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  1. USA attacks Syria...start of World War 3.

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    2. Canucks fan in chicago

      Canucks fan in chicago

      Well it's pretty much a guarantee they will attack. They haven't as of yet but they're gearing up to.

    3. Baka


      I was going to say I live in the USA and found out that we attacked on CDC? lol.

    4. NightHawkSniper


      When they get involved they should destroy the rebels since they have links to Al Queda, then after force Assad to step down and have a new election.

  2. She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak...I've been locked inside your Heart-Shaped Box for weeks...I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit-trap...I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black..

  3. Overated/ Underated Game

    under-rated Kari Lehtonen
  4. Overated/ Underated Game

    Suter- overpaid but not necessarily over-rated Brenden Morrow
  5. Forbes Releases Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World

    Who would want to buy the Laffs?
  6. Overated/ Underated Game

    underrated Filip Kuba
  7. Overated/ Underated Game

    over-rated Milan Michalek
  8. Why aren't we friends?

    1. Baka


      You don't put out.

    2. Rounoush


      The commute is killing me.

  9. Overated/ Underated Game

    over-rated based on age sami salo
  10. Overated/ Underated Game

    Over-rated. Especially for 5 million a season. Eric Staal?
  11. Describe the Canucks' reputation; your assesment

    Canucks hate- Boston ( rivalry) Blackhawks (rivalry) Kings ( playoffs) Sharks ( playoffs times 2) so it's natural these teams don't like us. And for about 4 years we were the best Canadian team, which equals hate by other teams because of all the attention. All other Canadian cities for obvious reasons. Just like how Canucks fans hate the Maple Laffs. If we finished last every year we wouldn't be hated. Add in the biased Eastern media and the Leafs homers (like Dreger) on TSN. Every team in the league dives. And every team whines. Anybody who says otherwise is not really a fan of hockey, and just enjoys bashing the Canucks because other people do. One more thing, if we had played Phoenix in the playoffs we wouldn't have such a bad reputation. It's only because the Canucks played "hockey cities" that we developed a reputation.
  12. Name That Canuck!

    you're good.
  13. Name That Canuck!

  14. [Trade] Cody Hodgson to Buffalo

    Schroeder > Hodgson
  15. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Ruff- no stanley cups, 571 career wins, 2 division wins, 8 playoff appearances Tortorella- 330 wins, 1 stanley cup, 3 division wins, 8 playoff appearances If you go by stats, Tortorella is the better coach. (Considering he's been in the league shorter than Ruff)