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  1. So proud of Toffoli. Hate Benning. Good I got it out of my system.
  2. Power play percentage this year is 17.4%. I wonder why the power play coach is not subject to some performance benchmark.
  3. Hmmm...what's the point of hiring a power play coach when the power play is nonexistent?
  4. I'm a huge Hoglander fan. But he doesn't appear particularly fast in a straight line. Not too worried though as Horvat improved his foot speed after receiving additional off season skate training.
  5. Was he selected by the owner to be a GM because he used to play for the Canucks as a defense man, scouting experience, won a Cup, and/or his family is well connected in the hockey world? Unfortunately, like in the real business world, CEOs are sometimes appointed not through their performance. If so, he is here to stay a little bit longer.
  6. Oilers are so dumb. Why are they playing physical with a team with nothing to lose, and risking injuries just before the playoffs.
  7. I feel bad for McDavid. Oilers seem to lack something to go far in to the playoffs.
  8. I really like our pool of prospects and they should be given opportunities to showcase their skills. Hope management doesn't mess it up again by bringing in so-called overpriced washed up players with grit to "mentor" the young kids. Oh wait they are pretty dim witted.
  9. There are the Michigan, Zorro, or Lacrosse moves. Ennis attempted the Zippo.
  10. Kesler took a little while to develop, but boy he and Burr were a threat during penalty kills.
  11. You mentioned how special the 2011 team was. I thought last season's group really bonded well together. Unfortunately, they moved too many players and now it seems so fractured.
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