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  1. GoCanucksGo on YouTube has an archive with every Canucks playoff game in it. Love to watch old Sedinery from before they were stars? Must sees! Thought I'd help out fellow Nucks!

  2. Is there anywhere I can find the 1999 draft? Legitimately interested in seeing what the experts were saying previous to the Sedin's being drafted together, whether or not they had any indication on what Burke was doing, etc.?

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Also interesting is how weak of a draft year 1999 was. 

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      The hype surrounding the brothers was enormous going into the 1999 NHL Entry Draft. They were the best young prospects from Europe by far, the best in a long time. There was, however, a catch: if they were going to come over to North America they wanted to play together. Any NHL team that wanted to draft one was expected to draft the other, otherwise neither would come over. At least that was the rumour spread by their agent, Mike Barnett.




      After the expansion draft on June 25, 1999, Canucks GM Brian Burke was swiftly working out the details of the trades that would get him both Sedin brothers at the entry draft the very next morning. Going into the entry draft the Tampa Bay Lightning, the last-place team, held the first overall pick. The expansion Atlanta Thrashers held the second overall pick, the Canucks had the third pick, and the Blackhawks held the fourth. Patrik Stefan and Daniel Sedin were expected to be the first two picks, so Henrik would almost certainly be available when the Canucks made the third pick. Somehow he needed to wrestle one of the top two picks from either the Lightning or Thrashers, keep his third overall pick, and have assurances that whoever ended up with the first or second pick picked Stefan instead of Daniel Sedin.




    4. Ghostsof1915


      Was the internet even around then? ;)

  3. How bout that Kassian for Prust trade?

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    2. Fateless


      @canucklehead44 - how was he a keeper? The guy was dealing with heavy addictions and couldn't get his personal life under control. The guy we traded proceeded to crash his car into a tree while drunk. 


      He wasn't going to fix his life here - he needed a fresh start elsewhere.

    3. JV77


      He wasn't driving drunk nimrod....he wasn't even driving.


      Kassian and a 5th for Prust was and will always be a bad move no matter how you try to spin it.

    4. CaptainCanuck001


      Although it was bad return, it was the right move. Zack needed to get his life back together and being in Vancouver obviously wasn't helping him.

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