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  1. Probably should have done a lockdown already it's to late for it to work in bc Federal government vis just gonna &^@# it up by letting everyone in.
  2. He was an odd duck. He will be missed I think the queen is a good person hopefully she stays around alot longer.
  3. Pearson's NTC doesn't bother me it gives his family more stability in his career. This is a good signing in my opinion whish we had Toffoli but we have loui
  4. Calgary Flames are no good:if it's not the coach or goalie who else can we blame?
  5. We should be one of those regions that gets it early cause of all of the vacationers
  6. they were booking 70+ like a week ago seems odd that they have dropped down to 55+ Ill be avoiding all of the old people getting there shot for the next couple weeks so i am happy.
  7. Seems like it would be easy to fix but I guess Digging is the only option in the minds of the people that are responsible.
  8. Saw that coming no pressure in the other end means your gonna get scored on eventually
  9. Yeah the wife's Asian lots of anti Asian sentiment seems to be the norm for her.
  10. Probably jumping off a tall building Or opening my door while driving and jumping out.
  11. When your essentially allowed to own every gun imaginable you'll need that type of protection.
  12. Kinda pathetic it's taken you this long to get it.
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