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  1. For those worried about stealing on tonight don’t forget we had one stolen from us in Detroit so trip balanced out. Garland, Demko and Bo looked good. Hughes picking it up and although I didn’t notice him much tonight OEL has started well. Lotto line has been terrible but this is why we brought in depth. EP could do with some time on the second line. He’s been out 6 months and looks like it’s taking him a bit to find his game. Being home for 7 days and some practise time will help. If he starts firing, our top line starts firing and we’ll have 3 scoring lines.
  2. At least we know Seattle is going to get Vegas style special treatment from the refs. That penalty was a joke.
  3. Have to admit the thing I've liked about Garland the most is the number of times he's been sat on his a** by a defender yet somehow, still comes back up with the puck to make a play. Really liking the guy.
  4. Bang on. We’ve been the better team with better chances but Greiss having a great game.
  5. Loving Garland. And there is no way that’s a major. also agree. Detroit commentary team has been fantastic.
  6. Is a stick between the legs not a trip this year? I only caught the new rule about cross checking and must have missed that one.
  7. I only caught parts of the game but noticed Bailey on quite a few occasions all of which were positive.
  8. Always had a soft spot for Kassian. Hope he’s ok. Two big boys willingly going at it and that stuff can happen.
  9. I can't even get a response from NHL TV to cancel if that's what I have to do. Auto billing so have paid for the season yet can't even get an email back within 48 hours of sending a query. ESPN looks to be even worse for finding someone to contact. Absolutely pathetic. If I was a casual fan rather than someone that's followed passionately for over 30 years I would have given up and stuck to other sports.
  10. Where are you based? I've sent multiple emails to NHLTV support and had no response. Called their helpline but as its $0.89 cents a minute to call it from NZ I gave up after 10 minutes on hold.
  11. We realise this. Unfortunately the app doesn't work in NZ so it's a f*cking terrible solution. Right now I've paid 150NZD for an annual NHL pass that's unusable!
  12. Unfortunately I don't think it's available in New Zealand.
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