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  1. I laugh at concern for the bottom 6 forwards from the media. I have played hockey for 30 plus years and I can tell you if your defense doesn't move the puck well it affects the forwards drastically. Adding Scmidt alone makes the bottom 6 better because they will have the puck a lot more leaving the zone. I noticed last year a lot of plays died with Stetcher getting thrown down way too easily. Hard to even want to keep him simply because having Hughes is enough of the smallish defenders. Having Hughes and Schmidt out there for most of the game will really change possession numbers. I bet by mid
  2. There is already a deadlier strain that the vaccine won't touch.
  3. Welcome to Walmart place where the Edmonton smart cars take on the Vancouver F150's now a word from our sponsors. It's coming because they can sell it.
  4. Who cares je is a gem.
  5. Might have been the biggest steal of the draft. Some feel he has the best hands in the draft And their is some top tier talent in the draft.
  6. He might have a shot. He is ahead of what u would expect from a 40th. They could arrange it with the SHL.
  7. So I wonder who goes on waivers?
  8. Welcome Back Boys and girls!

  9. Could see Gaudette as the Kesler type center, Seems to have a motor that won't quit! Could he heat up a little. I doubt we send him down!
  10. Yeh he didn't exactly stick his neck out. Safe to say everything will be wash rinse and repeat. Same as last year boys nothing to see here.

  11. I want a Would Vancouver regret trading Tanev thread!

    1. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      if they moved him a year ago when he had more value that would have been ideal. Retaining Edler to mentor the youth while leading the back end is the way to go anyways. Keep Gudbranson, move Tanev. 

    2. RetroCanuck


      I don't think we'd regret trading him. Hardly see him play as it is and its way more fun to follow top prospects!

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      Retaining Edler to mentor the youth?  Negative.

      Retain Edler to continue with the resurrection of Gudbranson (pairing looked pretty good whenever Gudbranson managed to stay healthy).  Gudbranson has played top 4 minutes well before, he can do it again.


      Lets us properly shelter guys that are part of the future like Juolevi who you could put with a steady vet like Tanev (who still is a #2 guy - when he can stay healthy).


      But that's just my viewpoint.

  12. Yeh Ty always said he could play at this level , and when he did he did. Knocking guys over was easy for him. Someone at 6'2 knocking someone over who is 6'2 is not always as easy. Bigger guys always struggle to be as fit as smaller guys. anyways . Hope he comes back soon.
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