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  1. ran into William Nylander yesterday. Really nice kid :ph34r:

  2. Can we turn todays win into a winning streak? The season hinges on it.

  3. Anyone know where  I can get my Horvat jersey STITCHED with a C? Nucks store said no.

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    2. Tavrohorvat53


      How do you suppose it makes it look cheap? That makes no sense. Nice try though bud @vinny_in_vancouver

    3. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      It doesn't make it look cheap but it is pretty stupid.

    4. vinny_in_vancouver


      The people that I know of that love to buy jerseys won't touch a modified jersey unless it was modified by an authentic autograph of the player named in the jersey. That means that in their mind, the value has decreased - i.e., it is Cheaper. I, for one, would love to see Horvat become the Captain someday, but tell you what - why don't you go and ask Bo on Twitter whether he promotes his fans attaching a C to his jersey while Henrik Sedin is still Team Captain. Based on his Character, he will tell you that you're Crazy.

  4. Hey kaz, heard you are a Clash Royale vet! My friend and I started a clan called VanCityRoyale and we're looking for some new members. Feel free to join!

  5. Watching these videos in 2016 really puts things in perspective. A lot of these guys have played for the nucks now.. But back then we would only dream about today. Let's all be great full that so many of our guys are looking good today. ps. Anyone else notice TROY STETCHER at the beginning of the vid? I'd be so happy if we land him.. So happy
  6. There's so many factors that make Hammers situation unique. 


    He could be worth any number of different returns, it really all depends on how the potential trade partener values him and what they are willing/have to give up to make it happen.


    As fans of the team and we will inadvertently value him higher than we should, even if we think we're being objective. The predicament is that Hammer is very capable, all around player that can put any good d core over the top. He is a top 4 defenceman but plug him in at any spot 1-4 and he will keep calm and carry on.


    But that's not all that goes in to it. The NTC in his contract, the discount he took 5 years ago, the BC connection, his family, the NHL cap, among other things factor into any potential trade. 


    So as much as we can agree that he is a blue chip trade bait it won't mean that is what we'll get in return after you consider all the factors.


    His commitment to the game is second to none and his all around game one of the best in the League. Defenceman like him are a rare rare find so the advantages and disadvantages  of keeping or trading him have to be considered in respect to the trade package we are offered. This is probably why JB n co have been patient, they know Hammers true value, and his value to this team so unless as JB said he gets an offer that "blows his mind", he likely won't trade him.


    Anyways I have full faith that JB/Trevor/Hockey Department will not take this lightly and that any decision will be based on merit. Right or wrong the new regime will make a decision that is in the best interest of this team even if we as fans don't see it that way.




  7. Wow that was quite a highlight package. Love his compete and determination. Reacts well to plays and looks good doing it, can't wait to have him over next season.
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