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  1. Two heavy teams on a roll. Vegas in 6 and they will show Montreal who the big boys are. I was hoping the Av’s to win it all. But Vegas has to be the favorite for the cup now. Can’t count out the champs but they have to first tie their series.
  2. Rags Snags the coach before the expansion Seattle does. That’s a win. I like Gallant but he can stay out in the East.
  3. If you watched all the games you would’ve known that Jake scored 6 GWGs. Jake lead the team in game winning goals that season. So not the meaningless empty netters you claimed they were when watching all those games.
  4. It will be good to get back to the pacific division aside from the switch of Arizona/Houston going to the central and Seattle coming in. I imagine Seattle will be competitive but not the juggernaut out of the gate like Vegas was. The Cali teams are rebuilding right now so I think we will be in the higher half of the pacific with the Alberta teams and Vegas. Just what others have said. This season and division doesn’t determine us as a bad team. Add in Pods and some tinkering with our new coaching staff, we will back to bursting playoff dreams like we did in the bubble.
  5. It’s somewhat NHL21 related as EA got hacked. Now the hackers have the codes for NHL22 ,23,24,25! Our $100 roster update is comprised
  6. Thanks James! I’ll be honest I got down right to the asphalt and asked my buddy to spot the road to make sure there wasn’t anyone coming from behind me. After watching breaking bad I have a deep appreciation for these kind of scenery landscapes. I know we have our lone desert in Osoyoos but I haven’t taken any trips up there since I was younger. Hope to get up there once things get back to normal.
  7. 1.Cypress mountain sunset 2. On the road from Vegas to the Grand Canyon in 2019
  8. Resigning Clark... Then hearing Nolan was resigned....
  9. Is he still dating Carey Price’s sister? Anyways all the best to Weber lite.
  10. Yup I remember when they signed this deal I thought. This won’t age well. Then again they signed Kovy at 6X3 when he was 36. But because they are a division rival I could care less about a team like that.
  11. Barzel, Eberle, Jamie Benn,Gallagher Brayden Schenn, RNH, Reilly,Reinhart,Carter Hart, Bowen Byram,Draisaitl and yes Dach are just a few the last ten years or so. All from the dub
  12. Agreed by trading for NP that would force us to protect a damaged good project and expose a good up and coming prospect like Gadget or Lind. I believe one of these will be exposed anyways due to not having enough spots to protect but by trading for NP. You are already making up your mind protecting him over JG and KL. Just noticed you said 1st round. Sorry not all mentioned above are all 1st rounders but most are.
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