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  1. "We woo we woo we woo" It's the sound of the Ambulance.. to soon to break in the kid.
  2. Watched some Dahlen hockey after the piss and vinegar digested the kid jas slowly regressed worse then in Utica. He is virtually no where to be seen, doesnt make a play, manages to mske other players worse around him, his skating is at least Triple AAA baseball quality. The KHL is deemed likely for him.
  3. I like how ppl are beating a dead horse over a old trade of Jared and Guddy. Let's not forget Jared wanted out of Vancouver because he wanted top 6 minutes and hated being in the coaches dog house. Removing him helped build our culture from a me perspective to a us mentality on the team. Florida hated Jared wanted gone everytime he touched the puck But now all of sudden he his on his knees blowing gold he is all of sudden the next coming in the NHL. Lets wait what he does in the KHL next season.
  4. Looks like Quinn is already showimg shades of Canuck... by getting injury.
  5. From his recent games I feel two ways. 1.) With his recent puck luck an finding 3 points in 2 games I could've seen him being a offensive catalyst with Hughes, Oli, Lind, Brock, EP, Bo etc. Which leads me to # 2.) In 3 games sporting 3 assists with a shining minus 2 it shows he is a defensive liability. Our defense is 2 or even 3 years from molding itself into a stable formidable defensive core in the league. If Dahlen feels entitled to be a NHLer now then develope I can only see him being Poo 2.0.
  6. Thats how you get a evander kane situation going on. You cant force a player to want to stay hostage to a city. Other players better ones will see EP an want to play with him.
  7. This trade is puke inducing with the amount of a$$ kissing occurring in Toronto it's like they won the cup... I don't want to be alive when the day comes when they do win the cup I don't want to see what would occur.
  8. Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia. People do the opposite of what they say.
  9. Well I for one dont want another Russian on this team. It'll be a miracle to off load Tryamkin off to someone else for depth or a 5th or lower round draft pick. We need to stop dreaming Tryamkin will come back. Him and His wife have a lucrative life in Russia that moving to Vancouver makes no sense for his young family.
  10. I remembered when TSN was airing the draft combine I remembered seeing a shot of EP who I never knew or his name; but I remembered the TSN crew ragging on him saying he will be a long shot to be a top 10 pick because he failed a lot of the combines... What a time to be alive to see Toronto Media polishing a butt to smack their greasy lips on. Definitely Saturday couldn't come sooner.
  11. Anders is pushing the Senators into playoff contention... Im just waiting for his run of terror of goals against.. but with Anderson age and wanting out could Anders be Ottawa's new #1 moving forward...
  12. What if Seattle wanted to troll us by going as the Vancouver Totems... That way as well if either team wins we all win technically.
  13. I read it stoned so shoot me but still my other points stands and it looks more likely he will be shipped
  14. Read it on London Free Press not sure if it's incredible source but it noted that Oli was sent back. https://lfpress.com/sports/hockey/junior-hockey/five-things-to-follow-in-the-knights-2018-19-season
  15. I gotta say this prospect look DOA in my opinion. There is several other D prospects that went after him that has had more of a impact on their clubs. The most difficult thing in hockey is gaging defense. Erik karlsson went 15th in 08 4 other D went before him including Luke Schenn. Toronto could've had Erik Karlsson. Hopefully im wrong but if not I hope we trade him while value is high for a top 6 forward.
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