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  1. Good Game. Too many icings though. Ref's could have called more penalties against the habs. Very entertaining. Was a little nerve racking when Habs tied it up. Got the win regardless. WOO!
  2. All Canucks that period. Could have used some more goals though.
  3. Hope we see some scoring from the canucks in the second period
  4. Pretty entertaining end to the first period.
  5. Just get the dub. Don't care about the score.
  6. Skinny girls fail at blending in
  7. 6P.M. needs to hurry up!.... O_o

  8. Hey mang, how goes it?

  9. Am I trippin out or is the stupid rep system back?

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    2. Nail
    3. mau5trap


      Your just tripping.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      crap ! now all those trolls will start coming back :(

  10. It makes four thousand percent sense. If you understand my poorly worded sentence.