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  1. I've always thought 100 percent he's Dan Murphy
  2. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-torontos-gun-violence-exploded-after-police-street-checks-scrapped Here are some stats in the articles. Maybe you could read the comment section and see how other Canadians who are on the other side politically think about these things. I always try to understand both sides
  3. https://torontosun.com/opinion/goldstein-scrapping-police-street-checks-increased-torontos-gun-violence
  4. First of all I never said I support carding based on race. I never said I supported it at all. If you look like a criminal, cops will harass you. Simple as that. White black whoever. I said it was effective because as soon as they stopped carding crime started skyrocketing. Look at Toronto now it's a disaster, as is every other soft on crime liberal city. I guess this hug-a-thug approach doesn't work. Anyways my main point was gurn claims to be for human rights and charter rights now but he was one of the worst people against it for unvaccinated people before. I guess he only cares about that if he agrees with it
  5. Do you not see the hypocrisy in your post? For the past two years plus you supported segregating people for not taking a experimental shot and now your the champion of charter rights? Haha. "Papers, NOW citizen". Now you care about people losing there jobs? Oh please. If you wanna know why carding is effective maybe you should google "top 10 most wanted in Toronto".
  6. These ferries are terribly designed. How could BC ferries buy boats that can't load RVs or longer trailers on at a lower tide. It needed about a 8-9 foot tide to load my travel trailer. They knew the problem on the Gabriola route a couple years ago and pushed through the Campbell river ones anyways. BC ferries really needs to get their sht together
  7. Well good for him if that's what he wants. He'll have plenty of time after the next election
  8. Everyone knows soapy punted the prancing ponce more than 3 years ago. Liberals just looking for a distraction from their diving poll numbers
  9. What does that have to do with religion? I'm not even the least bit religious
  10. What is "promoted"? How about grown men walking down the streets swinging there Dingus in kids faces in these parades? How about an almost naked man reading "stories" to kids in drag queen story time? Or how about men saying they are a women to creep on females in public restrooms and change rooms? What about men destroying women's sports. Ask Riley Gaines what she thinks about that. No one cares who another person sleeps with but as soon as you involve kids in that people rightfully so will not accept that
  11. First off the 3% drop you're laughing at has equaled out to over 5 billion dollars lost this week. And the 90 % of people I talk to in the real world be it friends, customers, aquaintises think companies should shut up and lay off the virtue signaling. Every time the topic of Canucks and special nights come up they just roll their eyes and shake their heads. NPR does get government funding albeit a small amount. They could refuse that money and be independent, but they don't. I really couldn't care less about how Tesla is doing or how much money Elon has lost with Twitter. I do find it kinda amusing how hes crapping all over all the leftist that bought them though. This is not the third thread I've mentioned trans people so don't try to gaslight me. I haven't mentioned them at all. I didn't bring it up in this thread either. As someone with a young daughter I think people can do whatever they want in their private lives just keep it away from kids. If that's "creepy" or "weird" to you then you should get some new priorities, not me. Not sure if you're trying to get me to fly off the handle and get banned or something but this will be my last comment on this
  12. InBev is going to regret this. Stock price fell already 3.25% today. So it's an "interesting marketing strategy" for Elon to alienate half his followers but a good thing for AB inbev to piss off 90 percent? NPR's boycott is going to hurt NPR.
  13. Ya probably closer to 90%. Bud Lite is really going to regret it. It's not like npr leaving Twitter. No one is gonna care about that
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