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  1. Lol 2 shots in the third when trailing. This team is really bad unfortunately. Zero consistency and FFS our top players look like they’re barely good enough to be in the AHL
  2. Probably cause he has more upside and Joulevi is always hurt. I mean he’s already on IR in Florida
  3. I really hope Pettersson finds his game, I don’t want him to become the whipping boy. But after holding out, his comments to the media, and then this terrible start to the year I think he will be. He’s making the big bucks now, better start earning it.
  4. Exactly lol so Canucks are playing pettersson almost 8 million for 3/4 of a season?
  5. Even if Canucks win today the same problems are blatant. Relying on goaltending to win games for 4 straight years now.
  6. Wat lol dude the only constant with this team is coaching, if you overhaul the roster in a couple years and still have the same issues it’s definitely coaching.
  7. Please for the love of god fire Green. 16 minutes without a shot now. This is beer league level bad.
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