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  1. Amazing deal for the Flames. Basically two 2nds for Bennett should have flames fans giddy. Man, must be nice.
  2. All good my man. We here the Canuck Fam (at least most here) are all for giving proper information as we all want to give fans the right news. There is so much false and biased information out there. I like your posts and you are always a good contributor to these forums. I didn’t mean to snap back but I just had to be firm with the information on the ED. I love this team just like many on here. We hate to be wrong about the team we love so when someone challenges me on something about the team, I will take them to task. And when I am wrong I will openly admit fault. Thank you Vegas for the di
  3. As per Capfriendly they aren’t exempt. I will not try again after this discussion. Lind OJ and MacEwen are in fact needed for expansion protection. Seattle can pick any player who has two years or more of professional hockey they played in the AHL which is professional hockey. They need to be protected buddy. As per Capfriendly.
  4. They will take Lind, OJ or McEwen IMO. Free unproven untapped cheap young talent players to be had and not enough body of work to deem them protectable.
  5. I thought when he first got here that because he came from Boston that he was a Trojan horse. Boy I had a laugh at myself thinking that after he drafted Hughes and Petey. But after bad signing after bad signing, look who’s laughing now...
  6. After losing Tofu last year I was sure we would trade and say goodbye to Pear. This cap hit and term, where does it fit in our plans. Is Jim and FA expected to resign Quinn and Petey for peanuts? How can we fit everyone in next season? Like the two cups and experience he has but this doesn’t make sense.
  7. I did trust Bonnie last year but after the summer and election when John got his majority Government. He runs the show with what Bonnie is reporting. Just votes and money we are in his eyes. I feel for you Stawns and your anxiety in the classroom. I agree with what you said the other day. I haven’t felt more uncomfortable with the pandemic then I do now. All the best to you man, stay safe! Our health/provincial leaders are acting like P1 isn’t an issue in BC.
  8. First Bonnie not being aware of the Canucks players having the P1 variant to now hearing the province is undercounting the variant cases. We are at a pivotal point here, transparency would be appreciated living in this paradox. https://www.citynews1130.com/2021/04/07/questions-bc-variant-cases-covid-19/ Questions loom over B.C.'s variant numbers as COVID-19 cases continue to spike BY MIKE LLOYD AND HANA MAE NASSAR Posted Apr 7, 2021 6:27 am PDT Last Updated Apr 7, 2021 at 6:29 am PDT VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – B.
  9. So if they concluded that it didn’t come from a lab. Wouldn’t that compel countries to ban these unsanitary wet markets? To prevent another SARS or Covid-19 outbreak from happening again?
  10. And that will be a good window for the club to see if MDP is a legit NHL goalie. I’m proud of how this franchise has moved on from the goalie graveyard in a big way. A streak that goes:Luongo,Schneider,Lack, Miller,Markstrom,Demko and MDP. 15 seasons of stable goaltending. Deep in net, now just have to hope we keep Ian Clark.
  11. Wow wee wow wow! Jim didn’t run out of time before getting this done before pick drop against Marky. It wasn’t by mistake that this was done right before we played Markstrom. Some mind game chess going on. Very solid deal in the crease for the next 5 seasons. Once MDP is primed and ready to be a #1 we have two goalies to go with or trade with a reasonable cap hit. Won’t go down that road yet, just nice to have that position locked up and in good hands for the foreseeable future.
  12. Top shot is hanging out with the Whiskey Jacks up at Whistler. Bottom shot is at Ambleside Park.
  13. I haven’t posted much on here because of the sensitive nature of the situation. But a year ago I said to shut all travel for 2-4 weeks to make sure this thing doesn’t spread and mutate. A year later and we have over 400 cases of the Brazilian variant. How does the variant get here? We have been spinning our wheels in trying to do these half arsed measures when we should’ve gone full lockdown. It is what it is now and sure it’s easier to lockdown an island country then a coast to coast massive country. But it is possible, something we didn’t swiftly decide in the beginning. Las
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