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  1. Oh no.. Benning chose Hoglander?? That’s devastating maybe Benning chose Hoglander cause he was right lol
  2. It seems every team that has dumped their coach is doing just as bad if not worse this season after doing so...
  3. This is probably gonna do it for the playoff hopes.. I don’t think green gets an extension. It really sucks having zero hope of a comeback but I can’t see it.
  4. Oh 100% not arguing that. He’s still one of our best players just a few things he needs to tweak defensively
  5. Hughes is a big defensive liability.. kinda sucks but he’s young and I think he’ll get it together. Doesn’t help that he always tries to force a pass or shot through opposing teams players, he also tends to stay on the ice for a minute and a half to 2 minutes. Hard to blame the coaches with time management when he literally just doesn’t get off the ice even when his partner is long gone. He ends up getting caught all the time because of that I’ve noticed.
  6. Lol that’s clearly a response to my post, I’m no benning defender. I realize the good and the bad he’s done in his tenure with Vancouver. But my point still stands that Clark has to want to resign here, if he chooses to sign elsewhere even with a contract offer then there is nothing that could have been done. If benning doesn’t offer him a contract or has no contact with him that’s an entirely different story. But right now both scenarios are hypothetical. It’s almost like he’s a FA and can go where ever he wants like every FA in the league.. kinda how countless players sign with other teams e
  7. Fans on this forum are so ridiculous, it’s a no brainer that Benning will want to resign Ian Clark.. But it’s not a one sided decision lol ever consider that Clark wants a change of scenery? He has always moved around a lot and taken his talents to lots of different teams. If he doesn’t resign it’s ridiculous to immediately jump to “Benning is a bad GM”. You can’t force the dude to want to stay.
  8. You know.. for once I agree with him. But the roster is decimated right now and they didn’t have the talent to keep up tonight. It is what it is.
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