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  1. Goals? Jake 18 loui 6 Assists? Jake 18 loui 7 Blocks? Jake 28 loui 15 Takeaways? Jake 37 loui 17 Hits? Jake 102 loui 10
  2. We can sign players under a million all we want (as long as we are under 50 contracts) their salary only counts against the cap if they are with the big club.
  3. The second coming of Bobby orr... according to cdc 2 years ago
  4. Baer cleared waivers pre pandemic... no way he is claimed in today's market.
  5. Good deal... could be great but let's not hold our breath lol
  6. Jim signed him to a back loaded deal as well to make him less enticing. He will be paid 2.9 million this year and 5.7 in his second year. So on the event that Seattle takes him we had him for one year at 2.9 million... a total steal. On the other hand if Seattle passes cause of the cash owed we still have our asset.
  7. Wouldn't give him a 2 year deal nor would he want it. If you sign a 35+ player and they decide to retire you are still on the hook for their cap throughout the contract. He has already been signing year to year for the past 2 seasons.
  8. The bolded part sounds like the guy who is always at moneymart taking payday loans that never gets even. Can't buyout people year after year. Especially with that damn luongo penalty in play.
  9. 5 million... and he will get it... in the AHL.
  10. Luoi has been paid 31 million dues. He hasn't payed us anything, we owe him nothing.