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  1. I hope JV can solidify in a top 6 role. But here's the kicker. Before Toffoli (only 10 games or so with the Canucks in regular season) last year, JV couldn't beat out LE for that coveted RW spot beside Horvat. Let that sink in for a minute.
  2. I remember listening to the radio recently that Dr. Henry said masks were not mandatory but there are expectations of everyone wearing a mask. Guess they are hoping majority of people choosing freely to wear a mask rather than be heavy handed.
  3. They got absolutely nothing. It's less than a week til the election. If they had something, it would be have out in the open already.
  4. Then who are we to decide that he deserves the chance to play at the NHL? Arizona decided to renounce his rights. So that's their choice.
  5. His life is not over. He can most certainly go to College (or not) and get a regular job (just like everybody else).
  6. On the radio, says about 200 more cases and 1 death. 75% of the cases are in the Surrey region (Surrey, White Rock, Langley). The 1 death was an 80yr grandma who attended a birthday party. Apparently, one of the them was asymptomatic. Unknowingly passed it to the grandma. So sad. Also the PM mentioned something like Xmas is cancelled if numbers don't go down. Guessing that means flights between Provinces will be cancelled.
  7. The kid is just sorry he got caught. Does anyone really think his bullying the mentally challenged boy would have stopped if he didn't get caught on tape???
  8. It was the afternoon program around 3pm. Think it was Reach-Deep program (sp??). They had some guy on as a guest from The Athletic (I think).
  9. Your example is a one time thing. What Mitchell did was 9 years of bullying/torment of a mentally challenged kid. Not exactly the same in terms of length of depravity. And really...did Mitchell really learn from it??? A court order mandated apology and court ordered community service screams that he did what he had to do to get out of trouble. Honestly, I blame the parents. Poor parenting is probably the root of the problem.
  10. HFBOARDS... "Wow this is the quickest our first pick of the draft has become a bust". Lol.
  11. Listening to Brian Buke on the radio this morning. Basically said he wouldn't have drafted the guy. As soon as he heard "mentally disabled" - strike 1. Hint of racism - strike 2. But he does believe in 2nd chances. The spotlight is on the kid now. And it will be hard and uncomfortable (as it should be). And it's up to the kid to redeem himself. And to a lesser extent, some spotlight on ARI for selecting him.
  12. On the SN650 radio yesterday, they mentioned that Jake is similar to ANDREAS ATHANASIOU. Capable of scoring off the rush but metrics show he brings the line down. In other words, he doesn't make the line better. That he gets his points by virtue of statistics of shot attempts. And both players were weak defensively. I thought it was an interesting take on JV. He can be taught defense. So hopefully he gets it and be comes defensively sound while contributing 15+ goals and being consistent.