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  1. You're a broken record. You don't know me, or my post history. Go start your flame war with someone else, because after reading 3 of your posts I've actually lost IQ points. And I'll criticize or express any disappointment that I feel like, about our 4th worst team in the NHL on this public forum. Thanks champ. BTW you've used "real fan" unironically too many times to be taken seriously.
  2. Stop making it seem like 1 Joulevi joke equals me not supporting the team. You've based every assumption on facetious post about a rookie defenceman. Get a grip. If it bothers you so much, use the ignore. Far as I'm concerned you're an over emotional, over reacting child throwing a tantrum at me for some reason. Cry harder bro.
  3. Oh, you're the "real fan" are you? And where did I hate on virt? Theres a handy tool called post history, try looking at it before making stupid, baseless accusations based in fantasy. The next thing you can learn about is called a "joke". Try starting with a mirror.
  4. Having players pick their own coach is thinking outside the box? Lmao OK
  5. Top 3 pick would be great, would be a real shame if we suffered through this brutal year just to end up with another joulevi
  6. It is a ridiculous thought. What kind of 2 bit organization hires a coach based on a player vote? This isn't elementary school, it's a multi -million dollar business. Worst idea I've seen on here in a long time
  7. I doubt Buff would consider that bust Joulevi as the main peice of a deal
  8. The way he battles for and carries the puck... I don't see why he can't eventually be an 80 point guy. He carries and protects the puck better than most of our team as a rookie... a rookie on a basement team playing against top competition no less
  9. Montreal, because I hate Toronto. And Edmonton. And my best friends a Montreal fan so I can go watch the games with someone
  10. Did scheifele just fist bump demko after those saves?
  11. Saltier than the sea in here. You all need to chill. It's supposed to be fun.
  12. I wonder if they're gonna play the McDavid graphic when he hits 101
  13. Whys the sportsnet chick dressed like she's gonna churn butter after the game
  14. Yeah he expressed his freedom of speech, got cancel cultured by it and lost his longtime job so apparently he has 0 brain. Good one. Gotta love 2021. Conform or be publicly ridiculed and shunned. Say something that somebody somewhere might possibly be offended about and you're a "fascist"
  15. Joke of a league. The straight up 2 crosschecks, slash to the back and 2 punches at Zacks face were way worse than that not-knee. I'm starting to hate this league with a passion. DoPS is a joke, and so is the reffing.
  16. You guys need a hobby or something away from your screens
  17. Don't know why so many people in here think pointing out the obvious is "crapping on the team" or "not being a fan" Its called reality. This team is not built for the playoffs, not until the worthless cap hits come off the books. There's what, little over 11 million on eriksson, lou recapture and baertchi? We have over 32 million spent on bottom 6 guys this season that Toffoli has outscored IF you COMBINED THEM. We can really use that top 5 pick, because this team doesn't have a superstar. We don't have 4 top 4 defenceman. But we do have the most money spent in a bottom 6 in the whole league, and it still isn't a good bottom 6. May not have been "mathematically eliminated" but anyone with half a brain could have told you this is not a playoff team from the start of the season, let alone this thread in Feb. In fact, most analysts did call us to be exactly where we are now. Surprise surprise.
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