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  1. Best RTJ song imo, especially love El-P's verse
  2. He's very unique. Check out Atrocity Exhibition. I love his other 2 albums too but I'm not sure you would.
  3. What are you thoughts on Danny Brown and RTJ?
  4. I'm not trolling. Am I only allowed to post songs that you like?
  5. Personally I think it's his best song. But only because Migos is the greatest. Here try this
  6. Any real hip hop gonna get posted in here or nah?
  7. Trevor Gillies is probably a better comparable for Virtanen.
  8. Well that was about as good as the card looked. Minor rant, match-by-match
  9. Vegans People who claim you aren't "open-minded" because you don't like something that they do
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