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  1. Not sure if this was posted already, but at least one writer in toronto thought this was a win for Canucks: https://editorinleaf.com/2021/07/25/toronto-maple-leafs-boat-trade/ Partial quote: Jay Beagle, Antoine Rousell, Loui Eriksson and a 1st round pick is the haul that the Coyotes took from Vancouver; I’m not entirely sure what Arizona is doing this off season. No matter what their plan is though, Dubas and the Toronto Maple Leafs should be taking advantage of this apparent fire sale.
  2. Just wondering do those teams you named have to protect franchise d in Quinn or second liner in hoglander?
  3. Cause goalies aren’t part of a team! Don’t you know that??? but is ok for coilers to ride on Mcjesus into the playoffs
  4. How do you know the contract wasn’t done for all 4 returning coaches??? No reason to think this wasn’t the case and they were just announcing al the coaches for the year like they typically do Stop parroting our negative media
  5. Shaw told us why it was taking so long on in yesterday’s interview. Brown was under contract and Shaw and green had to discuss without anyone’s knowledge. They only made the announcement once browns contract was up and not renewed as opposed to firing brown with weeks left in his contract. that’s not dragging that’s class!
  6. it isn't a big deal but he didn't say anything positive about yesterday's hire either... I am sure most of the true fan base are ecstatic about Shaw being hired
  7. If you read between the lines of drance post like a lot of his other posts and athletic article which I subscribe too, he might be praising brown but he is also insinuating jb made a bad choice by no re-signing him. This is the issue I have with drance.
  8. I was just thinking this recently if we just had petey for all season and a better demko to start the season; we could possibly won 4 extra games (instead of losses) and say one of the games was a win against the habs, it would put us ahead of Habs for the playoffs whom are in the semi-finals... just saying...
  9. He isn’t wrong since is a fact but he also chose not to point out they were one of the worst PP last year. Cherry picking stats! Clearly brown wasnt getting the job done with or without petey. With his contract expiring it sounds like a great choice for a new voice and new strategy. If we re-sign brown to another 5 years and have still have a terrible PP next year what would the media say? Louie Eriksson version of the coach?? and Canucks pp last year was a true definition of insanity… doing the same thing with same 5 guys and expecting different results
  10. Yup! Can’t win scenario for jb. He will spin it either way for controversy and click bait what is sad is the amount of followers and likes he gets on twitter and athletic
  11. agree but our judicial system will deem him mentally unfit; so 10 years then parole...
  12. That’s not the point of OP the point is media writers like Thomas drance wrote pretty clearly in the athletic that Jb has failed and should follow Shanaplan even though part of the shanaplan was winning the lottery plus getting Tavares at ufa and now the shanaplan has failed again for 8 years???
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