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  1. If HONOUR means playing for your paycheck, then we will have to add a lot more names up there Kesler didn't use honour and wanting to play on a cup team as a reason for signing an offer with Philly Kes wanted to be captain (and the legacy most likely), and how well did he show he is committed to the team , by putting the Canucks in a handcuffed position while jumping ship? Now he is playing up to the same fans to make a lasting legacy in the ROH , because he won't get it from the Ducks, where he went for the sun and supposed cup They knew Kes better Not to give him the C, and glad he never got it I have moved on from Kes, and I hope the Canucks have as well He earned his cheque while here and that is good enough for me, without the ROH
  2. Funny Alf My take on it is Not every player is 6-4 240#, can skate like the wind, shoot over 100mph,has high hockey IQ, and puts up the points I don't get offended with people talking about, what a player needs to work on This is after all a discussion board, I think everyone should be able to see the negative comment and be able to decide if it is a valid concern (for them) or not, without taking offense or calling them a troll, because they disagree for stating something? There are 2 sides to every story, I for one enjoy hearing both sides (as long as it is done with maturity and respect) and making my own mind up That is what discussion is, and the intent of this forum I believe
  3. My opinion too I don't feel the need to honour him myself, as he asked to leave and to where, handcuffing this team It is his Only chance to leave his name behind is with the Canucks, Ducks will not ever consider it
  4. I don't think Jake has the aggressive personality to be different in the playoffs, guys like T I don't think Jake has the aggressive personality to be any different in the playoffs, he doesn't have the makeup or aggressiveness of a Tzachuk or Marchand etc People are all excited thinking he will be a difference, then what about our young skilled, light guys getting hammered, are there no concerns there? We haven't seen Jake in the playoffs and we haven't seen any of our younger guys either As everyone knowing the playoffs is a whole new game of hockey, to expect everyone to excel at the new level, might be high hopes It sure will be fun to find out though (hopefully not disappointing)
  5. Better a Tuna , than a Flounder Hopefully, he continues to improve and kicks some Bass
  6. I think Jake sees younger teammates coming in and making a impact right away, and them all being young, they are playful competitive with each other and pushing each other to produce, win and have fun is good motivation (as well as a new contract is)
  7. Is it only me who finds it odd that, if a coach or Gm complains about reffing or whatever they are fined, but a guy who threatens to take off someone's head with a stick and TELLING the league he better not be suspended if he does? -no hearing, no suspension, no fine, not being proactive (especially after McSorley and Bertuzzi incidents) Is this the image the league wants of its game?, just don't slam the refs etc Better to behave this way than have a bench brawl in the new NHL
  8. Another option beside being a crybaby as some say, it is a medical issue with him? He should get checked for concussion symptoms He sounds like a guy suffering from one (and after you have had multiple, you don't even need a hit to cause one, even a quick unexpected head movement, will do it) I am one who knows 1st hand He has all the symptoms, easily upset irritability frustration focus, not thinking clearly Normally someone would not say this days later, knowing what the consequences are McSorley never played again after the Brasheer incident, and I am sure if he follows through with his comments, Perrault won't either
  9. Unless your name is Marchant or Tzachuk you get away with it
  10. You forgot my explanation of classifying the Kanuck This is only classifying different types of defencemen Edler and Hughes will and have been be our #1 It only states different types of rating d men
  11. Maybe you misunderstood my definition of a #1 ?, he is a different player than Lidstrom No doubt he is our best most talented elite defenceman, and will be our best defenceman, But I don't recall Coffey playing PK either It isn't a put down, I just think every coach will have more confidence in putting a shut down d man in those situation (they do pay players for those roles too) His energy will be saved for 5v5 and PP imo (btw, nothing wrong with yours being different, I don't take it personally)
  12. I read and think this could be a fair outllook of our defence if a - No1 defenceman is a two-way defenceman who you want on the ice in any situation - No2 is a defenceman who you want on the top PP as an offensive specialist, but maybe he doesn't play the PK; he might get more points than the No1 but will have the lower +/- and fewer minutes played - No3 is like the No1 but not elite. Most NHL teams need to rely on a No3 defenceman as their No1, just as Edler is to Vancouver, because that talent is hard to find - No 4 is like the No2 but not elite and has a slightly stronger defensive focus - No 5 is like a No3 but has a slightly stronger defensive focus - No 6 is a defensive specialist with some boom Hughes will prove himself a No2 Edler is a No3 Juolevi's ceiling is No1, but is very likely a No3 Tryamkin ceiling is a No3, but is likely a No5 Woo's ceiling is No3, but is likely a No5 Myers is a No4 Tanev is a No5 Stecher is a No5 Benn is a No6 Fantenberg is a No7 Canucks need to find a No1 defenceman somehow, or be okay with forever playing a No3 on the top pair.
  13. I'm undecided about combining, as they were against different opponents, Then you may have to add KHL and different leagues too? I forgot that Mr Hockey was retired for 2 years before his 6 years of playing in the WHA , so you could easily add on over another 500 games to Howes total if he had remained in the NHL