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  1. It's a nice problem to have if JV can get 20+ goals. Even better if he gets 30+. Then we'd have 2 solid RWs.
  2. Something easy... Lighthouse Park trail.
  3. Reminds me of the Ukrainian scandal of Trump asking that Prez to "announce investigation into Hunter Biden". Doesn't have to be real. Just get it out there in the news.
  4. And that's the kicker. Pro-Trump will say whatever is on there is true. If FBI says it was modified, then they'll say it's a conspiracy. And Vice versa.
  5. Probably because of the chain of custody of the laptop in question.
  6. If you want nukes and become a super power to rival the USA, Russia, and China; then say goodbye to social healthcare. Money has to come from somewhere to fund the exorbitant cost of nukes and upgrading (cutting edge) military. I can get behind upgrading the military but not behind nukes.
  7. Lol. I was once told that Martial Arts nowadays are "dances". Because they don't train killing strikes. But something is better than nothing when it comes to self defense.
  8. That's the $&!#ty part. Guy does the right thing to warn the world and the stupid Chinese Government (note: I said Government) locked it down. Saving face was more important than containing (they tried but failed) the pandemic and informing the world (the real problem). If the world knew how serious it was, maybe other countries could have stepped up the protocols and there would have been less loss of life. But somehow, I think Trump would still be ignorant and favor the economy over healthcare.
  9. So you'd rather have corrupt mentally unstable Trump running the USA.
  10. No. Investing in a nuclear weapons program would mean we divert $$$ from other projects/programs/healthcare/etc.
  11. https://www.explore-mag.com/20-of-the-Best-Hiking-Trails-near-Vancouver Look it up. Some good trails. Edit: Bring appropriate gear.
  12. Capfriendly shows that he's still RFA at the end of his deal.
  13. Just curious as to what other industry other than oil and farming, does AB have to offer? The only thing JT can "grow" the economy for AB is to award Government contracts to the province. AB is not coastal, so no ship building contracts. Is there any good aeronautical industry? But you would have to compete with BC, Halifax and Winnipeg. So really...what possible Government contacts can AB get?