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  1. While I agree with most of what you said, I think when we are talking about the Shark's top scorer, he does indeed have SOME influence over the outcome of a game. Take his 22 goals out of the equation and the Sharks fall to easily the worst team in the league. And if he were to have even the tiniest shred of influence, it becomes a conflict of interest - pure and simple. Even if he didn't, here's just another example of drama following Kane around on a consistent basis like it does for Jake. So glad we never acquired the former, and even more glad we got rid of the latter. This tea
  2. I think that last year, we should have been a playoff team. Not a cup contender, but at least make the playoffs. But alas, everything went wrong. But with the improvements, I not only see us as a playoff team but a division leader.
  3. I like what the once-good vets bring. Recently we've seen low deals for the Spezza's and the Perry's in the league, and they seem to bring real value to their teams - especially come playoff time. I'd be open to something like that, but our depth will cover short injuries. Long term can be fixed via trade later if need be. I understand that Miller is a center, but if we rely on him to move to the 3rd that then means Hogs probably has to move up, etc. Not sure that's really ideal. Though a line of Hogs Miller Podz looks pretty sexy.
  4. Personally, any time there is likely to be major back surgery I get squeamish. Not sure what he's doing but I was hearing disc replacement? And no, Dahlen hasn't been amazing but I agree with the Buffalo factor and the assessment on him defensively. Benning has built this team to have an offensive guy and a defensive guy on each pairing. If successful, I think it supports Huggy to be all he can be offensively, and hopefully his linemate can be the defensive presence. I also think there is something to be said about being drafted. This is the team that wanted you, and u
  5. I would argue he took a contract LOWER than he is worth. Maybe it was to stay in Vancouver, maybe it was to repay the team for not living up to his contract, but either way I gained more respect for him with the signing. Any time a player leaves money on the table to do what they feel is right is a classy move.
  6. He was always a player who needed the right "fit" with his linemates. And when he found it, he had a great playoff-minded game. I was stoked when we signed him. Shame it didn't work out, but a bigger shame it ended his career. Better safe than... a vegetable.
  7. Man... imagine if both those kids end up becoming stars? That's a high scoring an tenacious top 9.
  8. Of course, speed is nearly essential in today's NHL. But with Zach, I am actually more concerned with his judgement. Judgement on how to develop a play, judgment on where to pass, i just see him making too many "nothing" plays. I'd prefer he plays a bit more of a Reeves style. Focus on creating that havoc.
  9. I know that having a good heart doesn't win hockey games, but I've always liked Brock and am glad we have him. I like that Benning has put a value in drafting and acquiring good, character guys.
  10. You're right... we do see different players. Earlier on, I didn't necessarily see the poise you mention. I saw a guy who often looked rushed to make a play. He did improve, and was making some nice deep passes and smart plays. But yeah - I don't recall him standing out for me offensively in many ways otherwise. But hey... if 11 points over an 82 game season is what a highly skilled offensive player looks like in your books, all the power. I prefer to wait to see how he continues to develop, but with any luck, he can triple or quadruple that figure and I'll have to eat
  11. It's not just that. It's also basically what's been said. OEL and Hughes clearly have 2 of the 3 spots and aren't going anywhere. Almost everyone believes in Rathbone it appears (and for good reason). So we basically know Rathbone is going to take the 3rd spot at some point. But due to technicalities it's going to be Juolevi's spot to lose. If he shows well, we trade. If not, hes put on waivers and will most likely will be claimed. OR - If he's lights out defensively (because I think we all know he isn't going to kill it with scoring this season) we could still bring Ra
  12. I don't remember having a problem with Krejci. Dont recall him acting on Boston's cheap reputation so much. It was largely just a few key other players, led by a rat. Good on the guy. He had a really solid season so I figure he had a few years of good money ahead of him. Chose his home instead, and still gets to play hockey over there to continue his love for the sport. He'll absolutely tear it up over there. Good luck to him. Yes, even as a 2011 alumni. As a person, he deserves happiness, as we all do.
  13. Didn't hear that, but there was a video posted not long ago showing Petey shooting and he looked fine. He also said positive things as far as the recovery - though I cannot recall if he said he was already 100%, or almost.
  14. Poolman might end up not the best signing, but at least he was reasonably cheap. It's a lot worse when you sign, say, and Eriksson where not only do you not get a useless player for many seasons, but it also handcuffs the franchise for the entire duration.
  15. Yeah I can't blame you. An NHL .78 save percentage and gaa of 7.05something is pretty convincing. This is not a time to thrust him into a permanent backup role imo. He has proven nothing at this level. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get in a game or two under the right circumstances, but playing starter minutes in Abbotsford is what he should and will be doing.
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