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  1. one of the people doing that last night was a moderator on this website. hmm, what's the root word in "moderator" ... ?
  2. because nobody on petey's line was winning any puck battles and their collective decision making was pretty awful.
  3. I must have missed that year he put up 120 goals. as far as what's going on with the top line, obviously petey and jt are struggling pretty badly. I'll be curious to see what some practice time and home cooking does for them, but if they still look like they do now in the home opener, I'd put pearson and garland with with petey and jt and brock with bo. petey needs someone on his line making smart, solid plays and digging pucks (miller when he's on, but pearson does this well) and someone to bring pace and creativity and drive the attack (garland). hopefully playing on the captain's wing would force jt to tighten things up and start playing smarter and simpler rather than the fast and loose carelessness we've seen so far.
  4. I would sincerely doubt it, but I guess I could be wrong. why cross the border more times than necessary and add extra travel miles?
  5. and weirdly, their double standards go AGAINST the team they claim to cheer for. honestly, it's just a bunch of little wannabe sat shahs and thomas drances. they talk into the mirror pretending they're some expert analyst or insider, ragging on the team with most hyperbolic garbage imaginable all in the name of being "objective" because they wouldn't want to be seen as the worst thing alive, a homer (aka a fan). it's embarrassing.
  6. it sounds like pointless hypothetical nonsense like 5 year olds on the playground arguing about whose dad would win in a fight.
  7. it's so exhausting, but I'm on a quixotic mission to civilize, so I must persevere in fighting the good fight.
  8. can we please, for the love of all that is holy, save this for august like normal? we've got plenty to fight about already.
  9. anything remotely resembling 20/20 vision and an IQ over 85 would save a gm from giving barrie a ton of money.
  10. saying that players perform better when playing with the best available players is kind of really obvious and dumb though, isn't it? can you find any players in the league that perform WORSE when on the ice with their team's best player?
  11. good, so go. nobody cares. just don't piss and moan cluelessly about the team like the meatheads.
  12. fans are paying for entertainment, not victory. if you're not entertained, take your dollar elsewhere.
  13. and yet fans on the sidelines don't serve any of those roles, and when parents try doing so from the sidelines, it's the most toxic element of youth sports.
  14. fans’ expectations are not only irrelevant to players, they are also based solely on a sense of entitlement to entertainment and winning. fans being critical of the team has only negative results because that isn't their role. they aren't there to be evaluators or teachers, their sole purpose is to support the team. you can go ahead and live your life as a compassionless, robotic, pseudo-intellectual sociopath, but I'll go ahead and carry on with empathy.
  15. but it's cumulative. the more fans get negative, that affects the air around the team. it's what the media starts to pick up on, informs the narratives they speak and write about, the questions they ask the coaches and players. it also affects the environment in the arena; if the atmosphere around the team is negative, the atmosphere in the arena is dog$&!#. if each of us said, "hey, I'm going to be supportive and positive, win or lose," it would legitimately improve the culture around the team significantly.
  16. I'm not sure what you're getting at. are you saying supporting the people that you care about when they could use your support is a bad thing? look at it this way. imagine the canucks were your kid's youth team. if they're having a rough go, are you going to get down on them and rant about how they're terrible from the coach on down, or are you going to be supportive and encouraging?
  17. teams are comprised of people. they need support when they're down, not when they're already doing well.
  18. we used to call those fair weather fans.
  19. hmm, he plays dowling more and he scores. he plays dickinson more and he scores. maybe the coach of the f---ing team has some insight into which players are going and which aren't and knows what he's doing? I've never seen it honestly. all hype and name.
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