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  1. You can see physically there is no way the chaser has a chance base on where they dump None of the Canucks are Alphonso on skates
  2. Exactly cause their dump and chase isn’t working and they keep doing it they are so far away when the puck is dumped and nobody is ever infront of the net
  3. A different better coach we could have had juolevi gadj gaudette maybe even Lind instead of highmore juulsen dowling and more ahlers
  4. Thank you! Green thinks he is bill belichek with his smug attitude when responding to media. Imagine how he would treat players in his doghouse
  5. If you think green is a good coach we will just agree to disagree have a good evening
  6. I think you think I am whining over chiasson But that isn’t the case. I am pissed off green kept a bunch of plugs like petan chiasson dries highmore Bailey dowling over a young kid with potential. Power forwards don’t just fall off the tree. Look how much we wished virtanen could turn into one. i am annoyed we couldn’t even develop one guy out of gaudette virtanen juolevi goldy granlund, dahlen etc under green.
  7. This is a discussion forum isnt that what is for? A bunch of whinny fans?
  8. Jb brought in a lot of offensive players and none of that panned out goldy baer granlund (19goals one season) etc at some point it can’t always be just poor judgment by benning the coach has to take some ownership in developing players
  9. Please don’t insinuate chiasson was the main reason oilers were best in pp and not because they have mcjesus and drais i admit chiasson did do well 2 years ago but not last year last year he was invincible And you just admitted he is a fourth liner so we lose gadj for a fourth liner except green plays him as first liner and everything else just so he can stand infront of the net on pp
  10. I understand it chiasson is just not the right player he couldn’t even make the coilers this year when they only have three legit forwards and now 4 with Hyman on their top 3 lines that says a lot
  11. Just saying JB is putting all this on Green if green doesn’t succeed with the players he chose he will be gone mid season and then finally we will have a chance
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