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  1. Rough call on Edler but dumb play to trail the leg like that as it leaves you open to the refs who will never side with a Canuck. Hyman has created the impact trying to avoid the hit and to looked thigh on knee which isn't normal for a game misconduct.
  2. Not sure I agree with this. We haven’t asked Holtby to steal games. Early in the season it was on the players but lately it’s his technique that’s letting him down on reasonably basic chances. 3 of the goals today were stoppable. 2 one on ones from the outside and, an admittedly screened, goal where his butterfly was all over the place and the puck went through the gap. hoping it’s an issue of him trying to adjust under Clark and just taking a while to bed in. From memory Markstrom saw a similar patch where he was terrible with the basics but once he bedded into Clark’s style he was
  3. Man I don’t usually bag on a goalie but Holtby is a special kind of bad this year. Just can’t make a basic save when it’s needed
  4. Great work and love the extra shot to prove a point. Stepping up for the rookie. Hoglanders reaction is priceless too haha!
  5. Canucks must be the only team in the league that can literally get jumped and not get a power play. Gutless referreeing.
  6. This is spot on. The angle that shows the chest clearly shows it was a clean hit. The angle that you can’t see the chest because Myers is in the way doesn’t show the chest first contact. Funny that.
  7. Sorry but that’s a clean hit. Chest first and up to head. If it was Chara not Myers they’d be cheering. Bullsh*t major.
  8. In theory deserved the fine but considering how many times I’ve seen that slash occur with no fine it’s arguable whether he should’ve been. seems to be punishing Canucks is the only consistent part of NHL officiating.
  9. Four power plays completely changed the momentum of this game. Painful. Don't mind the deserved ones i.e. Petey's slash but ffs if you're going to call the retaliation call the initial play to even it out.
  10. Brutal penalty. If you're going to slash the goalie in the chest your going to take a shot.
  11. So frustrating not having a separate PGT!! Some of us in other countries rely on easily seeing reaction to the game that was played while we were at work. terrible idea.
  12. Hey, im also on the north shore, in Albany. Gamecenter is definately worth it, esp coz you can just get home from work and watch it. Also I believe Sky Sport does actually have coverage of the final series

  13. The crappy part is that most games will be on at noon or 2 PM our time and I'm at work unless it's the weekend. I might just have to watch the games at work illegally like I always do. I know of some good free sites if you are interested. i guess if you have Game centre though you don't need it.

  14. Hey on the North Shore, Auckland. Yourself?

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