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  1. This virus has shown the differences between people with "prosocial traits" over "antagonistic traits" and narcissistic people don't you think ? I am not sure if it's because we have more prosocial people here than the South, or just because of more open spaces, and less people that has spared us of the same result as them?
  2. At the end of April Jake was quoted as saying “Vancouver has done a good job with social distancing and health-care workers are amazing,” Virtanen said Friday morning. “This is just a hard time that we’re going to get through. We don’t want to force coming back to the season while this is going on. It’s a lot bigger than hockey. “The NHL obviously wants to hand out the Stanley Cup and we all love hockey and want to be playing but, at the same time, this is more important. We have to make sure we get over the hump and make sure everyone is healthy. This is complicated and we have to be smart about it.” Now this contradiction, Will the real JV stand up? Maybe he wants to play, maybe it's just not hockey he wants to play now? Maybe why he let a friend post, so he won't have too?, some of his teammates contacted him, he can do as he pleases outside of a pandemic, but his earlier concerns, should still be the same, the virus is still alive and worse in places not protecting as well. Yes Dr Bonnie opened bars (probably something she didn't want too) but she still had guidelines for it To those who say let Jake live a little, maybe it will only be a "little while" to him, his family and his friends or teammates if he gets infected. You can't compare pre 2020 to today, decisions you make today, can have drastic consequences on other peoples lives now and not just your own. I know of someone dying from Covid19 There is a war on Covid19, In past wars, young people like JV would be going off to war in the world As bad as this is COVID is, it is still better than what past generations of young people had to go through
  3. Strange days indeed, I don't Ever recall my furnace kicking on in July like it did today, usually stays off from May on
  4. Anyone with a decent skill set should get 60 with EP
  5. Winnipeg as they don't have much of anything else and we would get to see and appreciate his skill against our own Chicago the least, as i am sick of hearing Chelsea Dagger I would like to see us advance from the play ins, but i would rather have a 2020 1st round now, seeing it is a strong draft and we are short on top picks
  6. Too bad Florida didn't go to QC. before Roberto retired. I think he may played it differently
  7. Pears said: I wonder if it’s time for the NHL to reconsider that plan proposed by the BC government to host games in Vancouver and other WHL cities in this province considering how well we’ve handled it here. I was thinking the same, at the same time it could be a wake up call to younger that it is still a concern
  8. Thanks, Would it be worth the risk for an unsigned player to risk injury, before signing a new contract? How many unsigned players are we alone counting on taking this risk? Doesn't that include Toffoli, Tanev, Markstrom, Stetcher. Leivo, Gaudette, Virtanen, MacEwen, Motte, Fantenberg, Chatfield, Brisebois, Graovac, Bailey, Sautner,? If the Play-ins start, can we expect these players to play and be available ?
  9. A younger Messier was one of the fastest In the above video, they talk of Pods lack of skating as one of the reasons he fell in the draft A younger Messier who would now be under-sized, was huge at the time, He was Eric Lindros before Eric Lindros ,but faster, with one o the longest strides you'd ever see
  10. I agree, I stated this myself earlier He comes to the team as an unrestricted free agent, going from $2.8 million to a 1 yr $1million, If he was a steal he could/would have gone to Any NHL team for more had there been interest, There must have been a reason no other team was signing him for more, than just his age ,he was with 6 teams in 5 years, The Canucks were responsible for getting him up to $2.5 Million and he finds this a negative on the Canucks, while seeing they had to let Jovo walk too because of a cap . This looks like a self absorbed man and insulting to the people fighting racism
  11. Lots of bottom 6 NHL players to pick from, all with pros and cons they bring, I imagine it will be who is healthy, how they are playing at restart, the chemistry they form and what the coach wants from those lines, to who they will match up against It will be fun watching Hockey outside, just like i did the last Stanley Cup playoff run the Canucks were in
  12. That could very well mean, he doesn't want them to see ANY money being paid to the Federation, like he is their slave and making money off of them As far as not signing Tree yet, one reason could be that if you are presently working out trading some players, you don't want to make yourself look even more desperate by having to unload players and get even less in the trade would be one of my guesses
  13. Just reading the title of this posting had me wondering What if a player choses not to return while the virus is still active, maybe it won't be a full healthy roster? 1- will he be protected by players assoc. if he stay home ,with pay? 2- will he be suspended without pay? I never read any discussion on this, has it been brought up?
  14. Yes and if EP hadn't excelled or even come over as fast as he did, and Hughes had not dropped in the draft, There is a good chance Benning wouldn't be in charge right now, as we would have been struggling big time without those two - Timing and luck has a lot to do with it with most GM's and coaches (AV was just about gone as well)
  15. He played a year in the Swiss league to break the contract of part of his salary going to the Soviets after his 3 yr contract was up in Vancouver