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  1. let him catch up the team. 8-10 games in and he's back.
  2. Sure, but you know that a 2W in the column don't say the whole story. You can't settle for ugly wins. The way they played against weak teams lead to think there are still upgrades to make, that's the diference between less ambitious team and successfull one.
  3. what Dowling or Chiasson can do that Podz can't ? i used to like Chiasson by the past, but clearly i put Podz in his place any day of the week.
  4. i guess you should re read the topic, i never said "listen, i'm a hockey coach and i say Dickinson is crap, so listen to me", i was refering to my hockey knowledge as a hockey coach ONLY to answer a guy who said i'm not allowed to respond if i have not any knowledges. i'm on this board since so many years, its the first time i tell anyone i'm a hockey coach in my real life. look, i'm more a Vancouver fan than a Dickinson "hater". i even think he played good againt CHI, even though it was more Highmore who played abslolutly great, and set up perfect opportunities. i wish him (Dickinson) to gain confidence and play to his level, because we need a really good 3C. if its him then good, if its someone else, i don't care that much, i only want a winning team. i support the Canucks since the 1993-94 run, and its about time.
  5. fair enough, you guys have the better players in world, no point. But don't think the game of hockey itself is a dark ; secret ; inaccessible ; overcomplex and unpedagogic material. if you think so, don't forget there is a penalty in this game for the team that can't count up to 5 guys... This game can be learnt,understood and teached. And the strongest hockey country in world has played your 3C 10mn last game.
  6. oh man...pointless and failed behaviorism study attempt's and completely off-topic. you guys have way too much time to overthink. in France, we can call this "intellectual handjob". i let you have the last word, i already said what i want to say, so we can switch to our beloved Canucks, which are why we are all here. what about recall Petan and give him the 3C instead of that garba... hum less efficiency Dickinson ? i would like to see that lineup : Miller Petey Boeser Hoglander Horvat Garland Pearson Petan Podkolzin Highmore Lammikko Chiasson
  7. actually it's my skill domain as i'm a hockey coach in France. and without surprise, as i said, Dickinson should focusing on his duty on ice first, he's absolutly garbage and should be benched.
  8. still can't stand Dickinson. the guy is slooooow. No urgency, no hustle and slow decision making. Poorman is a little suspect too, but it could take some times to adjust to our poor defensive system. Highmore on the other seems to have jumped into Motte shoes and play really good. Good surprise with Dowling, not bad at all, same thing with Burroughs. when Boeser's return, i want to see those lines Miller Petey Boeser Hoglander Horvat Garland Pearson Petan Podkolzin Highmore Dickinson Chiasson
  9. at least positionning is the real deal on D. among def tools', the puck-checking is still effective, but if you play the 2 on 1 wisely with your D you would intercept the pass 9 times out of 10.
  10. Just played on ps4. Right now the game is slow, but nothing like some little parameters adjustments can’t change. sad that Podkolzin isn’t there yet in early access. But I’m sure he will be added soon. Wrap around animation is still broken, but skating while protecting puck is more realistic and great.
  11. i liked the jersey, but man i hate the chromy helmet, and never been fan of white gloves.
  12. I guess he has already buy one, straight from the factory.
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