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  1. Wow great value for the capitols! Trade for a 2nd+3rd, Sign, use for a season and then trade for two 2nds. This is as close as it gets to the movie "draft day".
  2. I hope for Arizona's sake Guenther becomes a good player. I think there is a good chance that in 4 years or so he can become a .79ppg winger in the NHL... just like garland is now.
  3. His qualifying offer would be $840,000. Safe to say he isn't taking that
  4. He doubled his value in 15 games with the panthers. Now the question is, "what Bennett shows up for the next 328 games?".
  5. There is another window that opens up for teams with player elected arbitration cases (Dickinson and Garland will apply)
  6. That's old hat... Rousell, Beagle, Erriksson and a 1st is the new black!
  7. Eternal said... My guess is BOS wants the Canucks to retain the max possible and might want a sweetener (can't see the Canucks wanting to take bad money back). That would be us paying 2.15 in cap and adding a sweetener. I suggested a buyout would be better than that. If however we did retain 50% we would in fact be the ones receiving the sweetener.
  8. That doesn't make sense. Canucks could save more cap just buying him out. Holtby at 50% would mean a 2nd round pick coming back our way
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