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  1. There is place enough for Hamonic and Schenn if Schmidt gets traded. I would rather have Hamonic than Schmidt if i have to choose. OEL Myers Hughes Hamonic Rathbone Schenn
  2. Any news ? We need to secure Hamonic to unload Schmidt...
  3. Well to be honest i’m high on Lockwood and not so much on Highmore. if i’m stuck with him i swap him with Lockwood, and send Will to AHL.
  4. So now Sutter and Hamonic make sense. 1,5 Sutter 2,5 Hamonic Miller Petey Boeser Garland Horvat Hoglander Pearson Dickinson Podkolzin Motte Sutter McEwen Lockwood OEL Schmidt Hughes Hamonic Rathbone Myers Juolevi Demko Holtby Don’t see this roster fit under the cap tho. By priority we need to get ride of Holtby, unload Virtanen then Schmidt if needed. its 12M here, again.
  5. interesting idea, he can be our B.Point. we need to up our 3rd line in scoring ability. With him in the top 6 Pearson will land in the 3rd line. (i'm still not sold on Pearson,and i prefer having him outside the top 6)
  6. good signing for sure, but i wanted Domi as 3rd C to fulfill the need of a much offensive minded 3rd line. if Dickinson is there to replace Beagle then i'm fine.
  7. In this order. Guenther > McTavish > Johnson - i'm less and less convinced by Johnson, but not write him off yet. the problem is how is swiftness will be impacted when he'll gain so muscles (because he has to). - McT could be our Caufiled, and would still be there at 9. -Guenther is the younger of the three, right handed shot first mentality with frame. that's my pick if he falls to us.
  8. Sure why not. It depends against who. I respect this franchise since Bourque, Oates... Toronto too if you want me to go further, since Sundin Potvin and Gilmore. Those team have hockey history.
  9. my cheer list : Vancouver then Detroit then Rangers / Pittsburgh then others originals 6. all teams with hockey history would get my cheer. i absolutely hate : Vegas and Carolina then Columbus / Nashville / Arizona. this season TB with the cap circumvention would get my ultimate « cheer against » vote.
  10. Wait a minute with D Savard. regular season with TB : 14 gm 0 0 -8 playoffs : 8 0 0 -2 wtf ?
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