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  1. What has happened with Tram is best for Tram and the Canucks...to me it looks like both sides are on the same page and working together. However, time will tell.
  2. No pressure on him, just needs to be confident with his own game and go out and play. He doesn't have to be Tanev nor Stecher, he needs to be Rafferty...if you know what I mean.
  3. Came here to view Hoglander highlites and got Lind talk...wtf.
  4. I hope he gets a real chance with the Canucks to prove he can play at the NHL level this coming season; if he succeeds, then this will help the Canucks both on and off the ice.
  5. not to worry....they're keeping him. JB "you know Tram, the best thing for you during this pandemic is to play another year in the KHL...You get ice time in September to March and then you join us in March for the mid season and playoff push (caveat here, if the NHL pushes the Dec 1 signing date to March)...if not, you play for us the following season" Tram " Mister Benning, you have been good to me and my family....I love you, I will go to war for you".
  6. Rafferty had an amazing season...most players having a season like that get a chance in the bigs because they've proved what the can do in the league below. Rafferty has proven what he can do in the league below....24 year old making the bigs after a proven season like this one, not a big ask.
  7. Neely was only 21 years old when he was traded...he was a power forward and star player for Portland in junior (I remembered watching him play and happy that Vcr drafted him). To the contrary, he was doing well with the Canucks as a 21 year old player...it was just a stupid trade at the time...it definitely was a wtf moment. On the other hand, Jake is not Cam Neely...not even in the same ball park as Neely.
  8. I believe you hit the nail on the head.
  9. It's time to promote within....we have players now who have developed over the last 3 years who are not kids anymore and are waiting for their opportunity....it's time to give them a real chance instead of judging them now and saying they are not good enough when they haven't been given a chance yet...it's time to give them a real chance.
  10. You say'in they were tanking to get better picks?
  11. Give them an opportunity and let them succeed...they can't be worst than Larsen and Weber, who were given opportunity...and Poo
  12. They should get Scott Niedermayer as "D" coach...or Willie Mitchell
  13. just realized Kole is missing the "en" in his last name....if he can be 2/3rds as good as Linden, then that is a good start. He played with grit and power in junior...not a far reach for him to find the "en" to add to his last name to become Lindenisk
  14. Yeah, I didn't want to say cougar because of being misquoted...lol
  15. I'd rather see JV training in an isolated mountain retreat where he is running up hills and fighting and eating mountain lions....the great players have their priorities set correctly...they don't spend their time partying too much. In other words, I think Jake can be great if he sets his priorities and time correctly.
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