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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore especially considering Teresa Tam just announced a couple days ago that you dont need to wear a mask if you arent infected. "Putting a mask on an asymptomatic person is not beneficial, obviously, if you're not infected," Tam said Monday. This has been refuted by almost every other expert on the subject and the few countries who have the better success have all said that wearing masks are a key factor
  2. I guess the first question would have to be if we knew people were sick do we allow them back and if we do, could we have set up self quarantine areas for people ? Then could it have been feasible to have people return scattered out instead of all at once ? And for me its not even about shutting the borders completely, its about not just allowing everyone in/back without a proper system in place to not spread this virus around. Canada's approach, according to Teresa Tam, was to allow our health systems to deal with it once they got here. I dont believe its hindsight to say this was a terrible decision . She several times made comments about the racist impacts on the Chinese communities if we took drastic measures. Again, this was wrong because it will now impact an entire country and we ended up taking these measures anyway, but at what cost at the fact we were a month late ? Either way, when this is all over and done with I really hope our government can put aside this right/left battle and start working together to make sure things are in place for this to be handled better in the future.
  3. We could be alot worse off for sure, especially considering we still have access to food, medicine, water, etc ( except toilet paper ) and we will have to wait and see what the final numbers are before we set judgement however I still have concerns that we arent taking it serious enough. 3 days ago my parents flew in from Australia after being on a cruise ship ( left in december before the virus was known ) They landed in vancouver and had a touch screen to answer to then transferred to calgary where they were asked where they came from and if they had a fever and told they should go home to isolate. Thats it.... no other screening process or testing or warned about punishment if they went shopping first, etc. This message about social distancing is great but we could have been much more diligent about stopping new cases from entering in.
  4. read this as well, it shows that even Liberal MP's were questioning things that were going on..... people can make all the excuses they want, but Canada was very slow to act and political correctness was a key factor in the decision making
  5. you dont happen to be in Calgary are you ? I found a full package from costco in my garage so there is plenty to share if you are close by....
  6. Canada's health minister Patty Hajdu repeatedly told Canadians the risk was low for us, Our PM , in response to shutting down flights from places like China , Italy and Iran went on about discrimination and how Canada isnt about that, Up until a few days ago flights were still coming into our country from those places with only a touch screen monitor asking if they felt fever or a cough. It was only last night that Trudeau finally started turning away illegal asylum seekers that have been pouring into our country. People can criticize Trump for his ignorant comments ( and rightfully so in many cases ) yet our own leaders were much slower in responding to the health and safety of Canadians. Warning signs were there back in January that this was a serious issue yet both countries were ignoring it yet for some reason Canadians are more vocal about Trump than they are our own leaders
  7. voted bure, nominating Mogilny
  8. So in the last few days Trudeau has closed the doors for non Canadian citizens , he created a bail out package that will help all Canadians, and stopped allowing illegal asylum seekers from crossing our borders..... Welcome to becoming a Conservative Justin !
  9. On scotia bank's web site, they say that people can make deferred payments but the interest over those payments will still be added up and will be on the payments that are made in the future
  10. same thing in calgary yesterday..... wed and thursday was cold and snowy and the streets were empty. Yesterday was sunny and warm and everyone was out shopping, playing in the park, having picnics. It was a bit frustrating to see.... still a bit of the " it wont happen to me " mentality
  11. I'll double your rant... a close friend here in Calgary works at the childrens hospital. A co -worker came back to work 2 days ago after a 6 WEEK VACATION in China and wasnt even so much as asked a question when she got off the plane. No quarantine , no testing, nothing .... and now she is back to work. My friend and co workers complained to there boss and they were told there was nothing they can do because she has the legal right to work and there are no mandatory quarantine periods. That is absolutely ridiculous and while i dont want to turn this into a political rant or a right vs left, Trudeau has absolutely dropped the ball on this. Instead of heading the warnings he pulled his standard ' racism/ discrimination ' card out of his pocket as a reason not to close the borders from planes arriving from hot zones. There could have been safety measures put in place but he chose to wait too long
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    Jim Benning

    totally agree... it was a complete shock to everyone at the draft that we didnt take MT. To make matters even worse, it was very well known that Calgary was trying to move up in the draft to take MT. Even if JB wanted a d-man, he could have swung a deal with Calgary to drop down a pick. I will absolutely give JB credit for his drafting of Boeser, EP and Hughes but at the same time he deserves to be critisized over this drafting blunder
  13. Our justice system is a complete joke... I was frauded on a business sale ( faked documents, stolen product , etc ) and 7 years later and we still dont even have a court date set up because of all sorts of delays between lawyers and shortage of judges. Even if I win, all I get is a piece of paper saying I won. Then its up to me to somehow collect the money .
  14. and silver..... most of my investing goes into these 2 physical assets . Gold and silver has stood the test of time
  15. The geocentric model was the leading theory for nearly 1500 years before Kepler and Galileo came along.... and yes, science did end up refuting it but thats exactly my point. In 20 years from now some of the current scientific theories will be updated or found out to be wrong as new scientific info is learned
  16. not at all, what im saying is science has a history of not always being correct. as new information comes out, theories will change. Is climate changing ? Yes.... Should we as humans be doing everything we can to limit the damage being done to this earth ? absolutely..... But ever since i was a kid ive been hearing about another ice age is coming or acid rain is gonna get us all, etc etc.....
  17. The problem is that Science, especially this branch of science , hasnt always been correct . Science used to teach that little rocks fell slower than big rocks, science used to teach that the planets rotated around the earth, etc etc etc . And even now more than ever, science has become political depending on who is funding the grants as to which results get published.
  18. careful Jimmy, you are starting to sound like a Conservative with posts like this
  19. Even some who werent lost in the cracks..... i had a friend who came here from England on a work visa. Was here for 5 years with a decent paying job, paying taxes, never got in trouble with the law and was applying for PR and was denied, tried applying for an extension on his work visa and was also denied. The owner of his company wrote and called the gov't pleading to allow him to stay because he was such a valuable member of his work ( he ended up in the management ) but to no avail. Was given a date and sent home. Yet we have our RCMP waiting at known illegal points of entry to help carry luggage over and our country is paying for them to stay in 5 star hotels. Makes you shake your head at how backwards we have it....
  20. Regardless of whatever political spin people want to put on this, over 70k people lost there jobs right before Christmas and thats a sad thing. I really hope our government can put aside differences and start doing things that will benefit the people instead of worrying about scoring political points.
  21. I dont think it was much of a concern to most people because oil prices were good and business was rolling. Like anything, people only notice when things start to go bad. While I agree JT is getting some wrongful blame he didnt help himself out by giving speeches talking about killing the oil and gas sector in Canada.