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  1. I am going to assume that you prefer the Canucks wait til next season so to benefit from a full season of year of his ELC...fair position to take. I'm of the opinion that a player coming into the NHL as a 22 year old (whether as a college grad or European player), that first year of the ELC is not that big of a deal, as long as you get the player to sign a three year ELC. This way, you will get at least one year on the players ELC+1 contract at a relatively low cap hit (unless you're Kevin Lowe/Craig McTavish who gave ridiculous ELC + 1 contracts to their players).
  2. I'm thinking Tryamkin would be better on the smaller NHL ice surface than on the wider/bigger International ice surface. I'd be all for fast tracking him into the NHL this season if he does come over after his KHL season is over. What's there to lose?
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