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  1. NFL thread

    I'd like to see the Bengals get in because they helped get the Bills in last year. If LeSean McCoy gets suspended, the Bills definitely won't be back in the playoffs this year.
  2. NFL thread

    The problem that I have with trying to guess the Bengals' record before the season is Andy Dalton. He's a middle of the road starting QB. I think he's as good now as he's ever going to get. If he has a good year, the Bengals can sneak into the playoffs. If he is the least bit streaky or he has a less than average year, the Bengals are boned.
  3. NFL thread

    What was your prediction before last season? Did you think that they were going to go 7-9?
  4. NFL thread

    Bell would have to be an idiot to sit out. He'd never be able to make back the money that he would lose in wages and fines. *edit* Just looked. Can't believe that he still hasn't signed the $14.5 Million Tag contract. A playoff team willing to pay him top dollar. He should put pen to paper. Greedy idiot.
  5. NFL thread

    There are actual Canadians that own a piece of an NFL team. The sacrilege!!
  6. There was a case here in the US, Las Vegas specifically, where in 2008 it was discovered that a large gastroenterology group was reusing single-use needles as well as reusing single use medicine vials. They ended up having to send out letters to almost 50,000 people to get checked for blood-bourne diseases. Some people came back positive for Hep C, and since then, 3 people have died in the last decade. The doctor who was the majority owner of the GI centre died in custody last year after being convicted and sentenced to life in prison. His estimated net worth before he went to prison was in the low 9 figures. People died because he wanted to get even richer than that.
  7. Since the Ottawa clinic is part of your public care, don't be surprised if it turns out that they were re-using the same equipment while sending invoices to the government saying otherwise. Use 1 needle on 5 people, get reimbursed by the government for 5 needles and then embezzle the extra ill-gotten funds received from the 4 you never bought. On occasion, places here in the US get busted for defrauding both the government and insurance companies this same exact way. There was more than medical malpractice going on at that Ottawa clinic. One or more people were getting rich, or trying to, by defrauding Canadian taxpayers.
  8. I'm hoping with another season or two under his belt that he'll become a true 1C. Even if his top potential turns out to be a middle of the pack top centre, that would still put him among the best. Time will tell.
  9. If they all gel post-Sedins, and Demko continues trending upwards, the Canucks will be a team that other fan-bases will hate rather than the current apathy towards the team. I also think it's possible that DiPietro will be ready to backup Demko by then and Markstrom will just be a memory.
  10. Let's hope he will reach his full potential. That's not always a given.
  11. He's been making an AAV of $10.5 Million. NHL GM's and team owners don't pay that for 2nd liners.
  12. If the Canuck that I fanboy the most about, Demko, becomes as good of a goalie as I think he will, I would think about 3. By then, the defence should be much better and hopefully someone will step up and become a true 1C.
  13. Ovechkin Wins ESPY For Best Male Athlete

    Even though the Bills went to the playoffs last season, I'm not very optimistic on their chances of making them this year. I'd be just fine with a 5th Superbowl loss. Win or lose, it's exciting when your team makes it that far.
  14. The cover of the upcoming issue of Time Magazine: