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  1. Arizona places a claim on Drew Pickard
  2. Coyotes call up Merv Girardi release Kim Abahassine waive Michael Dipietro
  3. Coyotes accept Louka Grannary x2 release the rest Release the following to FA: Kim Abahassine Coyotes also place Michael Dipietro on Waivers
  4. Coyotes Call up Mark Reimers send down Harris Olsson
  5. time to let the kids play out the season Arizona Coyotes place the following players on waivers: Braydyn Baker Philip Norman Romain Zenafi Call up: Harris Olsson Tony Westermark Tavine Quine
  6. Arizona Coyotes Send down Louis Coloumbe Marcel Schorch Philip Schoettler
  7. Coyotes call up Vyacheslav Barulin
  8. Coyotes place a claim on Philip Norrman, Chad Lemay, Kim Abahassine, Braydyn Baker
  9. Coyotes place Adam Fox on waivers
  10. Coyotes release the following to UFA Sawyer Dicaire William Turris