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  1. Motte is hurt. He'd take Frederic or MacEwens spot in the bottom 6. Gaudette hasn't been that bad in my opinion. He's just being asked to play a style that doesn't suite his game. Splitting defensive responsibilities among the bottom 3 lines makes the most sense while Pettersson's line gets primary offensive zone start. Keeps those players your referring to fresher. Id also use my 2nd unit power play more often so your not overworking the 1st one. As for PK Id go with Beagle, Roussel, Motte, Horvat, Miller and MacEwen/Hogz/Gaudette. Split the load and develo
  2. This year is a dud. Canucks are so far behind they might as well make some trades and play some of the younger kids to give them experience and a larger taste of the league. Pittsburg gets Pearson Vancouver receives 2021 2nd round pick Vancouver gives Pearsons minutes to Gaudette and Lind on Horvats wing. Podkolzin steps in next year to take some of the top 6 minutes as well. Boston gets Sutter (50% Retained) Virtanen 3rd Vancouver gets Debrusk Frederic Boston improves their bottom 6 and def
  3. This will always be Sid's kid though
  4. For sure, especially if he's a right shot. I just feel a guy in the same style as Zegras could do big things for this team
  5. Id like us to get a pure skill forward this draft. We have lots of complimentary players, but need a skilled passer to help distribute the puck to our skilled shooters.
  6. Hamonic got a NMC, but I agree. I doubt anyone waives their NMC's this year with all this Covid sh!t still happening. Sutter, Benn and Pearson could draw some interest though. Might have to retain salary on a couple of them, but no big deal. Pearson should net a 2nd in a worst case scenario and could potentially fetch more depending on his play this year
  7. Theres hitting and then there's Motte's play. He injured Hawryluk with a slew foot and could have easily hurt Gaudette with one. Theres competing hard and then theres stupidity
  8. I Mac is saying practice will resume tomorrow.
  9. I always liked Juulsen's game. Wouldn't be surprised to see someone pick him up off waivers.

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I'd be shocked to see him clear.  Lots of injury issues but still a ton of upside and youth.  I'd be stoked if we snagged him for free.

    3. RetroCanuck


      Well not surprised to see that happen.

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Grr....damn you Florida. 

  10. I was wondering the same thing. I wonder if time in Utica would benefit him at all. Might just be better to have him hanging around pro's and learning from the NHL coaching staff.
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