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  1. 6-4 Canucks with Petey with the GWG. OEL with the first goal of the home opener.
  2. 5-4 Canucks Petterson with the GWG Boeser with the first goal against the Kraken
  3. I predict a Canucks 6-2 win with Petey the GWG and Canucks will have the most shots.
  4. I was at my buddies place on the weekend to see if it’s worth picking up Chel 22 for PS5. I saw him play drop ins and every single game he played, there was a glitch that happened usually late in the game. Just before the face off, the game would loop until my buddy was kicked out of the game. I asked him how often this has happened? Every single game I’ve played. So he didn’t get any stats or W/L on the game, only wasted his time and spent $100 on a PS5 game that is clearly not working properly. Long story short, I am going to wait for a little bit before I get a copy. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue when playing online drop ins?
  5. Cory needs to not take his sweet time on his dialogue. He pauses mid sentence and Johns gotta get back to the play calling.
  6. Demko playing like when you press the NHL22 X factor while the rest of the team just arrived in the arena
  7. 1st time playing an American team in over a year. Let’s get the 2 points against these Yanks
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