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  1. Sutter was right when he said that Goldy needs to find the balls to get in the dirty areas.


    people who are saying that Sutter has no right to say something like that are really oblivious to the fact that in this case Goldy is only starting his NHL career whereas Sutter has played 9? Seasons and has seen enough players come through the loop to know what you need to do in order to find success in the league.


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    2. Boeser6


      Good cop bad cop?

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Bottom line is Sutter himself has not gone into some of the dirty areas. Now there is real uncertainty that he's been playing injured most of the season. But considering Horvat crashes the net, and makes other players better. Seems to me the foundational player is Bo Horvat. And if an experienced goalie, that has 13 seasons thought he should have someone let Goldobin know on the right track, and keep working hard. Maybe Sutter should chose his words more carefully. 

    4. vinny_in_vancouver


      Did Sutter really need to air it out in public? Has Sutter aired it out when the other guys in the team have screwed up? Surely, in such a bad season, there has been a lot of screw-ups by a lot of people. Does Sutter own up in public to his own screw-ups?

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