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  1. Honestly I don't think we see him till next season due to service time.
  2. Jays need a spark, maybe Guerrero Jr. will provide that sometime soon.
  3. 2nd goal of the game for boeser, goes bardownski.
  4. Stop being an asshat. You can shut up and let other people enjoy the game.
  5. i remember hearing that when maile was in HS or College his coach told him he would make it to the bigs because of his bat.
  6. With how the weather looks to be for the next couple of weeks will we see any frozen ponds?

    1. goalie13


      I don't think it will be quite cold enough.

    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      +6 a week before Christmas  up here , although the second and third weeks of January are usually the coldest.

  7. TIL Vrbata plays for the Panthers.

  8. I really do hate the flames but I also really don't want them to move.
  9. How do things go SO wrong and SO right both at the same time? 


    Life has confused me today.

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    2. JM_


      its ok, most things wash off 

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      @Mr.DirtyDangles That works, especially if he runs into the arms of a better (better for him) woman.

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      @Jimmy McGill I have a %100 perfect example of something that doesn't wash off, but I might get banned for posting it. It would be a fine wallpaper for the Mr. President thread though.

  10. Whaaaat I thought there was a game today, bummed now.

    1. zzbottom


      Two games on a Friday night. Laaaame. 

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      It's funny, the Canucks have 11 Saturdays off this hockey season but I'd rather be watching them tonight than tomorrow. At least you didn't miss the game!


      You know what I wonder about, is why there's only 1 late game on Saturdays. You think the league would be able to schedule a little variety there, but I guess there aren't enough Western Conference hosts to do so.

    3. Baer.


      Hockey night in Canada tomorrow will make up for it

  11. Used to love my KitKat but tired of it now. My favorite right now is crunchie until I get tired of that as well.
  12. didnt think i wouuld see a better game this year after game 2 but this one definitely topped it
  13. I was just offered tavares for stamkos straight up in my non keeper fantasy league, with the rules we have tavares is averaging 28 points while stammer is hovering at 27 points, accept or decline what do y'all think?

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Yeah, but can he stay healthy ;)

    3. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      @Cramarossa haha no this is just a league im part of with some friends

    4. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      alright thanks for the input 

  14. Yep but it's still way too early tell, who knows if vilardi breaks out and scores 90 points in his 4th year. Guesswell just have to wait and see
  15. You also had 19 pluses on that post which is quite interesting haha
  16. If only we could play like this for more than one game every couple weeks.
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