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  1. Dillon resigned with Washington earlier this week.
  2. Time to offer sheet a couple RFA, no more than $4.3 million though please, dont wanna give up more than a 2nd for compensation.
  3. It'll be an interesting UFA market today. It'll be refreshing to see GM's not spending like drunken sailors on shore leave. LOL
  4. My post was about comparing the 2 defensemen (OEL and Eddy) I'm all for acquiring a top end defenseman when the time is right. Whether that be through trades, UFA, drafting or development. We need to clear our dead cap money, if we can't we take our lumps make smaller trades until our dead money contracts get traded or expire, most of which expires in next year or 2. We're not the only team experiencing cap crunch right now, teams are going to have to move money around and like it or not some will have to move top end blue liners. Top end D-Men come available every other year and I dont see that changing anytime soon with the flat Cap.
  5. Eddy was on shorter contracts and never cost us anywhere near $8.25 million dollars. He fit our systems, we knew what we were getting (flaws and all) and never cost us prospects and draft picks. Not really fair to compare the two.
  6. That would be the hope IMO....but you may have to rely on Marky playing 55-60ish games then without a 1b goaltender...and what if Marky gets injured or is out for awhile. It's happened the last couple years. If he played that many fresh would he be for a playoff run?
  7. According to Cap friendly Arizona has 17/23 players signed and have 2.6 million in Cap space left...they need to shed cap this year in order to fill out their 23 man roster, which I'm guessing means they wont be interested in taking back equal or close to equal cap space in the trade.
  8. Seems fair to me considering Arizona has no leverage but I'm a homer. That offer clearly favors us so I can understand if/when the Yotes tell us to go pound sand. LOL
  9. Agreed...but let's say (for example) they take Sutters contract. We get 4 million in Cap relief but if Demko is involved in the trade we then need to go out and sign a reliable backup...what's that going to cost us? 3 million(ish)? So we net a million bucks but still have roster players we need to sign. I really can't see trading for OEL and signing Markstrom. I'm probably wrong but filling out the roster and staying under the cap doesn't work.
  10. I don't believe Arizona takes back equal Cap to OEL's. The whole idea here is for them to shed cap space IMO. They'd probably take something back but wouldn't expect it to be equal. From our standpoint any cap we send them is going right back into the market to find a reliable backup from potentially losing Demko in the we would still have to fill out the rest of our roster. That's why I dont think we can afford both Marky and OEL.
  11. I realize there's other moving parts and salary BUT I dont think there's any way we can trade for OEL AND sign Markstrom. We only have $14 million (ish) OEL at 8.25 and Marky at 5.75 would eat up all our Cap...and we still have others we have to sign. It's an either or situation in my opinion, which is why you can't include Demko in the OEL trade.
  12. While I tend to agree with this line of thinking it would suck to not have 1st round picks in back to back years. We're going to need to replenish the prospect pool if we trade away a couple of our top prospects...especially because we didn't have a 1st or 2nd rounder this year.
  13. Take Lind and be happy....the SOMETHING they get outta this is CAP RELIEF for the next 7 years. Arizona doesn't have any leverage here, take it or leave it. They only have one dance partner. I still dont think this is a good idea (long term) but if your gonna do it draw a line in the sand and be prepared to walk away. We're gonna need Pods, Demko and Hogs cheap contracts (ELC) cause we wont have money to spend on anyone else for the foreseeable future
  14. I get that there should be some salary retention and that we'll send back a bad contract, however our bad contracts are done in the next year or two. We'd still have a boat anchor of a contract/cap hit with OEL for 5-6 years our bad contracts expired though. IMO it seems as though money's gonna be tight the next season or 3. It also appears that more and more players are viewing Vancouver as a contender and preferred destination. I think we should make smaller impactful trades and take our lumps (with the bad contracts we signed) as opposed to taking on other teams bad decisions with longer term. I keep hearing experts saying that top Defenseman don't come available...however this year there's OEL, Krug and AP. In the past Suter was available, Weber, Suban and so on. With cap constraints on all teams I think there's going to be more and more coming available, not to mention UFA's next season. Just my 2 cents.