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  1. It's no secret he does not put the effort in to improve like EP or Bo He does not look to be interested in putting in the extra effort to be better Like on the play you mention , he does not look to want any opportunity to be potential hurting, whether it's blocking a shot or getting in someone's face He looks like a younger kid quite content to skate around the outside, taking low percentage shots from out wide that miss the net and run play the other way and earn a very good wage Maybe just before his contract is about to expire and he matures a bit, he will try harder for his next contract an impress and have a breakout season It is my opinion if he does that , that then is when we trade him (If a good return is presented). He is not motivated enough to be better it appears he does not have the drive as the above players or any Tzachuk (even younger ones) that is when we trade him- Trade high for once in the Canucks history on a player, rather than always buying high with guys having a career year and never attaining that again
  2. What a tired cliche I hate this one I would rather hear little of anything else than those, or just say everything else he said but that ! If it was true, the Canucks should be the smartest team in the league by now I appreciate Burke at Intermission telling about the Canucks wrap up party where he told the guys to say their goodbyes because 1/2 of them wouldn't be returning, then late added he hated that team
  3. Alf,What about if we get 3rd overall? Could get a decent d man You would include a 2nd overall if we got it, or where do you limit the 1st pick cut off? I highly doubt Jake and OJ will be top tier players on any contending team I think Jake is enjoying his pay and will up his game and work hard for his next contract, that is when you sell him high We always buy high and get guys having career years and they never pan out Canucks are notorious buying high , selling low and that needs to change Is Jake just another Sandlak hoping we don't give away another Neely/ Is Jake just another Kassian where we say Power forwards take longer? Jake isn't a power forward and not a younger Tzachuk either I think he is what we see, a player content with getting good money and not looking to work like a Brock or EP to be better
  4. Yes, I Think the refs might be thinking along the lines of this Ok, you don't think it was anything, then neither do we You guys appear to accept that behaviour or are gutless, and refs probably don't respect that individualism
  5. Do we want a tough guy? Unless we want to be in the box a lot with penalties The league does not like push back from the Canucks Any player that came to Canucks and was getting away with murder, would be under scrutiny, playing for the Canucks Tough guy is nice, I just wish the make up of our players were tougher, with push back and even initiate strong play , instead of always being passive
  6. Not to suggest he stays on the line, or doesn't but That is what was thought of Burrows with the Sedins as well initially Sometimes it just works
  7. I am not sure what the happy face from dpn1 was for ? Sept- 7 pts Oct- 5 pts Nov - 6 pts Dec - 1 pt Jan - 3 pts Being 4th on the Canucks in scoring is not a great accomplishment this year .It is more an embarrassment for what our scoring is and what we are paying for 3 and 4th line players
  8. That is because the team does not score anymore ;(
  9. Why is a new team, that had no established superstars so much better than a Canucks team that had established stars and a farm team established? If getting cast offs and expendables can make you so good, then gut the team except for EP, Horvat and Hughes (For the right return , I would trade Boeser, He shies away every time in a skirmish from aiding teammates- He does not play with heart like Bo and EP)
  10. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot to move, to get a quality dman or pick Maybe get a dman the equivalent of Virtanen would be nice though You have to give up something for something though Maybe some team is the opposite and could use a forward, as they have 2 many dmen) I would like to see our youths talent not wasted, with no help from the backend It is looking like our goaltending has kicked it up a notch At least we aren't Oilers, with McD and Leons talent being wasted, with no help arriving soon The reason I though Panarin, is that he is a UFA could create chemistry with Goldy and Tree Maybe like Washington (Russians play better together and happier) Maybe picking up 1 UFA makes us have 3 good players ?_
  11. What about these lines? Panarin Horvat Goldy Pearson Pettersson Boeser Leivo Gaudette Eriksson Roussel Beagle Motte See what Virtanen/Sutter may get you for defencemen or prospects, draft pick etc, Maybe Tree decides to put in effort to stay and try with Panarin and Goldy
  12. One would think is that if you defect or leave to play in another pro league, that your commitment to the NHL team is based on term , not the age of the player
  13. Maybe try for him? Might get Goldy and the Tree excited to play hard here Panarin Horvat Goldy Pearson Pettersson Boeser Leivo Gaudette Eriksson Roussel Beagle Motte Maybe see what kind of Dman or picks Virtanen & Sutter may get you