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  1. you know what's a really unattractive trait? always finding something to complain about.
  2. It's a bit of a unique scenario. I believe that most of the time, there's more to be gained by winning in vain than there is in losing your way to success, but in this ridiculous season, with 7 meaningless games left, I don't think culture and precedent will really carry over at all anyway. I'll still be choked of I see 30 guys skating around not giving a $&!#, but I hope they lose in spite of their best efforts.
  3. I'm not a tankist, but I'm hoping jersey wins tonight and the canucks get 3 pts or fewer over the next 7 games to maximize their lotto odds.
  4. a chance of winning the cup, and a chance of winning the 1st overall pick.
  5. ... that'll happen when you've played a half dozen fewer games than everybody else. there are 10 teams with fewer powerplays per game than the canucks.
  6. when will this team learn to play the damn kids?!
  7. so what exactly are lind, rathbone, presumably gadjovich, if not "the kids"?
  8. of course it's not. my point is that there isn't a player in the league who is motivated by the team getting a high draft pick.
  9. team toughness, team aggression, and team "take no bull$&!#" are what's required, not an enforcer.
  10. it's weird, not many players are eager to phone it in so that the team can draft players that would more easily take their jobs. whoda thunk?
  11. it's so weird that people on here get more attached to the players than the guy who drafts and develops them and whose career depends on their success. benning didn't invest 6 years worth of resources into gaudette only to dump him on a dismissive whim.
  12. too bad he doesn't have any teeth left to be knocked out.
  13. he actually said lapping his teammates like yoshi.
  14. after dolan's comments about what he feels is missing with that team, and the fact that chris drury was captain of the rangers while torts was coach, I'd say the smart money is on tortorella returning to the big apple. I could also see him in philly when they inevitably move on from av this offseason.
  15. how many pp goals do they have on deflections and rebounds from point shots?
  16. and why do all of the "less equal" team owners happily keep quiet knowing that they don't have a level playing field? mindless conspiracy theory drivel like this makes my eyes roll so hard that I need to spend a week on the concussion protocol list.
  17. I love the guy, will be happy when he's in the ring of honour, but I say no, regardless of price. it's time to move along the culture change some more. my thoughts would likely be different if the team had managed to hang on to markstrom and/or tanev, but this just isn't eagle's team anymore. let him retire or go to a contender on a bargain contract if he wants another kick at the can.
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