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  1. Guess who's back. Back again. Jehovasvictim's back... tell a friend. Did EI get tossed?

  2. YA! I know you own it!

  3. man I still want to watch that movie! I've seen it duh but I want to watch it again...

  4. *footprint* lol I actually came to bump a thread... lol

  5. Where the hell are you hiding? LoL

  6. ^ lol
  7. these were pretty good
  8. these ones are good thats close LoLLLLL thats good
  9. this is the first one i actually laughed at...
  10. hi everybody
  11. missed the fights tonight heard they were good too damnit!
  12. missed the fights tonight heard it they were good too damnit!