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  1. You fire people all the time? That doesn't bode well for you as an employer. Might wanna take a hard look at changing your recruitment methods... just saying.
  2. The kid is making the league minimum. You can't get a better number on a contract. That is a bonus not a negative.
  3. To a casual that would mean everything... case closed, good job Sherlock
  4. 8 goals in 35 games puts him on a 19 goal pace over 82 games. Not too shabby for a guy on a down year who is going to be making only 250k above the league average.
  5. I think you got the wrong thread. Get that Sam Bennett talk out of here! This is "cry about Pearson's contract 7.0" thread.
  6. And how do you think that would have turned out?
  7. We only have 3 months and we will know the answer for sure. I'm 98% sure that Pearson would have been pushing for that... he didn't want to sign a 3 year deal with Seattle. Makes total sense from Pearson's point of view, time will tell.
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