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  1. Don’t forget 2 things : - 3 wins mean 2 loses. If those loses are against Calgary that means CGY would finish with 53 points. - Arizona will forfeit two draft pick and cant pick first round.
  2. And play Holtby. i can’t cheer for a goal against if Demko is in the net. i want them to compete, to have good games, but not that good to avoid kicking ourself in the ballz. i cheer for goals, but one less than the opposition.
  3. Please let’s lose the next 4 and win the last game to secure top 5 (barring lottery) and finish on a good note.
  4. well, with that record i prefer playing against the Jets in the Western Conference Final
  5. correcting errors is not looking backward. imagine you can re acquire Tanev and Toffoli, at the good price. this only issue is we had them already and let them go for nothing ; and it's hard to admit we have to pay something to erase mistakes. It's a matter of big picture, not the details. But since the Tryamkin "fiasco" (do you use this term in english? ) i'm wondering if the main mistake to erase is letting Benning as a GM.
  6. At the second you complete a trade that involves Miller you push this team back in 2 years of rebuilding. we have to feel the bottom 6 and absolutely keep Miller. i hope Lockwood would be our excellent 3rd RW, that would limit our research for a 3rd C for the Offense group. the fourth line of Motte Graovac Hawryluk/McEwen will work. In the Dcorp its another story. keep Rathbone and let Edler go is the start.
  7. Edler have been exposed because of the amount of minutes he plays. He would play better with 15-17 mn of ice time, and 15-17 mn is a far easy to replace. so Edler is replaceable.
  8. Its time to close the chapter. let Edler walk, and I hope he’ll take the orca in his luggage. in my book Tryamkin would have replaced Edler. Every Million that goes to Edler and was not offer to Tryamkin is a failure. no Tryamkin? No Edler. target at least Savard because of UFA, but I would love to replace Edler with Cernak.
  9. Cernak would be my choice if we're looking at TB. Savard is great, but already 30 years old. I would love to draft Power or Clarke, but they will not become dominant until 2-3 years.
  10. wait what ???? No extra Mil for Tryamkin but 4M for Edler who 4 times out of 5 is completly lost with the speed of today game ?
  11. Eklund and Hoglander are too much alike for me. Same qualities, but same flaws. We need either an offensive guy who dominates (Beniers) or a #1 defensive Dman (Power) or an equilibrate RHD Dman (Clarke) after having make some researchs, i would be happy with any of one one this guys,top 5 in this order : Beniers Power Clarke Guenther Johnson Eklund Lysell Chibrikov Hughes
  12. Don’t tell me that we missed out a guy like Tryamkin for 2M ? i just don’t want to believe it. If its true, and if Benning finds some cap relief to re sign Edler....i hope we fire him really soon to save the team from a complete steps back.
  13. Guess we can refer to him as the lost link now.
  14. No kidding I was genuinely thinking Tryamkin was our missing link and kept tracking him during the last 4 years. i was waiting for him badly and i’am upset if there is another mismanagement fault. After the departure of Tanev and writing off Tryamkin, I could see the needs for a complete overhaul of our dcorps. i’m not convincing with Schmidt, Myers and Juolevi. i do believe in Hamonic tho, and I want to see Rathbone in action. If we manage to land Owen Powers or to a lesser extends Brandt Clarke it could change a lot of things.
  15. I can live with Podolski as a bottom 6.... As long as Podkolzin ends up in top 6 and perform.
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