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  1. Not only did Kyle korvers career outlast that copier... All-Star (2015) NBA Sportsmanship Award (2015) 4× NBA three-point field goal percentage leader (2010, 2014, 2015, 2017) NBA free throw percentage leader (2007)[72] NBA three-point field goals made leader (2005)[73] NBA record for highest three-point shooting percentage in a regular season (53.6%)[74] NBA record for most seasons leading league in three-point percentage (4) So thanks for the encouragement
  2. He played 69 of 69 games last year and was #6 in scoring among forwards. I think you are getting carried away there.
  3. That 2nd round pick in 2007 was sent to the LA kings (with a 4th) for a rental of Brent Sopel.... the pick became Wayne Simmonds.
  4. Did you just compare Gaudette's 6'1 170 lb hybrid to Bertuzzi's 6'3 240lb deisel?
  5. Definitely. The silver lining of losing is that we will have a glut of veterans on expiring contracts or just a year left to trade. Imagine if Calgary and Edmonton are battling it out for #4 and the only 2 options for the 5 canadian teams are Ottawa and Vancouver (because if quarantine) come trade deadline. We would have 5 teams over a barrel. Sutter or Pearson at 50% would be worth a lot to a playoff bound team. Beagle, Rousell and Benn would be good depth options as well. I would say Edler but we all know he isn't waving.
  6. Not at the rate that tanev does.... I guess you haven't watched hockey enough to realize that. But yeah we aren't agreeing on this and it's fine... no sense "dwelling" on it. Cheers!