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  1. Schmidt to BOS for 1st 2021 + DeBrusk + prospect (or 3rd 2022) Miller to NAS for 1st 2022 + Fabbro + 3rd 2021. Meh. Not sure of trade values. But something along this line of thinking.
  2. Miller has no NTC and would fetch quite a return as he's proven to be a top 6 winger at a good cap hit. Schmidt has a M-NTC (10 team no trade list). Might be harder to move him to a bad team like NJ. I'm not opposed to trading either of them as long as the return is good now and the future. Like JB says...we're 2yrs from contending.
  3. @Simulation Before starting thread, do some research as to what BUF ask is for Eichel. Last I heard, it was 4 x 1sts. The package proposed is nowhere close to that.
  4. Won't happen. You've just eliminated several GOP talking points. Lol.
  5. The company should be providing the cell phone to employees if they want to use the app. Don't agree with having work apps on PERSONAL cell phones.
  6. Of course they can still make trades at the draft unless the rules got changed. It's how we got Bo Horvat.
  7. If JB was really selling, he could have traded Virtanen and Sutter (50% retained) for a lower return.
  8. I wonder if JB just did minor moves cuz he still have hope of reaching the playoffs (seeing how Calgary is selling and Montreal has lost several games recently).
  9. I think fans are just upset with the status quo. Canucks are neither sellers or buyers this trade deadline. Stuck in mediocrity. This season appears to be a write off (yeah we still have a slim chance of making the playoffs). We will see what happens in the expansion draft and the offseason. Needless to say a few bad contracts/players are hampering Canucks from being a contender.
  10. Probably D and a better G depth. Relying on 22yr Carter Hart in net was a mistake. He shat the bed this year.
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