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  1. That's another thing Trotz is there. I thought with him there and with Nelson, Cizikas, an Pulock having a career year Pulock is a plus 22 last year he was a minus 4 and defence is if not harder then center position. Maybe Barzal doesn't like Trotz system or doesnt jell with it.
  2. What I like is he is better the Barzal who won the calder. Barzal looks like a 20 to 30 point player who can ride off on success off of others. His plus/minus is showing with them losing Tavs. Brock has less games an just 9 points less on a piss poor defending team holding onto a plus 4.
  3. My guess with the injuries we are plagued with maybe they saving themselves for the golf tournament. I wouldn't mind seeing EP in some plaid shorts with a polo.
  4. I read that as if no other Canuck was going to be dress an Demko had to do it all.
  5. I never read the books to many words inside them but I know google an checks out.. maybe this is a start of unraveling a conspiracy.
  6. To give credit Sportsnet did have a discussion about it an they from Toronto so it's something..
  7. No beer? Almost wrote beats an thoughts who would relax around eating a beat..