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  1. If he can trade Myers then 100% I would go for that, but he’d still have to trade for Jones. And I’m terrified of the asking price for him. My guess would be something along the lines of our 2022 first, Hoglander, and one of Joulevi/Rathbone.
  2. I hope Benning stays away from Jones, yes he’s very good but it would cost way to much to acquire him and then his cap hit and contract could be very ugly 4-5 years down the road. Guaranteed he’ll be asking for a 8 year 8-9 million dollar contract. Stay the course and build from within.
  3. Ew.. I wouldn’t do any of those trades. Boeser and Miller each had better seasons than him this year. And Hoglander had only 2 points less than him. Yes he played 15 more games but he’s a rookie. All of those would be awful for Canucks.
  4. Haha ooh I see, yeah he sure isn’t
  5. Lol poor Jake? If he’s guilty then he deserves everything coming to him. There’a no place for those kinds of actions.
  6. Canucks were actually in 7th in the west by the shutdown with games at hand on the teams behind them. They were trending down after Marky got injured but they weren’t necessarily out of it.
  7. I don’t care to answer it, cause it was a stupid question. Also, that wasn’t me that said I was smart lol
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