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  1. I wouldn't get too hung up on 1st-3rd line. Preferably they all get similar minutes. More minutes to the lines that seem to be on their game for any given night.
  2. As long as the ask isn't too high, I would think JB would trade the #9 pick for Reinhart (or someone else). His goal this offseason is to be aggressive and get back to the playoffs.
  3. Yep. I'm sure TO will be all over it if there isn't some kind of penalty to TB.
  4. I can see TO adopting TB LTIR shenanigans. Keep Tavares on LTIR for next season. Get one other high priced player to go on LTIR before Trade Deadline. Load up with rentals to stack the deck. Everyone on LTIR ready to go when playoffs starts. Absolutely nothing can be done since TB is currently getting away with it. What a joke league. Lol.
  5. Yep. No point turning the other cheek to get a PP in the playoffs when the Refs aren't going to call any. We don't need a replay of Ratman speedbagging Daniel.
  6. Missed the puck with that batting swing. Still responsible for your stick. Should have been a double minor.
  7. It would also depend on how many other teams are in the Reinhart sweepstakes.
  8. Just spitballing... 1. Get SEA to take LE (lose assets OJ + Gadjovich + 2nd 2021...maybe add more?). 2. Sign EP + QH to bridge contracts ($6M x 3yr). 3. Sign RNH for $5.75 × 5yr. Hope he takes a discount to come home. 4. Trade 1st 2021 + Lind + Roussel + 2nd 2022 to CBJ for Jones 5. Sign Saad for $5.25 x 5yr. Heard COL is in money troubles. So slight raise in flat cap world might entice him to come to Vancouver. 6. Sign Sutter for $1M x 3yr 7. Sign Hamonic for $2M x 3yr 8. Buyout Holtby + Virta
  9. Probably something like... Schmidt for 1st 2021 (16th overall) + B prospect. But that seems like going backwards and not improving the team to make the playoffs next year.
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