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  1. Wonder if goldy would interest them as he is cheap, has NHL experience and still has potential.
  2. This report from garioch suggests they are looking to move boedker. Obviously we would have to sweeten the pot but it may be a contract they would want to unload if a LE trade were to occur.
  3. I would do it if the wild were willing. Rask could also be bought out next year if he doesn't bounce back.
  4. Anyone know if LEs signing bonus was paid on July 1st or if it due on the 15th? Have seen conflicting reports.
  5. Could be. Maybe he gets traded for zucker now as rumoured?
  6. Good signing! Hopefully JB already has his cap dumps lined up and is just waiting to announce them.
  7. Cap shmap. Nylander is likely to bounce back this year. He would be a good fit next to Petey. Not sure why anyone would want Ceci.
  8. If the canucks gave him permission to talk to other teams and he could come to terms with another club (doubt he gets 3 mil per year as a ufa) Then maybe he agrees to terminate his contract. Not 100% sure if this even allowed. I doubt it though. This was a statement from his agent recently in swedish news Expressen: "Loui will not break any contract, he is a Vancouver player and does not have the slightest idea of putting down his career," says Eriksson's agent, Peter Werner at CAA Sports in Stockholm
  9. Smith is on a 2 year contract so he could be bought out next year. It was just an idea. Have seen Ottawa media suggest trading both players.
  10. I still feel like maybe Ottawa could be a fit for LE. Ottawa is looking to save money. What if we took back Zack Smith (2 years at 3.25) and Mikkel Boedker.(1 year at 4 mil) Maybe we add Baer or Goldy to make it happen. LE salary is only 1 mil in actual dollars this year as 4 mil signing bonus has been paid. Baer salary is only 2.7 after after his 1 mil signing bonus has been paid. Goldy will likely be paid around 1.5 this year. Smith and Boedker have a combined actual salary of 6.25 this year. (Cap of 7.25) That is a salary saving of 2.5 - 3.75 mil this year for Ottawa. Smith could potentially be bought out. Boedker would come off the books after this year.
  11. Just send us Nylander once Marner is offer sheeted for 12.5. We retain 50 % on Tan man. Problem solved.