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  1. mmmm....I hope this team finds a way to score goals, we saw what the bottom six did in the playoffs, and losing a top 6 forward will put more pressure on the bottom six to contribute. Time will tell to how this team will look like starting the season....a downward pressure on salary and term doesn't bode well for attracting good players
  2. to only let him go for a good value....we are starting to chase our tails now....I'll leave it as "we agree to disagree".
  3. I think you dudes are being overly sensitive to a comment that I regressed on.
  4. So why is Lebron and others getting involved....Poltics is part of life and so is hockey....censorship away.
  5. lol....thanks for answering the question....I agree to disagree.
  6. Yeah okay pal,,why don't you answer the questions? Madden and a second for 17 games of Toffoli....is short sighted, is it not?
  7. those posters are made of the same cloth....but censorship is part of life now.
  8. Yeah, make one comment, but others can insult with their condescending, know it all ways....Yeah, okay.
  9. but the comparison is smack on...couldn't help myself...lol
  10. what? you certainly can dish it out... ON, you're looking into the mirror, again
  11. keep ignoring the facts, like a good liberal...whoosh...lol
  12. Nothing obtuse about it, Toffoli would bring a lot to this team for that price....a good value contract for a top six....because he is responsible defensively, his value would be even more because of the young "D" that will be replacing Tanev and Stech The obtuse part is on Benning for giving up Madden and a second....for 17 games
  13. SMH, blame it on CoVID....okay, to sign a top 6 forward who is 28 years old to a 4 year $4.25M is very affordable...Montreal was able to do it.
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