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  1. No pressure on him, just needs to be confident with his own game and go out and play. He doesn't have to be Tanev nor Stecher, he needs to be Rafferty...if you know what I mean.
  2. Came here to view Hoglander highlites and got Lind talk...wtf.
  3. I hope he gets a real chance with the Canucks to prove he can play at the NHL level this coming season; if he succeeds, then this will help the Canucks both on and off the ice.
  4. Rafferty had an amazing season...most players having a season like that get a chance in the bigs because they've proved what the can do in the league below. Rafferty has proven what he can do in the league below....24 year old making the bigs after a proven season like this one, not a big ask.
  5. It's time to promote within....we have players now who have developed over the last 3 years who are not kids anymore and are waiting for their opportunity....it's time to give them a real chance instead of judging them now and saying they are not good enough when they haven't been given a chance yet...it's time to give them a real chance.
  6. They should get Scott Niedermayer as "D" coach...or Willie Mitchell
  7. Gotta a good feeling that Gaudette is going to take a big step next year and break out...he is at that age where players start to produce on the scoreboard while being responsible defensively.
  8. When you make $350M playing football, $400M playing baseball, $300M playing basketball, and $80M playing hockey. I'd say for those guys it's always been great. ...perspective and relativity.
  9. just saying I didn't realize the flu killed so many people in a year...staggering!
  10. Now here some serious stuff that's not really talked about....that equates to 1770 people per day!
  11. Yeah, people forget more than half the voters in the U.S. voted for DT and will again....why, because he is fighting against the machine, which is called globalization...the silent majority is remaining silent....those Dems will be surprised yet again.
  12. Yeah...got a feeling that Brisebois, Tryamkin, Rafferty and OJ could change the face of the Canucks in less than a year maybe 2. Myers, Elder can be the vets the next two years that can lead the "D"...along with Hughes...I heard a late first was offered for Tanev a while back....don't know if Tanev can gardener a 1st round pick or not, now...and maybe Stech can get an early 2nd round pick and late round pick. In...Rafferty, Tryamkin, Brisebois and OJ, first round pick, 2nd round and 6th round picks Out...Tanev, Stech, Fantenberg, Benn This being a Rathbone th
  13. Hope Brisebois continues to develop....he is the top "+" player on Utica and also gets points. He was taken before Cirelli in the draft....it would be good to see him develop into an good NHL defenceman so that passing on Cirelli doesn't look as bad.
  14. so....if this is a replacement for Madden... if Marc keeps pace with a Madden's development, then JB really only gave up a 2nd and a conditional 4th round pick for Toffoli ....and Schaller...not bad if this happens, and if Toffoli signs with the Canucks.
  15. Yeah, the Spanish Flu had a 20% mortality rate or something like that , and Ebola had a greater death rate (although the spread was contained).
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