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  1. well, as our leading scorer last year i hope he will not just give to the canucks "depth at forward".
  2. i keep watching a lot of Avto and SKA games. in my book Tryamkin fits right into the top four in place of Edler ; who is slow, can barely do a proper pivot, and spend his time screening our goalie.
  3. Awful Edler. Can’t skate, lateral mobility next to none. Hope Tryamkin comes fast enough to replace him.
  4. Possibly, but Pettersson would also be on that unit who has the extreme smarts to back check when needed. Virtanen has the speed to make things happen and has the solid shot. I just kind of hope they split up Boeser and Petey no matter how they do it as they're trying too hard to look for each other which is what is making the PP "too cute". ok i know it sounds close but... Vatanen =/= Virtanen.
  5. well i guess Vatanen > Hamonic overall, but i think Hamonic > Vatanen in term of Defensive game. But Hamonic didn't play for a long time. i'd would be happy with either of them.
  6. On paper Podz is the complementary hard nosed piece for Petey just like Hogs is the complementary finesse piece for Bo. i could live with something like this as core structure in near future : Miller Petersson Podkolzin Hoglander Horvat Boeser Lockwood Gaudette Virtanen Motte X McEwen Hughes Tryamkin Schmidt X Juolevi X Demko X
  7. who's the 35 years old czech guy behind Vasily ?
  8. Thanks for the "in depth" analysis, i will take a different way tho. i will not break JT Miller-Petterson combination, and i stick with Bo and Boeser for the 2nd line too. I really really hope Hoglander cracks not only the roster but the top 6, but i will add him to the 2nd line for finess purpose. First line needs size and speed and a right handed forward, i'll put Virtanen. I do think we will reach the next step when Pearson will be kicked out from the top 6. Regarding Gaudette, he still needs time and the third line is perfect for him. Defensive wise, just like you i really hope we will sign Hamonic to fill the defensive Def hole left by Tanev. I will not expose Edler to first paring duty. He's slow, has trouble with his lateral mobility and has a horrible trend to mask our goalie. So i may go with Hamonic, but he didn't play for a long time... without Iosing hope that we will sign Tryamkin before February to give us betters options. Schmidt will not cover Hughes unless he'd change his play to a more defensive minded game, which it was not the purpose when we acquired him. And to be honest i've never ever been a fan of Myers... my Roster (if all things go well) : JT Miller Pettersson Virtanen Hoglander Horvat Boeser Pearson Gaudette Roussel Motte Beagle Sutter McEwen Hughes Tryamkin Edler Schmidt Hamonic Myers Juolevi Demko Holtby Benn, Erickson in taxi squad. My roster as we are right now : (hope i will never see that) JT Miller Pettersson Virtanen Pearson Horvat Boeser Roussel Gaudette Eriksson Motte Beagle Sutter Hughes Myers Edler Schmidt Juolevi Benn Demko Holtby
  9. meh... i will not be popular but... a 7 teams season. I don't get how people can be excited. to be honest i could have prefered if those 7 teams delocalize for a year and play a full championship against all teams.
  10. may he have nothing from Loui Eriksson. maybe maybe.... his paycheck. that could mean he became a top 6.... or became another overpaid guy.
  11. is there Podkolzin face on those skates ?