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  1. In this cap system you can afford two people at 10+ a year E5 Kane for virtanen and Ericsson
  2. I'm sure and even more left leaning party is in the works.
  3. Not surprisingly a half decent Green party leader can get better sure more corporate sponsors are starting to donate to green causes.
  4. We need to break utilities down so things like alternative energy can be more affordable. The government essentially needs to buy every mineral that gets brought out of the ground.
  5. I thought people liked Horgan because he wasn't the liberals and weaver.i guess when you have to run a province you have to get smarter.
  6. I understand that.but I doubt anything more than a warning will happen.
  7. Now I might have to vote green.They said that a green government would bring back BC ferries as a crown corp again.
  8. They embarrassed themselves more than anything
  9. Anyone buy Brian Burke's new book the wife picked it up for me last night

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    2. Violator


      So far Vancouver stuff is half decently mentioned in the book.21pages into it so far.

    3. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Forgot this was even coming out.  Grabbed a copy now; it looks interesting.

    4. Violator


      Him and Stephen brunt make it easy to read feels like an extremely long athletic article.He doesn't seem full of himself which makes him more likeable.

  10. Mini solar grids would be a better thought process.Wind farms would be a better use of time as well.
  11. There competing industries the government is trying to lower the cost of the the licenses that they are buying up.