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  1. Rain on the Sunshine coast is gonna help my plants and stage four water restrictions

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    2. Violator


      Starting is 15.75 an hour so just above minimum wage

    3. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      Guess I was led to believe 27 an hour was not accurate haha I was wondering why nobody was jumping at that job.

    4. Violator


      27 is for drivers 15.75 us for helpers meaning you can move up fast but still

  2. The issue is what price per month do consider it affordable and will that person take advantage of the affordability by not trying harder.
  3. Guy I work with got broken Into in Armstrong
  4. Twenty years and probably a trillion dollars goes out the door in days that's embarassing and pretty terrible.
  5. What's a sealing order? With how it pertains to this case?
  6. It's kinda &^@#ed the technology is there to provide them with safe drinking water.you can go on Alibaba and buy water plants for dirt cheap.Im gonna start building my own mobile water treatment plants next year.
  7. Hopefully I can line up my second shot tomorrow up in camp. All of my vaccination dates were unavailable during days off
  8. Dorsett had the same type of injury and he's done now I'd say a couple seconds at tops if we have the pics
  9. Should have built it ten or twenty years ago when costs were alot less
  10. I'm still curious when that paradigm shift occured between allegiances between the crown and individual nations.what caused the 180 degree shift in thought process which lead to things like the residential school systems and other forms of government intervention in people's thoughts.
  11. Having Subs is like having a need for a stealth bomber our military really isn't set up like most other countries.
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