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  1. Both are great but I hope this doesn't make me sound like a D-Bag but I'm getting burned out on the media blasting McDavid's name all over the place. I get the excitement and certainly not bashing him in anyway but at times either from magazines, NHL Network etc, I would swear that McDavid is the only player in the league. Was watching HNIC lastnight and had to hear constant commentary and then a post game interview with Hall where the questions went back about McDavid. Again, he's a huge talent....although he isn't nearly as high up, I'm still butt hurt about Barzal being drafted at 16th.
  2. I wish him well. Granted, I've never met him but he seems like a good kid.
  3. My apologies as I'm certain this topic was already covered but why did Boston part ways with Lucic? I had only heard that his contract was up at the end of next season but I didn't follow the story after that.
  4. For the record, I'm an ugly bastard. With that said, if Butthead from MTV's Beavis and Butthead (yeah, I guess I'm getting old) was a real person, he would look very similar to Couture.
  5. Blue Jackets, no doubt! Kidding. Seems like biggest rival changes every few years. Chicago held the number one spot for me for several years but currently I'd say LA.
  6. I don't expect it to happen but could you imagine the "chemistry" with Torts and the Toronto media? I think it might look somewhat like my smart ideas of drinking beer by a roaring campfire and then constantly looking at a gas can. Fun to watch....from a safe distance.
  7. Excellent topic. Skipping all the details. I moved to Port Angeles,Washington in the Summer of '88. My hockey knowledge was pretty limited. However, at least in those days, a large chunk of our tv channels were based out of Canada due to our geography. I quickly found myself watching Canucks and HNIC. I soon began an interest in hockey and found myself hopping the boat to attend WHL Victoria Cougar games, then playing but the nearest rink in Washington was a couple hours away. I then was hopping the Coho(Port Angeles/Victoria ferry) to play the game. When the Canucks made their '94 playoff run/Stanley Cup series, I recall Port Angeles jumping on the bandwagon. Impressive for an American city that is fueled on the timber industry. Anyhow, I'm rambling again but that's the short version. Been on the Canucks ship for awhile and refuse to go overboard.
  8. Although not a smoking gun by any means but seemed like their were some internal issues when they pulled the C from Patrick Marleau.
  9. How often do these signings occur? I sometimes see something mentioned on FB and with enough of a heads up, I'd cruise up from the Seattle area with the family.
  10. After a week in the hospital, my daughter is home and will make a 100% recovery. Life is good!

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    2. Kevin-B


      We spent a week at Harborview Medical Center (Seattle)She fell with a pencil,pencil went above eye and 3 inches into her brain. She could have died and at minimum have severe brain damage but instead I have a happy, healthy 2 year old that wants to watch the game tonight. A scary ride but all is well.

    3. ShakyWalton


      Sounds chilling but glad to hear things turned out well..:=)

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      someone was watching out for her.

  11. Will be watching down here in the Puget Sound. I hope and expect Luongo to get a warm reception but obviously supporting Vancouver in the win column.
  12. I'd prefer to keep Horvat. Although unlikely in my opinion, a few rumors were cruising the web that St.Louis was shopping TJ Oshie...nothing stating a possible Vancouver trade and I can't imagine the Blues really wanting to offload him.
  13. "I'll walk!" I don't disagree with his termination but this looks more like a case of Edmonton's upper management attempting to save their own necks. With a revolving door for Oilers HC, I'm not at all sold with the issues being blamed on coaching but from top to bottom, everyone needs to be held accountable. (IMO)
  14. Considering expectations prior to the start of the season. I'm pretty optimistic looking at our standings. No doubt Canucks have some kinks but seeing how their has been a complete overhaul in the front office/management. It's a pretty awesome turnaround in one season in my opinion. My homerism might be getting the best of me but looking at several other teams. I think we're doing pretty well.
  15. Sounds just like Seattle, Everett, Portland etc. I use these moments to explain to my son "good sportsmanship". Sadly we've seen bad fans everywhere, our own barn included.