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  1. Week to week. Closest out of all our injured players to return sometime during the upcoming road trip, based on WDs comments. Hansen next, then Rodin and Edler.
  2. Just watched the new Rowling saga Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Not bad at all, a little nostalgic as it reminds you of Harry Potter but it's nicely done to get a new series going. 8/10
  3. ran into William Nylander yesterday. Really nice kid :ph34r:

  4. Can we turn todays win into a winning streak? The season hinges on it.

  5. It's all about fit. Neither of them panned out on the teams they were traded to so they were traded again. Haglin was picked up by the future SCC and Etem to a team with a youth movement brewing. At the end of the day both players may have landed on teams that need them. Well just have to wait n see if JB pulled a fast one or not..
  6. Wow. He skates like the wind. He's so fast on the transition, and seems to only have one speed once he gets the puck and that's full speed ahead. It must be a nightmare defending against him. He has a sweet pair of mitts too, which allows him to use his 2nd best attribute, his vision to read the play and exploit passing lanes and get open in the soft spots on the ice. Jakob has an all around package of tools. He has the separating skill which is his skating and speed and his hands don't let him down at high speeds either. He reads and reacts well to and can make plays quickly in order to exploit gaps. He has very quick first three strides and hits high speeds in 5 or 6 strides and only continues to get faster after that. His pivoting and edge work seems solid as well, and his wider skating stance makes it harder for defenders to knock him down. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that Stukel has high end hockey sense and with his all around set of tools with the right development and refinement of his all around game he could be a very impactful top 6 forward. Baring anymore injuries Stukel has the chance of becoming an elite and potent scorer for the Canucks.
  7. Anyone know where  I can get my Horvat jersey STITCHED with a C? Nucks store said no.

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    2. Tavrohorvat53


      How do you suppose it makes it look cheap? That makes no sense. Nice try though bud @vinny_in_vancouver

    3. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      It doesn't make it look cheap but it is pretty stupid.

    4. Vinny in Vancouver

      Vinny in Vancouver

      The people that I know of that love to buy jerseys won't touch a modified jersey unless it was modified by an authentic autograph of the player named in the jersey. That means that in their mind, the value has decreased - i.e., it is Cheaper. I, for one, would love to see Horvat become the Captain someday, but tell you what - why don't you go and ask Bo on Twitter whether he promotes his fans attaching a C to his jersey while Henrik Sedin is still Team Captain. Based on his Character, he will tell you that you're Crazy.

  8. More upside than Jared McCann
  9. We didn't draft him but by signing him it's like we recouped our 4th pick in this years draft. An added plus is that he's a few years along in his development as well, so he might be even better now than years past. Either way, deals like this are like picking in the draft,in the fourth round, where anything goes. Thats why people need to chill out and let JB steer the ship. He's getting $&!# done. He's not avoiding and ignoring our problems. He's addressing our biggest issues and he's doing a fair job evaluating and valuing talent. People lose their $&!# that a 4th became a 5th, in the Van-Flo Trade but when Mr.Benning goes and signs a 22 yo defensively and (potentially) offensively gifted d man, no one praises the man. Like seriously. Wtf
  10. Looks like his defensive game is strong as well. Just from the above highlight package it looks like he reads the defensive side of the game at a high level, and times his reads and hits well in order overcome his smaller stature. He can skate and make the first pass too which is another positive. If he can work on his puck skills and offensive zone impact then we could have something here. Let's hope this kid finds his game under Travis Green so in couple years time he can step in and be a well rounded defencemen with noticeable offensive zone impact. He certainly has the tools for it.
  11. Too bad, can't wait to see him play live. Might have to make a trip to Und next season
  12. Can Boeser attend the Penticton Young Stars tournament??
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