to swing for the fences and have some big brass balls and go after Hall it would be like Stetcher, Madden and DiPietro, Ericksson with Canucks absorbing some of Ericksson’s contract to make the cap numbers work. I know the Hall trade sounds crazy but the Canucks have a history of swindling the Devils in trades, but could you imagine the line of Hall, Pettersson, Boeser
  13. That’s right Turris is not a Ericksson situation, he’s much worse. It doesn’t matter why he’s not in the lineup it just matters a $6 million dollar player can’t dress on team that isn’t scoring. If the Canucks picked him up and we still have Ericksson on the team like a few people on this thread have suggested the Canucks would be in cap hell when Pettersson’s deal is up.