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  1. Demko keeping the team in the game. Sloppy line change. And what the &^@# was Rathbone doing?
  2. If Schmidt did well with the Canucks, then most likely he wouldn't have been traded. Then Canucks probably wouldn't have made the deal with Coyotes dumping those contracts and giving up picks to get OEL and Garland. While Kudos to Schmidt for his hot start, I think VAN made off like bandits in the trade with ARI.
  3. If he ever gets sent back down, I'm sure some team will pick him off the waiver wire.
  4. PP1 looks for the perfect pass for that perfect one timer. They just need to get shots on net. It either gets by the goalie or hopefully creates a juicy rebound (ie. Bo goal).
  5. EP needs to work on his faceoff %. His average is 40-45%. In 6 games this season he's at 30%. That is really bad. Can't always rely on Miller to take the draws.
  6. Probably to send a message to EP. You play like crap, you get demoted to 3rd/4th line.
  7. For this 6 game road trip, I had predicted the Canucks would grab 8pts (basically 4 wins). So getting 7pts is not too bad. For this 7 game home stand, I predict another 8pts at least (maybe more if Demko has a stellar performance but I expect Halak to get a game in). Hopefully they can do better and win more than 4 games.
  8. 7 game home stand. We should be able to pick up 8 pts out of 14. Maybe more if Demko stands on his head again.
  9. CANUCKS WIN!!!! 3-2-1 record on this road trip. Getting 7 pts.
  10. If Lotto line gets going, Canucks will have 2 legit scoring lines.
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