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  1. I've heard people say before that antidepressants made them feel numb: no highs, no lows, nothing. That sounds like a blessing.
  2. I hang out on twitter, mostly, but still drop by CDC periodically to lurk. I only log in if I have something to say (rare) or "likes" to give. I hope you are doing well, my friend!
  3. His words...his emotion...Malcolm and Darnell standing by his side... As a black hockey fan, I am here for this!
  4. Looking for recommendations for a good way to display pucks. Either cases or attractive ways to stack them up. I have about 20.

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I got myself some of these.  Work well, nice and cheap.



    2. Chickenspear


      Glass top coffee table with a shallow display case? 

  5. I am a woman, but yes. I don't own any K jerseys, so this would be a good place to start!
  6. I'm gutted. Wish he signed with Helsingin Jokerit, but at least he's still close(ish) to home.
  7. Sheltering in place the last nine weeks has just further reinforced how alone and lonely I am.
  8. Gotta keep it moisturized! A good conditioner, and maybe a lightweight oil (like argan oil), especially for the ends. If your ends get dry you can get split ends, which weaken and thin your hair.
  9. Idk if you know how to braid or have done it before, but it's very satisfying to braid long, silky-looking hair. Your hair looks very well taken care of, so I can see the appeal. Personally I'd opt for one long French braid, but I suppose the viking look fits better with the beard.
  10. Your hair! You look like the beast from Beauty and the Beast once he stops being a beast and becomes a man again.
  11. Tomáš Černý carved out 16 year pro career including 10 seasons with four teams in the NHL. He had several appearances on the international stage and won two World Championships bronze medals. His last five seasons were played in his native Czech Republic. Tomáš looks forward to retiring back home to Ostrava, CZE and opening a hockey school for underprivileged kids. Thanks for hosting CAP, @Kurisu! It's been fun. I am so, so proud of my virtual Czech son.
  12. This is awesome. She's just a year older than me...15 year pro hockey career, multiple Olympics and World Championships appearances...that's a bad woman.
  13. Torn ACL = "Injury: none" and 96% condition?? Yikes