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  1. Absolutely not. Since they got it from him already, there isn't much reason in being separated at this point. And really, once he DOES return, it does nobody any good to make what's been a very difficult situation even worse by limiting access to family. He will require the support for what is going to be a brutal finish.
  2. Sorry, but I'm going to play pessimist. 8-0 Oilers. Like Trudeau, we just aren't ready.
  3. Well during our rebuilding years we certainly didn't have much quality. But I'm saying now. Despite his warts, Myers is a decent defenseman. Not interested in debating his contract. Huggy is Huggy. He struggled defensively this season, bit I'm not necessarily blaming the coaching staff for that, as they were the same staff the year prior when he was not that bad. But he's a star and we all know it. Schmidt took a bit to find his way and looked better later on, but he's been underwhelming despite being a big name. Benn should have been better. He'
  4. Not going to quote your lengthy post, and normally I would just give an emoticon, but I agree with every single point (and there were many). All well said. I don't agree with everything Jim has done, and he's made unfortunate mistakes, but people have to understand how depleted we were after the Gillis era, how we were expected to keep the team winning with a core in the twilight of their careers, and how much work there was to be done in homegrowing our talent. He HAS has a plan all along, and has almost finished executing it. I also don't believe these people realize
  5. I can't help but believe it's the defensive coaching that is keeping the Canucks from being better. If you look at the names on our blueline, we actually have a fairly good D on paper. We have a lot of cap invested, and a few players who would certainly be sought after by other teams. I feel they are literally ALL underperforming from a defensive perspective, and this has been a problem for us for years. Look at Stecher. He was always decent defensively but he's a defensive darling in Detroit... who as a team are negative a thousandsomething. We can keep r
  6. My interest lies in hoping none of our guys get injured. The season is essentially a writeoff.
  7. Me too. Quietly did his thing, and didn't complain about ice time. (Or lack thereof). I thought he played alright this season for a bottom pairing guy. Better than his first with us for sure. Wishing him the best - seemed like a good guy.
  8. Honestly, we were relying on Demko to find God Mode *before* the team got wrecked by Covid and facing a super compressed schedule. At this point, we need both goalies in God Mode, blessing for the entire team, and for the Gods to damn the Habs. It's a pretty big ask for fictional characters.
  9. Unfortunate, but I understand the conditions aren't exactly optimal to be playing a big tournament.
  10. Many think Rathbone is going to be a very effective player, and we can't rely on Hughes to be the only one on the back end who can score regularly so I think he'd likely be a great addition to our team. When we have other options to deal with Loui, I'd sooner take them. It also shouldn't be ignored that it is *possible* that by us having less cap space it puts pressure on Petey and Hughes to sign team-friendly contracts. I'm not saying they would necessarily care or that such matters factor into business negotiations, but maybe?
  11. Me too. I find re-signing him entirely plausible, with one caveat. Why he could: He has stated and shown before and recently that he doesn't want to play anywhere else, yet he's still an NHL-level player who can and probably should continue playing if it suits him. I imagine it does. He's been a loyal Canuck his entire career, and it would be nice to see him get a couple more years (year by year contracts) and retire a Canuck. If he wants to stay, he has to understand that we won't be willing to pay him the big bucks any longer and he's going to have to take a big pay cut. (And hones
  12. Agreed. He simply was not a defense-first player, which is what you need in those roles. And honestly, our top 6 plays a pretty decent 2 way game, and I feel he was always going to be the weak link - even if he makes it as a top 6 winger. Just not a great fit, but I wish him the best. Seemed like a good guy. I'm more just questioning the return. Despite his flaws, Gaudette tries hard and when he's on his game, has got some obvious skill. Apparently Highman is fast, but otherwise doesn't seem like he will be much of a contributor. (Unlike Motte, who can act
  13. I really don't get this at all. Gaudette hasn't developed like we've hoped, and may not be great at center, but judging by the stats it doesn't look like the better player is coming our way.
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