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  1. Where is Abbotsford aquaman??
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but I think if the refs called a match penalty for wilson (don't forget he also taunted at the box) then NHL can easily give him a suspension.
  3. don't forget Hamonic got a game misconduct for 'instigating' a fight meanwhile wilson got 10mins game misconduct and still scores the empty netter... I blame it on the refs as much as NHL.
  4. I don't like JPat stuff as well but at least he isn't ALWAYS blatantly writing negative stories like Drance. Not sure if you saw the tweet but Drance said Demko is now 13th highest paid goalie in the league but has to play elite level to justify the contract. Talk about contradiction in a statement... and then last game Drance 'insinuated' that Covid caused the canucks to play dangerously... (edler's knee)
  5. This is why I canceled my athletic subscription signed up years ago for botch and kept it last year with drance but he is super negative and decided to cancel it midway through this season
  6. Just a theory but ever thought maybe petey doesn’t want to call it a season and beg management to wait and see if his wrist gets better on week to week basis? Boggles my mind people always think this is a one way street
  7. heard somewhere the canucks just play sens/flames during schedule playoffs... makes lots of sense and most likely heading that way
  8. LOL same here. I didn't want Pearson back at all. I am not even sure why I am wasting time defending this... I think Pearson is overpaid by 500k for his next contract... If we have to keep him.. so be it. I will say this I rather have him than Gaudette People whining like we just lost some superstar in the making. Watch any nucks this season and he you know he can't play d or stick handle. He only has a slightly above average shot on this team. But I digress..
  9. I totally agree with this. I thought Pearson should be 2.75aav as well but JB is a good guy so he threw in the extra 500k
  10. And after tax salary doesn't matter for a player why?
  11. Sheary after tax income $815k Pearson after tax income $1.5mil Thats right folks, what you think is a 1.75million difference in contract is actually only $735k after tax. and easy for folks to criticize dim jim but Sheary probably take that discount to play with Stanley cup contenders as long as ovie is playing. edit: players new salary
  12. Benning is unlikely to re-sign gaudette him next year. So if we lose gaudette for nothing people cry. And if we do re-sign gaudette for jake's salary 2mil fans will say we overpay for a 3rd liner.
  13. I did a quick lineup for 2022. Seems like Jb can be under the cap if eriksson and roussel are bought out. And if edler signs a joe thorton kinda deal to come back as 7th D.
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