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  1. Cory needs to not take his sweet time on his dialogue. He pauses mid sentence and Johns gotta get back to the play calling.
  2. Demko playing like when you press the NHL22 X factor while the rest of the team just arrived in the arena
  3. 1st time playing an American team in over a year. Let’s get the 2 points against these Yanks
  4. Careful with those Ketchup packets in your nice suits John n Cory. Nice touch for Cheech
  5. I think we have Seattle and ours not sure who else but at least it gives us some wiggle room to grab a brew and bite before puck drop
  6. So much for teams being cautious about the cap being flat for a few years. D-Men are getting paid covid flat cap or not. Boston put a lot of custard in this donut, and Charlie just creamed himself!
  7. We will get the first W of the season in Philly and the boys better treat themselves with a Philly cheesesteak. Gotta fuel up for Motown tomorrow. Hockey couldn’t have come at a better time with this soggy weather out. Definitely going to be a weekend inside for sports.
  8. 5-4 Vancouver. Petey gets 2 goals and 3 points. Garland with the game winner!
  9. He was lucky that he was in an era of no internet & social media. Toxic Canucks Twitter would have a few people hatorading on Pat. Not that Pat would ever care what keyboard warriors had to say. The Irishman is forever a beaut!
  10. SOL that felt like a win because of winning the turd. That was a good effort. Lots to like about the squad last night. No words for the Myers hit, just a giant grin this morning knowing Keith finally got his karma paid. Demko was stellar Bo was on his game. Garland was gritty and pesky. OEL showing he is still an elite defenseman that we stole for dead money and a top pick for. Start the car with that robbery of a trade! Only thinks I didn’t like was how off Miller was and Petey was a bit rusty but that was understandable by not having a full training camp. We are exactly where we want to be boys and gals, in a playoff spot! Good game and onto Philly!
  11. Charles Manson is another one. I agree, the Golden State has its bloody past attached to it for sure.
  12. Not just a trade war it seems. I didn’t see any thread or postings on this. Could be nothing more than China provoking Taiwan but things are getting tense in the indo-pacific. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/taiwan-china-war-us-warning-record-number-chinese-military-flights/?__twitter_impression=true#app
  13. Good hustle from Podz there. He has played a lot better tonight then in past preseason games *ohh damn*
  14. Agreed he is still in the pros. On his way to the Cleveland Monsters. Had hope for good Gauncer, always want the ex Canucks to stick around and maybe get a sip of glory from Stanley if it’s not us.
  15. Is that the guy we traded to the Laffs for Leivo? I believe he was and damn that deal was a steal.
  16. Let the good times roll for Hutty! One of 3 Gillis drafted NHL players still lives on. (Bo and Connauton are the other two.
  17. As someone who has a family member who is bi-polar. This could very likely be Lehner having a psychosis episode. When my family member was having one he would made obscene and unrealistic accusations to me and my parents. It might be some truth sprinkled in with the suspicious and unease that they are going through. I hope that Robin stays off social media and use his “boundaries” when he is having a manic or psychosis episode. I am sure he has a good support group with his wife Donya and his psychologist. As a professional athlete that under contract obligations he cannot be releasing to the public. I hope he can find a proper medium. It’s not easy having demons that lash out in your head and nobody with this condition asked to be this way. I hope people can be more understanding about people with bi-polar condition.
  18. That power play was something else. Did everything but score. Very fun game so far.
  19. Great work Deb. I will be joining you this afternoon and attending the first Canuck's game since the pandemic started. Very exciting to be back with the die hard fans. Enjoy Deb!
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