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  1. Wouldn't that mean they could immediately recall him when the NHL season starts? Doubt KHL teams would like that
  2. Couldn't agree more with this. We need to see what our young players have got. With so many Veterans coming off the roster this season and the next two we need to see what the kids can do. Can Rathbone, Juolevi and/or Brisebois be top 6 LD in the next year. Are Rafferty or Chatfield top 6 RD. Can Jasek take over as a shutdown C in 2 years? Are Lind, Hogs or Podz be legit top 6 wingers in coming years? This weird year is the time to find out
  3. I mean the Canucks compared Jurmo to Edler which seems fairly accurate. Honestly i don't see the Truscott-Edler comparison from what Ive seen
  4. Yep, there are spots open for the young guys right now. Hogs, Podz and Lind all have the opportunity to seize spots this coming year. Was looking at our Cap situation and we have about 20M coming off the books next year in UFAs. Assuming we don't resign any of them that likely leaves barely enough or not enough to sign Petey, Hughes and Demko. 8-10 for Petey/Hughes each and 3-6 for Demko depending on his performance this year. Therefore, I definitely understand why Benning hasn't signed anyone currently and that leaves great opportunity for the kids.
  5. I dislike that because I prefer to keep players on their strong handed side, but your right that could happen
  6. Id still have resigned Stecher at that price. If you have to trade him in the future to balance the size in the lineup then oh well. Benning has hamstrung himself into needing to make a trade for a RD.
  7. Ian Moore with our 3rd round pick please

  8. Thank you so much for this response Gaudette is the young two way 3rd line centre we need. He just needs time to develop. People are all high praise for Horvat now, but he really struggled defensively his first few seasons. People are also so quick to praise prospects in lesser leagues and then quickly dump on those players when they turn pro. The lack of patience on this forum is disappointing
  9. Why is everyone trying to trade our developed/almost developed prospects. Lets just trade Juolevi Virtanen and Gaudette....


    Let the team grow. Our window is long if were patient

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    2. canuktravella


      ya who knows majority of fans are  clueless at least benning wont be getting rid of them i hope he has patience for virtanen  he will be a 30 goal 25 assist player soon 

    3. Phil_314


      @#Canucks I get what you mean by he's probably going to click soon, but the streakiness/ lack of consistency might need a Grabner-type trade to really light a fire under him.  If benching/ relegating to extra forward and getting called out by coach for your lack of effort doesn't do it (esp. when you get beaten by an undrafted free agent), not sure what else could be done since we can't send him to minors.  Of course he won't have optimal value now but we should recoup what we can if he's not going to have optimal deployment and coach's trust (maybe send J.T. Miller after him for being lazy and have him skate with Pete to see what true consummate professionals do?).

    4. #Canucks


      @Phil_314 I’m not sure what the answer will be but I have this feeling he’s looking for something in his personal life. He has the skill & size and he knows how to play. When he is motivated he’s absolutely awesome to watch. He may have personal insecurities that will only go away with maturity but I do think maturity is the key with him. Time will tell whether that is here in Van or somewhere else.

  10. Tanev is awesome. Yet we play fine without him. Give our young guys some spots. Need to give these kids experience before we are forced to play them. Myers and Stecher can handle the top 4 minutes. Rafferty, Chatfield and Benn can split the rest
  11. Hindsight is always there lol Personally I think our current fanbase is undervaluing a lot of our players. Demko has always been thought of as a starting goalie of the future and therefore valuable. Virtanen was almost a 20G scorer last season and would have been had it not been shortened Juolevi is seen by many experts as a top 4D yet this sight wants to trade him just to dump some cap We have so many talented young players that people are undervaluing some of our more role player prospects that are still valuable and will be key NHL players in the future
  12. Beside Pettersson for me. Podz retrieving pucks and going to the net opens up so much room for Petey and he can tap in Petey's passes