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  1. I agree lock up people who commit crime with weapons for a very long time. The rest of your post is one of the stupidest things I heard. You should take a RPAL course, range safety test and educate yourself about them if you want people to take you seriously
  2. So how do you propose rural gun owners convince city people about legal firearms? It sounds like my aunt. She hates guns, doesn't think anyone should own one and most importantly doesn't know a thing about firearms or Canadian firearm laws. Any facts you tell her don't matter her mind is made up. I've noticed that the people against guns the most are the people who absolutely know nothing about them, just like Alf. They think a black 22 with a pistol grip is a military weapon FFS. How do you reason with that?
  3. I'm not really sure. Carding worked pretty good in Toronto before mayor Tory scrapped it. One of the first things Trudeau did was get rid of mandatory minimum for gun crimes. Weak judges letting gang members out on bail, even for murder. We have to have more enforcement on the entry points of smuggled goods, stiffer sentences and actually keep them in jail we they are convicted, even if it offends some people. Maybe spend some money on programs run by ex gang bangers trying to convince people the problems and consiquences of gang life. I don't know how to stop gang violence but what I do know is spending billions of dollars attacking law abiding guns owners (who statistically commit crimes 1/3 as much as ordinary people) is not gonna make canadians any safer. Just a waste of money that we don't have. I doubt Justin even thinks it will slow gun crime he just knows it will get him votes from people in the big cities who don't like guns and don't know much about them. PS Jimmy I really don't think it's gonna cost 400 million like they said. Depends what they "buy back" it could be billions. Remember the long gun registry was supposed to cost 2 million and that turned into over 2 billion if I recall correctly
  4. There was a show on last week called gun ban Canada exposed. They had a ex gang banger on and he laughed at Trudeau's attack on legal firearms owners. He said almost all gang members get illegal firearms smuggled across the st Lawrence into reserves. Good luck policing that.
  5. I listed all the reasons to you in an other thread. You had no response. Legal firearms owners commit less crime than non legal firearms owners. If you don't like guns don't buy one keep your ignorant opinions to yourself
  6. Thanks. I heard all the stats a million times now. I am double vaxxed as I have mentioned before. My point was comparing someone who was taking chemotherapy for cancer to a covid vaccine is completely ridiculous. If you can't see that I don't know what to tell you
  7. Ya that's completely the same. People dying of cancer trying anything they can to live longer vs healthy people who don't want to be injected with who knows what. Lol
  8. Ahh John and John are back. Looking forward to hearing about ketchup. It's been too long
  9. Come on now we all know nobody believes polls unless they share the same view as them. I really don't care too much because I'm not an american. I just think it's funny how do many people get jacked up about orange man and Biden has proved to be completely incompetent. The grass isn't always greener I guess
  10. Except a recent Harvard CAPS- Harris poll said 51% view trump as a better leader to Biden's 49% and a Rasmussen telephone survey says 1 in 5 Democrat voter would vote for Trump over Biden/Harris today
  11. Isn't Demers the one who refused to waive his no trade clause to the Canucks a couple years ago? If so pass on that
  12. Ya. They weren't progressive enough for this place. Haha
  13. Why can't we ban all firearms? Because we don't live in nazi germany, that's why. A lot of people like shooting targets and clay pigeons as a hobby. There are over 2.2 million PAL holders in Canada who get a police background check daily. Stats show they are 1/3 as likely as other Canadians to commit murder. Gang members don't have legal guns so it would do absolutely nothing to prevent shootings. You don't like guns that's fine, you don't have to. Why should we waste a ton of money buying back legally acquired possessions from safe people because of some anti gunners illogical fear and ignorance. Go after gang bangers with the smuggled guns like crazy. Wasn't one of the first thing Trudeau did was get rid of mandatory minimum sentence for them because he said it was racist. Shouldn't we be trying to stop crime instead of trying not to offend anyone? Stats. Gary Mauser 2012. SFU
  14. You think just people who aren't vaccinated are against the passport. I know lots of people with both shots who hate the idea of dividing society, me included
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