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  1. Motte is the heart and soul of our B6, just having him back could be enough. No need for an overhaul. -re sign Sutter -let play Hawryluk -add Lockwood -Dont give up on Gaudette yet. let Virtanen and Roussel go, dunno about Beagle.
  2. if we manage to sign Tryamkin and the arrival of Podkolzin (that translates to another good surprise) you may add those two points to your list.
  3. to be honest we may dont even need Bennett. a bottom 6 of Motte Sutter Gaudette Hawryluk Beagle McEwen will do wonder.
  4. well well well... like we say here in France, "il y a à boire et à manger !" a lot of things i like, and some i'm not agree with. Trade deadline: -Pearson for 2nd > 100% OK -Edler for 1st > at max it will fetch a very late 2nd. but i pray we'll get part with Edler. -Sutter for 3rd > imo a huge mistake. we should re sign him for a 2 years deal @2.9M/y max. he's doing the little things rights, and sometime plays big. -One of Hamonic or Benn for whatever > Keep Hamonic, you can already notice what he brings. especialy if we can't sign Tryamkin. ok with Benn. -Virtanen to Anaheim for Heinen > Virtanen and a late pick for Debursk/Bennett. > Roussel to who wants. April: Welcome Podkolzin! > 100% OK End of season: -Replace Travis Green with Gerard Gallant > dunno about Gallant but its time to let Green AND Newel AND Baumy walk. (i would love to have Bieksa anywhere around the D corp) Draft day: -Edler's 1st for Jake Debrusk (Boston can add) > we don't get a 1st for Edler. -Our 1st for Sam Bennett + (3rd rounder? / regardless, Calgary adds) > we don't trade OUR early first. -Eriksson and Rathbone for a 3rd rounder > last year of Eriksson, 100% Utica ; take care about what we have in Rathbone, we should call him to see his real potential, don't use him as a sweetener. -Gaudette for a 3rd or 4th > Don't give up on Gaudette yet. but forget him as a C. July 1st: -Sign Adam Larsson > No : go for Hamilton. -Sign Tryamkin > 100% OK, could even be our priority Expansion Draft: -Roussel exposed and claimed > Holtby first NEEDS to be claimed, Roussel second if he was not get traded. 2021-2022: Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Podkolzin Gaudette-Bennett-Sutter Motte-Beagle-Hawryluk McEwen Schmidt-Hamilton Hughes-Tryamkin Juolevi-Myers Rathbone Demko Backup
  5. on a positive note : - Hamonic looks good.he really adds something in our D corp. - Sutter needs to be signed for a 2 years deal (under 3M) - Our bottom 6 has lost all its energy since Motte is out, He is the heart and soul of our bottom 6 and it shows. - Keep Gaudette, he s maturing well. - Demko played great, he s our go to guy and we need to give him a lot of starts. on need-to-be-addressed note, which whom are more or less the same than every one else obvious issues : - Roussel needs to be benched, exposed, picked up in ED. - Virtanen, Pearson, Edler : time to trade them to a contending teams and bring something in return. - Don't bench Juolevi, his confidence is rising. - Play Hawryluk more, don't get his ice time unless he had some health stepbacks. - Fire Green > Crow ? not sure about Julien, don't want to spark a "trade-me-right-fu**ing-now" desease spread among player : hello Miller. - Fire Brown - Fire Red. hum Baum. > Bieksa ? - Keep Benning as a head Scout, but hire a new GM > Linden ? no exp as a GM yet but already at the head of Hockey Operation so... - DONT TRADE MILLER. he is a PPG producer, and that would be a massive step back. event for a 1st round pick. - ANNNNNNND its time to burn the Orca.
  6. As soon as next year we will be that team, so lock him up 2 more years at a good price.
  7. I wouldn’t mind extending him 2@2,9 max. Sutter is a keeper at the right pricetag.
  8. Its not a compressed schedule for everyone... wonder how the record of let say tampa bay would have been with 18gp in such a short time...
  9. Don’t no why but i keep thinking he can be a very pleaseant surprise.
  10. any news on Hawryluk ?
  11. i can let this season slip and benefit for a high pick before all the mecanisms start clicking. But... my concern is Miller. keep an eye on him. He's a ppg producer, a competiter and seems to be so upset with the team. I don't want him to make a statement about a hypothetical wish to be traded. If we lose him we'll make a couple of huge steps back.
  12. no, he was chocked that JB let all the main pieces who tight the picture together go. he anticipated what we experiencing now. Tanev, Toffoli, even Stetcher... i can't blame JB for markstrom no way we could have give him 6x6 and Demko was stellar.
  13. i don't mind the 34 years old (Wheeler has 34) but c'mon, but we re talking about Edler... they guy who has been outolded in the best-of-olds by speeza, the guy who can't take a proper pivot without losing all his already weak speed, annnnd the guy who make the "screening your own goalie" his special signature move. for 6M you have this package, enjoy.