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  1. Yeah no preseason will definitely make goalies look leaky. New team, new goalie coach and no tune up games will do that to a goalie. Thankfully we play them next so Marky will hopefully still be cold and rusty. Thanks Cookie, have a good weekend eh!
  2. Seeing Marky swim against the Jets last night tells me that Jim needs to do everything in his power to keep Ian Clark with the Canucks. Marky didn’t look like the Marky of the last 2 years. I like it...I like it a lot. Petey will snipe a few as he is due.
  3. I think with these mini series against division teams this year, it will really have that up and down roller coaster feel to it like the playoffs. Because no team wants to start the year in a hole let alone in a shortened 56 game schedule. So hard to win a game when Connor turns it on like that. Power play needs work and we would’ve been close had we potted a few. Awe well onto Calgary and the adventures of Marky out of the net coming up!
  4. Demko is going to feel right at home tonight coming back to the same barn where he got peppered a ton vs Vegas. Gut feeling that McDavid and the Coil Cult will be throwing everything at Thatch the Snatch tonight. Keep on Demmering on boys! Coil will give us a fight but we take it in OT!
  5. This is a massive season for developing players like Lind, Jasek, Gadget and MDP. They need the season to play and grow otherwise our depth pieces and black aces can’t graduate to the big level. I think Lind is knocking on the door as well. I’m hoping they all have strong seasons with a young comets team down there
  6. They will start their training game on January 25th I believe. AHL will start up this year.
  7. Finished my hockey pool with my Wolfpack last night and it’s days like today that bring in a new energy. With the season starting right around a new year, it’s even more of that “new and Christmas” feel to it. Happy hockey is back and always happy to discuss the season with all you fine hockey folk on here! Let’s go and kick the $€!+ out of the coilers. Edmonton was good to us this past summer, let’s see if we still have that bubble ice magic.
  8. That the Canucks are cap compliant and all the fear mongering that Rick and Co at that station worked so hard to scream and shout this off season was all for not. And now being compliant and WRONG he is being condescending on Jim for doing his job and being under the cap. The media never apologies for their mistakes and always double down or find something else to worry about. The problem being TSN1040 pitty party of not broadcasting Canucks games because we are a good team and those boys are salty AF
  9. What a great post and way to start the day on the right foot. I’ll have a full glass of your coffee this morning. Cheers and one more day until hockey Christmas!
  10. Let’s see if that GF/wife of his will keep her yap shut. But then again I don’t think going after ROR’s sweetheart would be the smartest course of action. Good for 20-30 goals. Will not miss any of those going in on us this season.
  11. And Lisa Ann remembers him from long ago as well when he played pornstar ummm hockey star for the Rags.