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  1. Im sorry but we chose Dowling and Highmore in our lineup instead of Gadjovich? Seriously what is going on here. Will any of these kids truly get a shot (other then elite players)? Ive been a big supporter of Jim and to a much lesser extent Green but something seems off here
  2. Looking forward to this one! Surprised by the lack of cuts so far, heres hoping we play a pretty complete team and not a bunch of tweeners again
  3. Lockwood and Gadj were the standouts for me. Juolevi and Woo honourable mentions, both made some solid D plays and the odd boner move. Hogz-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Podz Gadjovich-Miller-Garland Di Giuseppe-Dickinson-Motte MacEwen (Sutter) First call up Lockwood Hughes-Myers OEL-Poolman Juolevi-Hamonic Schenn First call ups, Rathbone and Woo
  4. Is that really Chiasson on the first unit PP? Why? Give Podz that opportunity
  5. Interesting, would have expected him to play one of the first couple games
  6. Disagree, I though Juolevi looked good during his time in the NHL. Rathbone has the skills but needs to hone his game. Im predicting Juolevi will surprise a lot of people this year
  7. Id look within. MacEwen could be a good fit for that role. Big hard hitting when he wants to be. Hoglander-Pettersson-Podkolzin Miller-Horvat-Boeser Pearson-Dickinson-Garland Motte-MacEwen-Gadjovich/Virtanen Highmore OEL-Rafferty (see what the kids got) Hughes-Myers Juolevi-Ceci
  8. Draft a goalie later in the draft, limited scouting and might get a steal. But you run with Demko and sign UFA's as backups for the next 5 years regardless. Plenty more drafts. With all that said I wouldn't trade Dipietro. Our greatest area of strength is LD. Juolevi or Rathbone are our most valuable pieces. Miller + Rathbone + 3rd to the Rangers for 15OA + Kravtsov
  9. You said it, Hughes should fetch a number 1 C. Not a leftover piece
  10. Damn Im excited! Hopefully Green doesn't start him on the 4th line lol
  11. Ya 3 young rising LD stars paired with good RD defenders is a terrible thing. They may struggle as they are young and inexperienced pairings but theres ton of potential there. With that said if you could trade Schmidt and upgrade that side it would be huge.
  12. I wonder if we see Juolevi draw back into game action now that he doesn't have a chance of becoming Seattle expansion eligible.
  13. I wonder if we see Juolevi draw back into game action now that he doesn't have a chance of becoming Seattle expansion eligible.

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    2. Petey_BOI


      rafferty was under contract during his college year in 2018/2019.


      “Professional Games” includes the following: any NHL Games played, all minor league regular season and playoff games and any other professional games played, including but not limited to, games played in any European league or any other league outside North America, by a Player pursuant to his SPC


      so minor league games counted too! according to the cba


      i do not understand why teves would be considered eligible, because his contract was signed after the college year finished.


      still there may be a source that you are referring to that goes against the CBA?

    3. mll


      From your article:  “Pursuant to his SPC” - standard player contract.  


      Rafferty did not have an NHL contract in college.  College is not a pro league either but an amateur league.


      Tryamkin is still Canuck property as RFA but is exempt because his years in the KHL don’t count as he is not under an SPC/NHL contract so only has 2 pro seasons.


      Also “For the purpose of this section”.  There are different definitions of age, pro years throughout the CBA.  They are using the waiver definition of pro years for expansion.


      Teves, Rafferty same situation as Fabbro.  1 game while Hughes as teenager needed 10 NHL games.  


    4. CanuckinEdm


      Thanks for the info guys!


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