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  1. I'd like to see no line change for the penalized team after a penalty. They already start the play in the penalized teams end like an icing, why not go whole hog? I agree with the over the glass icing change too.
  2. So more like this, taking into account a conditioning stint to Utica? Roussel - Knee - return to lineup early January? Ferland - concussion- ? Motte - Foot - day to day? Sutter - lower body - return to lineup late Nov/early Dec? Beagle - bone bruise? - day to day? People agree/disagree?
  3. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has updates on our wounded? Or is there a better place to look? Uneducated Guesses/assumptions Roussel - Knee - 2-4 weeks ? Ferland - concussion- ? Motte - Foot - 1-2 weeks? Sutter - lower body - ? Beagle - bone bruise? - day to day?
  4. Agreed. I feel the pain as much as anyone, but I think of this team as family. Thick and thin, thick and thin.
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