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  1. this is why we needed blinzer's SM Mindread Mk III
  2. since you retards decided to lynch nik you're on your own
  3. i'm training so i can one day have the SM Mindread Mk III that blinzer has
  4. he doesnt have the SM Mindread Mk III that blinzer does
  5. Hmmm, in complete disagreement. Radishe's never used "wit"...more, his comfy position as a permanent fixture. He tries too hard and then back pedals with no integrity. Stands his ground then recants. Is the type of guy who lurks in the shadows and picks the side that he feels is the popular one. He's gutless. And yes...I do agree that it feels good. He's totally outclassed with rocket. Good luck with that, Ron. Be careful of those burned bridges...you may have to cross them some time down the road.
  6. if therocket had perfect logic i would suspect him as scum
  7. i will rub my nuts across your face if you try to pin me to one playstyle again
  8. i like his ideas even if theres a disconnect between them and his logic
  9. vote ilduce rocker, nik are bad votes and anyone who is town voting them is bad
  10. aladeen / gc16 / sharp / falcon av / j23 / mh mr / boknows / ildeuce