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  1. How come no mention of Luongo or Schneider? We led the league in scoring After the SCF Vancouver was sitting with a lot of assets they could have traded for value, kept the core Toronto drafted horrible for years like the Canucks did, (only we were getting late round picks, or trading picks for players to get us over the top) Both Teams have drafted better (with better players being available) since the new managements Vancouver still need to see how they do in the NHL Vancouver never had their own farm team and control it It was Gillis who thought that was important and it takes time to build that too Toronto has a strong farm team, so obviously they have promising players not in the NHL as well and playing in other leagues Some people here that are slagging Gillis now, but were excited that we were going to win and defending the moves at the time Now that it didn't get us a cup, some talk of how he ruined the team in hindsight Had we not been injured so bad, we would have won a cup Our defence and Hamuis (one of our picks we traded didn't even play) Now they are defending Benning, what if our picks don't work out the way we all hope? What if they don't become much or get injured all the time and not be able to help us? What if Benning gets fired in 2 years because we are at the bottom still and will take many more years of losing to win? Will you be then be pumping the tires of the new GM and slagging Benning? Will they turn on him, if it doesn't work out the way we all hope? What would one call that kind of behaviour? I am playing Devils advocate here saying this But look at who call people trolls? I notice some people put down Gillis now and pump Benning, while calling others trolls So either you were a "so called troll" then, with using that talk now (and against what the Canucks were trying to do then) Calling people trolls is a cop out from having an intelligent discussion I suppose scientist sit around calling each other trolls, because they have different points of view 2 intelligent people can witness the same thing and see it different It is how you handle the discussion that determines your character Both sides can make good arguments for their point of view Neither side is right or wrong We still haven't won a cup It is just a discussion board, nothing life threatening
  2. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Lol Maybe, just maybe,that Jake has been reading everyone pumping his tires and feels he is the next superstar on the team and wants to be paid it, instead of proving it first
  3. (DISCUSSION) Bold Predictions...or Wishful Thinking for 2018-2019

    Vanek also put up 41 points and even if we are able to reach last years totals again it wasn't that impressive
  4. Wow everyone's backs up against the wall here He simply said they were at the same points total 4 years ago He made mention of the draft lottery One player does not make a team, Look at Edmonton with the worlds best The players pivotal in Torontos turnaround were not drafted before Shanahan They assessed and rebuilt with thought in mind They cleaned house and got returns A lot of you make great mention of what we have in the system If You noticed their farm team is doing quite well PLUS They have a stronger NHL team No need to get defensive about the article I wonder if all our hopes for players dont pan out who will you be calling out? Just relax Time will tell
  5. What do you want as the Canucks alternate jersey?

    I like the simple classic look of the Original Stick in Rink (Oddly I didn't at one time) The white, blue and green represents Vancouver with the snow, trees and ocean The Emblem represents Hockey and the cut out in Rink forms a C for Canucks. Simple but effective The Vancouver over a Cartoon whale is too much A cartoon Lumberjack is better on the arms than on the front Why not put the stick in rink on the Black n Gold? Better yet, have everyone make their own jersey with Canucks on it The way the Owners love to sell jerseys to make themselves more revenue, you could just cut out the middleman and have the jersey you want They have so many already that eventually, everyone ideas will be one anyways (lets redo our jersey every 5 years and have no identity) An interesting statistic may be, who has put out the most different hockey jerseys? I myself would prefer to see the League go back to the Home white and see the other Teams colourful jerseys rather than see them all in white at home games Maybe they could alternate it every year? That would help sell more jerseys for the teams than just doing 3rds all the time
  6. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    Oh Oh Who is replacing the 100+ points of the Sedins? We will be at the bottom again if we don't I agree trade Baer while you can get something We need to change our defence look bigtime Tanev may be worth more to the Canucks if his health has scared others from giving good value in return Gaunce, Gagne and Nilsson wont fetch much of value, but clear up space for others
  7. Crack for Jack?

    "Pat" Quinn on the head and get "Jack" (ed) for next years draft as the Canucks may finally get a !st overall and have another two brothers push each other and be happy
  8. Crack for Jack?

    RJ Umberger
  9. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    You agree, and add something to the discussion Isn't that the point of a discussion? If people are not interested in discussing a topic, then they should ignore it and move on Interesting point you brought up We all make decisions in life that take us down different roads Had Cam Neely stayed in Vancouver, would he have been the same player, or was it the environment and situation to excel? There is no right or wrong answer to that comment, but can be interesting what people have to say on it Was it the way the Canucks handled Neely and his development,or the opportunity of trying harder to prove himself when traded, was it the Bruins who did the work with Cam? Everyone has opinion on why they think things happened and I enjoy them sharing their thoughts on all subjects
  10. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Looks like the 2018 pick is more important now to the Canucks and what OJ value is to other teams, as I hear OJ is having back surgery What bad luck being a Vancouver Dman, starting with Ohlunds eye injury
  11. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Maybe some are concerned of the Hanafin contract and paying him while we are not a competing team, and willing to see how others develop at a lower cost ? Now that there is no hockey being played and only discussion and this being an actual discussion board I wondered what people thought Actually I was not looking to make a trade, Just wondering who Canuck fans valued more to our team right now Juolevi or our #7 pick ? and what an opposing GM might think is more valuable if he was to obtain either If I was GM and was offered 2018 #5 pick for #5 pick Juolevi now, I am not sure what I would do Has Juolevi value risen above a #5 pick since he is older, or fallen?
  12. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    Who would you consider more valuable to the Canucks right now, Juolevi or this years #7 pick? If you were an opposing Gm which would you consider has higher value if you were to make a trade with the Canucks? Juolevi was a 5th round pick, and from what I remember, rated as one of the top 3 defencemen of that years draft picks (some were surprised when we never took Sergachev- (would you in a redraft)? There are lots of different mock drafts (but using this one) who do you value more Juolevi or Dobson? Interestingly had we taken Matt Tkachuk in that draft we had another chance of having another brother combo on the team, to go along with the Sedins, Courtnalls, Sweatt, Goulds
  13. Benning or McPhee

    Pat Quinn was a smart man hiring McPhee Where would the Canucks be, had we kept him? He has his footprints on both teams in the SCF Looking over the forward/defence roster of his Knights he built a team with ONLY 4 - 1st rounders 6- 2nd rounders 3 - 3rd rounders 2- 5th rounders 1- 6th rounder 1- 7th rounder 1-12th rounder 4- undrafted players
  14. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Wow We don't need anyone else on our team? He is a one man team in himself in your eyes? Maybe rename the Vancouver Canucks the Vancouver Virtanen Even Edmonton with McDavid (and a few other good players) did not make the playoffs
  15. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Comparing Virtanen to McDavid is worse than comparing Linden to Gretzky (Linden was at least established and producing) What is the point? Not one GM would take Virtanen over McDavid Jake may turn out useful for the Canucks He will never be near as good as McDavid Let's see who Team Canada picks for the team and who you cheer for A Bug and a 911 will both break the speed limit One is a superior Auto (Oh, but a Bug gets better mileage)