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  1. I have to agree. Canucks have relied on both goalies to be a better team than they are. (We are not the 83 Oilers that score at will) If it is only 1 of the 2 we can afford, I opt for the younger, cheaper 24 yr old Demko. Markstrom cleared waivers at Demkos age, no way Demko would, there is so much growth to come and look forward too in Demko The Oilers won a Cup with a roster of 23 yr olds and a 21 yr old goalie and a 22 yr old Coffee (Hughes) Stick with the Youth (No one knows when hockey will be back to full seasons again as well)
  2. I always thought Centres were paid and valued more? Even on team Canada you see centres moved to the wing, as they are usually the more talented, creative, driving and versatile of the 2 positions
  3. Not that it matters, but payments end in 2029 That is a long time for someone who hasn't played much since and was drafted in 2000
  4. Different situation, but aren't the Islanders on the hook for many years still in Diepetro and the reason they traded Luongo in the 1st place ?
  5. We probably will never know what happened Just before Linden left he did state we are going younger and giving the younger guys a chance, then we sign Roussel, Beagle and Schaller, at that point maybe Linden didn't agree with the direction and stepped down ?, Possibly Benning and Weisbrod went to Ownership behind Linden to get them? Benning might not be the backstabber type, but Weisbrod has been according to Davis and McGrady as the type, and is Bennings main man, so maybe it was a powerplay for direction and security and Linden had enough of a dysfunctional ownership/management team? I never was excited or disappointed by the Weisbrod hiring or promotion, but was surprised
  6. If Loui is wanting a trade to continue playing, I am sure we will be hearing " My contract sucks" Funny the last time i heard that was many years ago, and we are still have years to pay on that one I wouldn't argue with either of them saying that
  7. I don't think it's a negotiating ploy on JB part I don't recall him doing this before ? I just think Benning and the players would like to move on as he has been too much of a distraction and JB doesn't want to get handcuffed with a contract in arbitration that he would have no control over, so unless JV signs for less (I know contract states a raise of a minimum certain %, but that was before covid and a flat cap for the unforeseeable future, has NHL addressed this?) I think they will pass on JV. Timing sucks to lose an asset like Jake without anything in return, but trading without a signed contract won't get you much in return
  8. He was that when he grew bigger and stronger as a kid before the others and be the bully, now he is disinterested in that game, as others are bigger and matured now He is a decent player, but i agree he is not the player anymore that we want him to be (or even what Benning wants him to be) He is what he is
  9. Nate Mackinnon over Kane (He is good, more like a Yzerman, I agree 73 not generational)
  10. For minimum NHL wage, I will stand it front of the net and screen, take the abuse. let EP bounce pucks off me and i can backcheck better than a hydrant, (I might not appear to be moving any faster than a hydrant next to a NHL player though) but when i get 20 goals i get a good raise, and take the hometown discount too
  11. What if there is no AHL for a few years? what then? Still to be determined of playing NHL, AHL, Jr Leagues, or on how the league will allow players who would have been shipped down that isn't actually playing or existing Maybe they pretend to still send them down and have teams pick up players on waivers still ? If players are sent down to a league not actually playing , do they still pay that player, not playing any games? I don't ever recall hearing these answers?
  12. Somehow, I don't think the owner would be happy about always paying high to bring in multiple players each year on long contracts, and the next year talk of buying them out or adding picks or prospects Thomas Chabot signed his contract BEFORE covid, when revenues were expected to GROW each year so I don't see it as a comparable Those contracts were also based on revenue over 42 home games and hopefully playoffs These are still restricted free agents and the rich owners will look at income coming in before paying out imo
  13. Teams under the crunch will have to expose players for free Ottawa will be waiting to pick up players without giving anything away is my guess, unless it blows them away, and this won't
  14. Marky, seemed to be injury prone this year, maybe age and work, and hurt when we needed him, and if this becomes a norm, with him being on the bench will not be much use to the team. If the choice is only one of the two, I choice the younger, cheaper Demko He looks to thrive and excel like the younger stars his age that will push each other competitively while having fun progressing Demko has exceled at every level and now in the NHL playoffs at the most intense part of the season while under pressure in 3 must wins
  15. The Islanders are not my team , so i have lil interest in their situation I'm relaxed, because it isn't my problem Curious how it plays out though It does suck, with the sad reality of having Loui,Sutter,Beagle,Roussel,Benn, and the ghosts of Luongo,Baer, and Spooner taking up almost $25+ Million next year - or nearly 1/3 of the total cap (for bottom 6 or not even playing or benched with those 8 players) - is that the Canucks are going to lose at least one of 3 talented UFAs, and maybe two, and we weren't good enough with even that line-up, on top of losing more players to Seattle Yes, we have 16 million Herberts V, but we also need to ice a roster and need more than just Marky, Toffoli and Tanev signed, there are also Virtanen, Motte, Gaudette,Leivo,Stetcher,Fatenberg,Dominque,etc that need to be signed or replaced. Yes, the influx of new ELCs should help us after. but I think when you say no big deal when moving out players, that is where it could be, depending on how it is done. Teams like Ottawa with a low cap, aren't going to take a worn out Eriksson with a flat cap, with many other teams looking to dump cap and Ottawa will have the pick of the litter of quality players for next to nothing. Maybe we are past the point in our rebuild where we don't absolutely have to hoard picks and prospects, but trading valuable assets in a cap dump is not what a team just coming out of the basement should be doing imo. I think we will have to ride out the bad contracts of the older signed slow vets though for now (Maybe a Sutter or Roussel won't be too painful to move)? The flat cap world does helps us out more than other teams, that signed their young core like the Leafs, who were expecting salary growth before Covid and that will help us in that regard (bet the league steps in to help them out, which they have never done for Vancouver), Unfortunately losing the team we had last year,(which still wasn't good enough) and not being able to bring in better players we won't be as strong next year, but by 2022/23 we should be in a good place