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  1. Yep.... and i should mention that my post and the point of the petition isnt to condemn vaccinations. But why did they not find these results ( moderna heart issues ) in the clinical trials if they had been extensively studied and tested on ?
  2. 11,000 quacks ? Also this was part of the Rome summit which was a huge get together to discuss covid. But this is part of the problem, as soon as anyone ( and in this case actual medical professionals ) comes forward they quickly get dismissed by people like you as quacks . Did you see recently that Moderna has been recommended not to be used by people aged 24 and under because of possible heart complications ? Many parts of Europe and Ontario as well. Why is that ? If there had been rigorous clinical trials then wouldnt this have been known ? The fact is that these are still going through the clinical process and its been admitted that long term affects are not known. Not sure what Trump has to do with this or why you would even mention him ?
  3. https://doctorsandscientistsdeclaration.org/ Over 11,000 doctors/ scientists have come forward to speak out against some of the policies and methods of the vaccines/ restrictions. I think the most worrisome thing is that these doctors are being threatened with there jobs if they speak out against the mandates. Thats not how science and medicine are supposed to work. There should always be open channels for discussion
  4. Did anyone actually watch the french debate ? I heard a recap that Trudeau hinted that if he won a minority government again that he would probably call another election in 2 years . Can anyone confirm that or was that just someone reading into his comments with a bias ?
  5. Even if we get to 100% it wont keep people out of the hospital. This delta variant seems to be very powerful and the numbers in Israel are proving that. The talk now is that 3rd booster shots are going to be needed. There is no argument that the hospitals wont have nearly as many extreme cases but why are people letting the government off the hook for mishandling this ? There should be equal if not more anger towards the government for still allowing people into the country until things in the world have settled down. This virus seems to be mutating and becoming more powerful each time. Whats next after the delta variant ? And where will it come from ?
  6. Actually none of this would be happening if the government would have stepped up and did there job during the pandemic and closed our borders. There may be an argument when it first hit the world that it was a tough call to closeeverything down but almost 2 years into it and we still have people flooding into our country. How did the Brazilian strain get here ? How did the delta strain get here ?
  7. Data can be manipulated for anyone's benefit so I always try taking things into context, however there have been stories of cruise ships or concerts that only allowed fully vaxxed people yet still had outbreaks. So to answer your question I dont know how many Id expect to see and i dont think anyone could predict it correctly because everytime we think we have a solution or answer to covid, we are getting surprised. As I mentioned in my previous post, shutting down for 2 weeks was supposed to be the answer but it turned into over a year , 70% vaxxed was supposed to be an answer but now we are needing 90% and now possibly booster shots every 6 months. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2021/08/15/carnival-cruise-covid-19-outbreak-27-vaccinated-people-test-positive-for-coronavirus/?sh=57cba258320f
  8. Cant really find anything to confirm or deny they are breakthrough cases. This website seems to imply it has more to do with the delta variant . https://qz.com/2044284/icelands-rising-covid-19-cases-demonstrate-vaccine-efficacy/ Admittingly i dont know much about that website but they do talk about the positives of the vaccine limiting the amount of severe cases so I dont think its an anti- vax site
  9. That quote i gave you is from the minster of health from Iceland, there is nothing anti science about those numbers. My post isnt saying not to get vaccinated, its showing you that there is obviously more to this than just blaming the unvaccinated people for this current outbreak. Its not an opinion, its reality to what is happening in Iceland
  10. 370k My post wasnt encouraging people to not get vaccinated but showing that its not as simple as just blaming them for the current spread. At the start we were told 2 week shutdown to stop the spread, it ended up lasting over a year and its starting to repeat itself all over . Then we were told masks arent affective, then it became mandatory to use them. We were then told we could re open up when 70% of the population became vaccinated, clearly that isnt working as well. The post i made about Iceland shows that even a population of 85% vaccinated, it is still spreading like crazy. So far , the experts have been getting it wrong at every step. And while this is unknown waters and i dont want to criticize too hardly on them its becoming clear that we have to stop doing things half way. The first step is to close down Canada's borders. When there are exceptions to people coming in then its mandatory 2 week isolation. This hasnt been happening. There have been many examples that people werent forced to isolate. The only reason why we are even dealing with this delta variant is because we let it through the borders.
  11. https://www.covid.is/data according to this site it says 22 in hospital and 7 in intensive care. Doesnt give the break down on which are in the hospital.
  12. Its not that cut and dry to just blame the unvaccinated. Iceland is 83% double vaccinated and they are going through a major covid outbreak. Out of 87 positive cases, 71 were from people who were double vaccinated, 14 from unvaccinated and 2 were partially vaccinated. “In Iceland, 85.3% of people over 16 years old are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 4.9% are partially vaccinated. It should therefore not come as a surprise that among new domestic cases, most are vaccinated. Since 9 July, 77% of domestic infections were among vaccinated individuals,” Ásthildur Knútsdóttir, Director General of the Ministry of Health in Iceland told Reuters via email.
  13. Ran into a couple from El Salvador who were in Nelson on vacation. I asked them how hard it was to get into Canada right now and they said it was no problem. So here we are again on the rise of a 4th wave and new variants popping up and our government still refuses to close our border down. They were slow to close it down the first time ( and even then there were still daily flights landing from China ) , they opened up too quickly which is why the Delta variant is here and now again we are letting anyone in to the country for vacations. There is so much anger and hatred against people who dont want the vaccine yet next to none towards our current government for even allowing this situation to get this bad in the first place. And sadly the same government has a good chance of getting a majority because he called an election and noone wants to hold them accountable. Im alot more angry at the government who has the power and ability to put Canadians health first but dont then i am at an individual who is questioning whether to get the vax or not.
  14. So BC is in a state of emergency because of fires, a 4th wave of covid is starting to hit us but JT decides now is the best time to call an election ? This is what you call putting personal interests ahead of the country. He is hoping that all the money he gave away will be enough to gain a majority so he doesnt have to be accountable for whatever decisions he makes going forward.
  15. Here's what i dont understand, on the heels of hearing a horrible story of mistreatment of fellow humans we offer apologies, change some school names, etc yet we still do business with places like China and Saudi Arabia. Places that have terrible human rights. If you knew of a resteraunt that had a sign posted saying No ( specific race or sexual preference ) would you still go to that place and support them ? Probably not, yet here we are still connected with these countries. The government wants all of us citizens to stop the racism but its ok for them to still support countries who are racist/ homophobic. Its time countries start making a stand against these places and stop doing business with them.
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