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  1. I'm super impressed with Burroughs and don't see how Juulsen sees any nhl ice unless there are multiple injuries. I'm happy for Juulsen to be able to play in his hometown of Abbotsford and thankful that JB salvaged a #9 dman when we clearly would have lost OJ on waivers. As for Lammikko, I'm really liking his addition. Great motor, good size, plays a heavy game and good defensively. Looks like JB turned chicken poop to chicken soup.
  2. Heard a stat on the post game show last night. Quinn lead all players in time of possession with 3:30 , second place was Provorov with 1:45. He had the puck on his stick more than double the nearest player. That is truly impressive.
  3. A 2 way deal doesn't make him waiver ineligible... only in the ea sports universe.
  4. Better to let him dominate the AHL and then trade him when his value is sky high. As to the proposed trade and value, I'd say a 40 point dman would be worth a lot more than a solid 3rd line center.
  5. Shhhh, his parents haven't told him about that yet!!!! What's next? You going to rat out the Easter bunny and Santa?
  6. Small, one way player that is averaging less than a half a point per game in the AHL at age 22. Very unlikely he ever cracks the NHL, that's a solid C all day.
  7. This... he is being paid as a solid #5 who plays 18 minutes a game. If he can be a top 4 that logs 20+ that's a steal. If he plays like he already has thus far in his career he will be at market value.
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